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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Chp 306. World Cup: How to cook an octopus

This coming Monday morning/ Sunday midnight, I will be making a delicious octopus meal. Well at least metaphorically speaking. So feel free to stop by anytime. You’re all invited. As long as you support the Netherlands.

Suddenly, there is this loud buzz about Paul the Octopus, who apparently predicted the winners of all the matches so far. Well, me and a lot of friends have been predicting that Holland will win all their matches since the beginning of this World Cup, but hell, nobody listened to us or gave us press coverage. Instead, they decided to opt for a creepy slimy underwater creature that I’m sure, didn’t even go to a real school (PJ Alert!)


So do we need to have six more arms for people to start noticing us? Bollocks. Watch Paul the octopus cover his head in shame with all eight arms as he squirms in embarrassment for being wrong this Sunday night. Ah. Squirm. Squirt. Squid. Squeamish. Squashy. That’s Paul the Octopus for you.

Meanwhile, in other news today, Chuchu the rat, Dudu the vulture and Foofoo the duck-billed platypus all predicted that Netherlands will win and score at least 4 goals this Sunday while Henry the anaconda predicted that Kima will also score this weekend

Well, I’m not going to be online again till Monday morning (it’s one of those ahemzzz weekends, if you know what I mean… *wink*) so cheers to the Netherlands team. I can already picture the kinda comments that will be waiting for me here on Monday morning if Netherlands lose but that won’t happen. I trust Chuchu, Dudu and Foofoo (and of course Henry )

I have tasted dried octopus meat back in School during the early 90s. We had a couple of students from Thailand and they used to bring dried preserved meat from home – squid, octopus, shark etc. I definitely do not remember the taste now, but I would do anything to try it once more, especially if it’s Paul on my plate. Die Paul Die. That’s German for “The Paul, The”. Paul’s from Oberhausen, Germany, so he’ll understand. Die you ugly cephalopod.

Wouldn’t mind having Paul over for dinner. Provided he’s the appetizer Tandoori octopus 65 (boneless) sounds delicious. Or maybe Schezwan fried octopus noodles.

Here are some other great recipes I’ve found on Google.

Spanish Braised Octopus in Paprika Sauce

Paprika Octopus Basically you braise the octopus in its own juices, then cut it into pieces and dress it with a paprika-garlic sauce when it is still warm. This is a variant of a Spanish recipe known as "a la gallega." Any size octopus will work with this recipe. Serves 4 as a starter or tapas.

Read more at: Octopus Paprika

Stewed Octopus with Macaroni

Stewed Octopus Rinse the octopus under cold, running water and place in pot dripping wet (you don't want to dry it off - this is the moisture it will cook in). Add the red wine, garlic, onion, bay leaf and cinnamon and cover the pot. Bring to the boil over low heat.

Read more at: RecipeZaar: Stewed Octopus with Macaroni

Bon App├ętit!

So I'll wish you all well (except Paul of course) and see you all again on Monday.

For tonight’s match between Germany and Uruguay for third place, I will be supporting Uruguay of course. Mainly because Paul the octopus said Germany will win. I am here to prove him wrong. Comon Uruguayyyyy! Psychic my ass.

Secondly, I support Uruguay because of Forlan. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I hate the guy because he was once a Manchester United player, scoring crucial goals against my Arsenal a couple of times. But as a person, I love him. Many of you would know the story of how he decided to become an international soccer player and become rich so that he could support his sister after she met an accident and became paralyzed, ending her dreams of becoming a model. For that, I will cheer for Forlan and the South American boys.

Go Uruguay! Screw you Paul. Eight arms you got but not one finger. Guess which finger I’m showing you right now.

Hup Holland Hup!


P.D said...

"Well, me and a lot of friends have been predicting that Holland will win all their matches since the beginning of this World Cup, but hell, nobody listened to us or gave us press coverage. "

Well you kinda fit the slimy octopus image. Thus, i agree you should get some media to support you.

illusionaire said...

Bwahaha! :P

BW said...

Kan Deutsh unau "kal bo" DutchLand hovin Spain an sawp tur hi ka nghakhlel :D

Go bradaars!

nancy said...

ouch!! this is too much. Poor Paul :( . i'm on Paul's side. i don't support Spain or Netherlands but i would very much like to see his prediction correct. i wonder what your post would be like if Paul had picked Netherlands :D

aduhi said...

ehemz weekend hi ti ve ziah, ka awih zozai tawh lo. Now I know why you're staying away until Monday morning: If Holland loses then you wouldn't have to face all the people laughing at you. Mahse Spain chu ka tan chuang lo.

Dr. Chandana Shekar said...

i never tasted octopus meat. i wud love to someday. but somehow don feel like tasting paul. ouch. poor him!!! he doesn even know that there is so much happenin about him!!

Mariuca said...

LOL poor Paul! I love octopus actually, da food not Paul! Good luck to Holland, we'll be rooting for Spain! :)

odzer said...

I hope NL wins too! Oh and I love eating Octopus. Tako-Wasabi is my favourite. Although I have never had "cooked" octopus, i just like mine raw with a bit of Wasabi and Japanese mustard.

b-buata said...

He octopus hi ka haw teh a nia..

Holland an chak dawn tih sawilawk tur hian Kut leh Ke 8 neih kher a ngailo,,

Nia tiraw, keini pawh kut 2 leh ke 2 chauh nei chung hian kan lo sawi dik fo tawh thin kha maw, khawvel hian min ngaithla lo mai a lawm,,

Octopus chu tui deuhin chawhmehah chuan lo siam teh u..

Phoenix said...

:) I'm still going to support spain

Eveline said...

It's painfully obvious Paul is the most advanced life form on the planet. :D
I really hope Spain wins just to keep the myth intact, even though I think it will be just due to the dumb luck, but nevertheless the world could always use a bit of octopus magic, so it'd be a shame to see it die with a Dutch victory. haha

Kym said...

@Illusionaire: Shall I book the tickets for you??..:P..

Kym said...

But was quite a play. Being the last one for this FIFA worldcup they played it long and good. My heart bleeds for Holland...:(

Lucy In The Sky said...

Hahaha..Looks like you're now really gonna cook and eat some Octopus! I've eaten squid and I'm sure they kind of taste similar. Yuck!! Shark was better!

Shuakshuali said...

Still the best team NEVER to win the WC :D
So, Chuchu, Dudu and Foofoo's predictions didnt come true. I sure do hope Henry the centipede's prediction at least bore fruit :D :D

The best way to cook an octopus, I heard, is to peel off the skin first with acid. Hah. Not.

Alejendro said...

Khawngaih e... LOL

illusionaire said...

Thanx for your comments everyone. Bloody octopus! :P

My thoughts on the Finals:
Of losing (Holland) and losers (other teams)

Phillia said...

as someone says now paul can wrap his 6 or 8 arms around me....mwhahahahaha...