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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Chp 300. Celebration through Music

Yay. Post number 300. Another milestone reached. I haven’t written any music post in a long time (ah, those weekly Music Monday days!), so I’m going to celebrate this grand occasion with a music post.

Do you believe in love at first sight? I believe in love at first sound.

A couple of days ago, I came across a Mizo song by Ramhlun North YMA Group featuring the band SAGA. The song is called “I Phal Dawn Em Ni”. I was completely entranced by the song. It was perfect – the lyrics, the rhythm, the contemporary music fusion, the symphonic gothic ambience and the Broadway art dance performance in the background. I’ve played it more than like a 100 times since then.

With permission from ZoVidz, here is the song. It’s in Mizo, but I have written the translation below.

Beautiful, isn’t it? Of course we all have different taste, but for me, I’ll even admit that this is the best Mizo song I have heard so far.

Here are the lyrics of the first verse and chorus. As this is a YMA (Young Mizo Association) production, the song is naturally about Mizo sentiments and fueling the love for Mizoram.

Ka pian ka seilenna aw zoram nuam
sappui nun ngai lova tual kan chaina
i chhingzo ramdang awm hian ka ring thei lo
thlangkawr vai leh anpai zingah pawn e
ka chhuang thin che asin aw zoram nuam
i sakruang mawi nghilni reng ka nei ngai lo

Vala tho la, i ram hi han thlir ta che
Zo lanu hmeltha, i chhingmit meng la, han thlir vel teh.

English translation:

Beautiful Mizoram where I was born and brought up
where we roam and play without envying the western world
There is no other nation that compares to you
Even when I'm in the land around us
I am always proud of you, oh beautiful Mizoram
A day never goes by when I forget your beauty.

Young man, get up and look at your land
Oh pretty Mizo maiden, open your eyes, and look around…

Amazing song. Especially the part [2:55] when RK-a, vocalist of SAGA sings his own part and totally killed it. Heavenly voice huh? He’s the second runners-up of last year’s Mizo Idol contest.

Here’s another music video of SAGA I found online, called "Seed". The song is in English. You gotta give it to RK-a, it’s freaking awesome!

I really don’t know why Mizo bands like this are not known across India. The songs are in English so people can understand them. In the death metal scene, IIIrd Sovereign is still rocking but the fan following is limited. Boomarang is making noise in Bangalore and Delhi, but the rest of the nation is still oblivious of their existence.

Here is another amazing song [English] by the Mizo band DrLUKE. It’s called “I’m sorry”. Although the chorus is a tad similar to the chorus of “Stellar” by Boomarang, it definitely has a very catchy and clear rhythm. The vocals is immaculately pristine and crystal clear.

Earlier, the vocalist of DrLUKE was a guy called Andrew. The song “Home Sweet Home” [English] by DrLUKE is definitely worth listening too.

Here is Andrew again, this time singing for the gospel band called Act Of Giving and the song is called “Only You” [English].

Speaking of English songs composed and performed by Mizos, this is one of my all time favorite. It’s performed by the school choir of Home Missions School, one of the renowned schools in Mizoram. They are all kids, but what they delivered, shot right past anybody’s expectation. It’s called “Together as one”.

Mixing Mizo songs with this collection, here is a recent song by F.Laldinmawii entitled “Lung a leng em mai”. There is something about this song that pulls me right into it. Listening to it, I just feel like crying, but in a very masculine way, you know…

Pensy’s latest song “Fak zel che nuam ka ti – II” is another great song, with a really cool music video. The entire video was shot in a few takes, pretty much like “Sweetest Thing” by U2. This video was shot in Lunglei, and I can image how much the director and people must have planned to run each scene smoothly as I am sure no CGs were used in this video. Check it out:

I like Pensy a lot. I will end this post with an English song of hers called “Thank you Grandpa” which is one of my favorite gospel songs. Very touching and emotional.

Thank you so much ZoVidz for allowing me to embed most of your collection. For those of you who love music by Mizo artists, kindly subscribe to his channel on youtube.

Take care, and hope you were entertained.


Sekibuhchhuak said...

Wow! 300 i lo post ta!

Ramhlun N YMA hi chu an dangdaive thei ngawt mai. Lammualah KUt laiin, H Vanlalhlana'n; German Ralian - tih hla a sa a, a chang thenkhatah ; " Ngen Mu a sur sung sung.." an sa thleng a, kan lam suau suau te pawh kha minti hrechhuak e. Silai mu a sur sung sung- tihna ani tih hre lo kha a tam zawk kan ni atin niang.

Chutiang deuh chuan; "..sappui nun ngai lova.." tih paha, Thlang Sappui tihdan copy deuhva, tleirawl ten lam an han thai vel hi chu a hmuhnawm dangdai viauve! :-)

Hla dang i rawn chhopchhuah ho hi chu analh hlawm vek mai! F LAldinmawii hla hi ka lo la ngaithla ve pek lo anih hi.

Shuakshuali said...

Happy 300! Now go scream "Sparr-ta!" with spittle flying everywhere.
Nice Vids. Was kinda hoping to see Lungmuana and M.Sailo's rendition of 'Signs'. I prefer that one to the goth version. (if you havnt seen it, its on youtube too, scavenger project, signs, m.sailo.. i dont have the link)

As far as videography, editing etc goes, Leitlangpui pictures are seriously good (Pensy's vid) and yeah, music wise, scavenger project are probly the most innovative these days.

As for the translation to the song...the line "Thlangkawr vai leh anpai zingah paw'n e" denotes 'people/ race' more than 'land', so...
'Even among people of other races' might be more apt, but then, am no lyricist.
Good post!

Shuakshuali said...

Magdalene's "save me" is also worth watching.

Aduhi Chawngthu said...

Pensy video chu nalh khawp mai (a hmasa zawk khi). Vawiin Sunday a nia a inhmeh tawp bawk :)

Dr. Chandana Shekar said...

hmmm nice songs.. though i dont understand the language, i know a wee bit abt mizo n it's culture coz my ex was from there. well, wud have loved to belong to him n there, but things happened the other way.. Mizo's a really nice place :) u shud put up the translations of all the songs ;)

and hey, i have got a bit busy with studies, so blog time restricted for sundays. so wont be able to comment much on ur blog.i read the blogs i follow on my phone when i take breaks at the library, but my phone ka internet doesn allow commenting. so plz don mind if u don't get a comment from me on ur blogs. im still readin it :) cheers

Mizohican said...

@ Seki: Nia, ka thian nen kan translate lai khan ka lo ngaihtuah ve mai mai a... "sappui nun ngai lova" an ti bawk si... an style lah sappui tihdan an copy leh lawi bawk sia... i sawi dan takah, an "dangdai" ve a ni :D

@ Shuak: Thanx for the comment. And of course I have heard of all those songs you mentioned. If you go through my previous old posts, you may find them there :D In case you haven't noticed, this post highlights only the latest Mizo music videos that I like, not the oldies :) NOI :)

@ Aduhi: Yup indeed. Very inhmeh bawn tawps.

@ Dr. Chandana: Hey dear, its ok, I will always look forward to your comment on Sundays. Its ok :) I dont miss your blog posts either as I go through my blogroll list every morning.

And what was his name? :D

claytonia vices said...

Hey dude, I borrowed your smileys for my blog. Please let me know if they are copyrighted and if I should remove them!

BTW, congrats on the 300th post!

Mizos have this amazing culture that fosters togetherness! *touchwood* May the others learn from them!!

Mizohican said...

Of course bro, feel free to use my smileys. I didn't create them either. Am just hosting them from my image folder. :)

Mos-a said...

For your 300th post you should have posted a video of the whole cast of the 300 movie singing the "hallelujah chorus" in Mizo. not THAT would've been very awesome. :D

Blind Dayze said...

300 only? :D ... thanks for the zovidz link and you should check out the Mizo Vocal Band.. they are very good..pure raw Zo macho vox :D..they'd beat the guys from 300 anytime..

this one is my fav song of theirs:

Drop Doubt is an all round good band too...dont know if they are still together..

hey and the word verfication im getting right now before i post this comment is "sandnes" :)..

Alejendro said...

WOW!! Great music.... where did they hided such awesome music, and publicize the not-so-good music???? Thanks for sharing..

Mizohican said...

@ Mos-a: Maybe I'll post two videos of that once I reach my 600th post. :)

@ Blind: Yup, have seen the male vocal band. Awesome they are. And yes, sometimes I preprogram my word verification :P

@ Alej: hehe glad to know you can now enjoy such music videos and browse youtube freely, as you are now 18 years old :)

Alejendro said...

Yeah!!! WOoo HoooOOOooooOO I'm 18 :-) I'm legally legal to reproduce now... lol

Anonymous said... your comeback at Alej's comment!

Last video hian ka lung a ti chhia. Ka faten ka pa an hre ve dawn si lo. He would've been the best grandpa :-(


Mizohican said...

@ Alej: There is a difference between being allowed to reproduce and being able to reproduce :D

@ Pi BMW: Sorry to hear about that. But don't worry, his legacy will live on through you. They will grow up knowing that had the best grandpa who they never got to meet. Hugz.

@ Joven: Thanx dude. Will check it out.

Unknown said...

hmmm .. so i'll add mizoland to my places-to-visit list also. maybe there i will find a place to settle down .. hmmm :)

Dr. Chandana Shekar said...

well, i kinda feel u know him. if not him, his family for sure.. and things between me n him are long over. he doesn even want any more associations with me. he is gettin married soon too. so , just let it be.

Eveline said...

Congrats on the 300 milestone.
Been way too busy to read much here lately, but am so glad I popped on here today.

Mizohican said...

@ omnithere: That would be great! Lemme know if you need to know anything about Mizoram :) And nice poems on your blog! Thanx for visiting.

@ Dr. Chandana: lolzzzz if only I had a penny every time I hear that! :) Why do my blog friends who had relationships with Mizo guys always assume I may know him? :D And you know what? Small world as it may seem, yup, I usually end up knowing the guy! :D Now I am totally curious!!! See what you're putting me through here now! :) Mail me! :)

@ Eve: Thanx dear. I know how it is about being busy. Story of my life too. Thanx a lot for popping by.

ThugAngel a.k.a Hipholik said...

i van lo Post hnem hman ve le.. Congrats

Dr. Chandana Shekar said...

lolz... small world u see. well anyways, im not sayin u 'might' know him. I know for a fact that u know his family. I got to know abt it just last week. and if i tell u who it was, he will again start blaming me for that. the last time i commented, it somehow came out of me that i mentioned that i knew a mizo guy. thats all..anyways, enjoy FIFA.