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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Chp 308. Santosh Trophy 2010 – Unsung tourney

Alright ladies and gents, now that the World Cup is finally over, most of us are still recovering from the buzzing Vuvuzela noise and all the late nights spent cheering for our favorite team… which, for us Indians, was of course a foreign country.

Now it is time to focus back on India

Tomorrow Santosh Trophy kicks off!!! Whupididooo! And here’s the good news (at least for the smaller states) – Players in the National team (Seniors) are not allowed to represent their respective States and play in this tournament this year! New AIFF rule. Plus they are currently training in Portugal for the Asian Cup. More chance for Mizoram to win this coveted title!

Most Indians are actually not aware of India’s most prestigious football tournament. But then again, I don’t blame anyone. Most of us prefer to watch EPL, La Liga, Serie A etc rather than our own countrymen playing. And the governing body AIFF never makes any attempt to promote football. They of course blame the Indian Government for not allotting enough funds for this sport while cricket is treated like a pornstar rockstar. People blame the media for not properly covering Indian football events, but media blames the lack of sponsors. And the blame game continues.

Zee Sports and Ten Sports may not even broadcast the I-League and Federation Cup matches come this new season!

We live in difficult times, my football crazy friend.

Anyway, I will not become depressed by worrying about the future of Indian football. Hence changing the subject to happier thoughts - the 64th Santosh Trophy that will be held in Kolkata from tomorrow onwards. The question on everyone’s mind is, will the most successful State West Bengal with 29 titles finally be able to break their 11 years drought? Or will we see the likes of Goa, Punjab and Kerala winning the cup again?

Here is the group stage fixture:

Cluster 1: Karnataka | Meghalaya | Jharkhand

Cluster 2: Maharashtra | Chandigarh | Tripura | Andhra Pradesh

Cluster 3: Punjab | Pondicherry | Gujarat | Nagaland

Cluster 4: Manipur | Rajasthan | Jammu & Kashmir

Cluster 5: Delhi | Arunachal Pradesh | Madhya Pradesh | Uttar Pradesh

Cluster 6: Haryana | Sikkim | Chhattisgarh

Cluster 7: Kerala | Uttarakhand | Himachal Pradesh | Assam

Cluster 8: Mizoram | Bihar | Railways | Orissa

Already qualified: Goa (2009 winners), West Bengal (runners up), Services & Tamilnadu (semi-finalists)


I have taken the fixtures from the AIFF website and rearranged it chronologically. I’ll try to update it every day (sounds like I’m utterly jobless, naw? But then, that’s what I am passionate about). So do keep visiting this page if you want to see updates (and hopefully interesting comments).

I am not going to use any HTML table tags to display the results or match below because I realized that although table makes everything neat and tidy, it is not mobile phone browser friendly at all. Hence I’ll just display it as simple as possible. Cheers everyone. All the best to your State

15-07-2010 Thursday

[Cluster 1] Karnataka [1] – [0] Meghalaya
[Cluster 2] Maharashtra [4] – [0] Chandigarh
[Cluster 2] Tripura [1] – [2] Andhra Pradesh

16-07-2010 Friday

[Cluster 3] Gujarat [0] – [4] Nagaland
[Cluster 4] Manipur [13] – [0] Rajasthan
[Cluster 3] Punjab [7] – [0] Pondicherry

17-07-2010 Saturday

[Cluster 2] Andhra Pradesh [1] – [4] Maharashtra
[Cluster 2] Chandigarh [1] – [1] Tripura
[Cluster 1] Meghalaya [5] – [0] Jharkhand

18-07-2010 Sunday

[Cluster 3] Nagaland [0] – [1] Punjab
[Cluster 3] Pondicherry [2] – [1] Gujarat
[Cluster 4] Rajasthan [1] – [0] Jammu and Kashmir

19-07-2010 Monday

[Cluster 2] Chandigarh [1] – Andhra Pradesh [2]
[Cluster 1] Jharkhand [1] – Karnataka [6]
[Cluster 2] Maharashtra [4] – Tripura [1]

20-07-2010 Tuesday

[Cluster 4] Jammu and Kashmir – Manipur
[Cluster 3] Pondicherry – Nagaland
[Cluster 3] Punjab – Gujarat

21-07-2010 Wednesday

[Cluster 5]Delhi – Arunachal Pradesh
[Cluster 6]Haryana – Sikkim
[Cluster 5] Madhya Pradesh – Uttar Pradesh

22-07-2010 Thursday

[Cluster 7] Assam – Himachal Pradesh
[Cluster 8] Bihar – Railways
[Cluster 7] Kerala – Uttarakhand
[Cluster 8] Mizoram – Orissa

23-07-2010 Friday

[Cluster 5] Arunachal Pradesh – Madhya Pradesh
[Cluster 6] Sikkim – Chhattisgarh
[Cluster 5] Uttar Pradesh – Delhi

24-07-2010 Saturday

[Cluster 7] Himachal Pradesh – Kerala
[Cluster 8] Mizoram – Bihar
[Cluster 8] Orissa – Railways
[Cluster 7] Uttarakhand – Assam

25-07-2010 Sunday

[Cluster 5] Arunachal Pradesh – Uttar Pradesh
[Cluster 6] Chhattisgarh – Haryana
[Cluster 5] Delhi – Madhya Pradesh

26-07-2010 Monday

[Cluster 7] Kerala – Assam
[Cluster 8] Orissa – Bihar
[Cluster 8] Railways – Mizoram
[Cluster 7] Uttarakhand – Himachal Pradesh


One last addition: The Mizoram squad

Player’s name, followed by the current Football Club he’s playing at.
Source: hmingsanga @
  1. Beikhokhai - East Bengal
  2. Robert Lalthlamuana - Churchill Brothers
  3. Lalrinfela - Churchill Brothers
  4. Vanlalrova - Churchill Brothers
  5. Lalthuammawia - Lajong SC
  6. Zohmingliana - Lajong SC
  7. Ronald Lalthanzama - Lajong SC
  8. Samson Ramengmawia - Lajong SC
  9. Lallawmzuala - Lajong SC
  10. Lalramluaha - Lajong SC
  11. Lalhlimthara - Lajong SC
  12. Lalchhuanmawia - JCT
  13. Jerry Zirsanga - Chirag United
  14. Lalmuanpuia - ONGC
  15. Jonathan Lalsangzuala - ONGC
  16. Lalruatfela - Chandigarh Football Academy
  17. Sama Hnamte - 1st Bn MAP
  18. F.Lalrinpuia - 1st Bn MAP
  19. Laltuakliana - 1st Bn MAP
  20. Lalhruaitluanga - M.R.P
  21. R.Lalnundanga - Faria Striker, Goa
  22. David Lalrinmuana - Faria Striker, Goa
  23. Lalchhanchhuaha - Faria Striker, Goa
  24. Zothansanga - Faria Striker, Goa
  25. Lalthantluanga - Signal Corps, Goa
Coach : Benjamin Laldinpuia
Manager : Vanlalngheta

Comon Mizoram!

A goal dawn e! A goal dawn e! A goal dawn e!


Buata Bawihtlung said...

Kan group ie. Mizoram awmna group ah hian kan tha ber mai lo maw.? Railways hi eng nge maw an an le.. i blog tlawh a manhla thin hle mai...

Mizohican said...

Railways hi sports lamah chuan an bawn ziah, Service anga "khela" ho an nia, a sawi lawk theih miah lo. A dang te pahnih khi chu an awl. :)

odzer said...

It would be good of course if Chandigarh wins!!

Rascal Crowe said...

Glad to see 'Judas' isn't on the squad list. Go Mizoram!

OpaHmar said...


Mizohican said...

lolz, even I dunno who Rascal Crowe meant by Judas, but I'm sure he's talking about a Mizo player playing for a different state, which is not very rare actually. There had been many occasions when Mizos not only play for the two State-less teams Services and Railways, but also for a completely different state altogether.

@ odzer: lolz. All the best to your state mate :)

Lucy In The Sky said...

En a van chakawm ve, ka thrian.

Anonymous said...

Blog directory hi engtik ah nge i update don?

Mizohican said...

@ Lucy: Me too... o new Mrs. :) When are the pics updates coming???? Can't waitttttt dear loose.

@ anonymous: Will try this weekend. Weekend bakah hian ka free lova blog directory update tur hian, thil dang a lo thleng zel bawk sia... sorry.

Clio said...

World cup a zo ciah a, football bawk maw kan buaipui leh don.Tun trum cu a dan a dang deuh toh ang chu...kan zotlang ram nuam ngei an tel ve don a.All the best Mizoram!!!

dr_feelgood said...

Kan 'natural game ' hockey hi kan hlam chhiah ta zawk a, foot ball hi kan uar ta zawk si a, mahse kan pum rua te hian a phak lo deuh chu a ang. Anyway,Best of Tribal Luck,Mizoram.

Varte said...

now we can shout Hup Mizoram Hup, (without Vuvuzela)!!!! :D

Rascal Crowe said...

I can understand people playing for other states. I know thats not a rare incident. But telling the MFA your injured when your in top form and playing for another state for money( and actually scoring a lot of goals..which makes it worse for a fan), is something I just can't forget easily (And i don't want to!).

mangbuhril said...

tried following this Santosh Trophy but the difference in the level of passes and overall quality of the game is disappointing....compared to even their Asian cousins
hope this time at least one fm NE wins, always so near yet so far. We do have the talents and it's only a matter of time we begin to dominate the Indian football scenario and even Asian football.

Mizohican said...

@ Rascal Crowe: I think I know who you're talking about now :)

@ mangbuhril: Yes, that is why we should watch it in the stadium. When you watch it live, it is really fun. On TV we are too used to pros playing that watching this level of football is quite boring.

@ Varte: haha! of course we can :)

@ dr_feelgood: Dik ve tho... hockey te chu kan national game a la ni zui. Ram ai awh a Olympic a lo khel tawh te kha tunah chuan kutdawh mai mai an ni tawh. A sorry thlak tawps.

@ Clio: ermmm... kum tin chu kan tel ziah a lawm :P State zawng zawng an tel ziah :D

Mizohican said...

Santosh Trophy Day 1 results:

Karnataka 1 - Meghalaya 0
Maharashtra 4 - Chandigarh 0
Andhra Pradesh 2 - Tripura 1

Vikram said...

I know its a long shot, but are there highlights anywhere ?

Our country really has a crisis level shortage of good coaches and I dont know where they will come from.

Shuakshuali said...

Unsung till the sandman comeths :)
Kan ram aw trang fan fan

Jerusha said...

Mizoram in han win hlauh mai se..han insawitheih vel ka van chak tak! Tunge Judas chu ka van hre ve chak,,

Lucy In The Sky said...

Lolzz...Punjab - Pondicherry 7-0.
Punjab is kickin ass? Not good.

Mizohican said...

@ Vikram: I don't think so dude :( None of the news channels are showing it, and not even the papers are mentioning the score. So I don't think there will be any sports channels showing the highlights. Sad... :(

@ Shuakshuali: hehehe :)

@ Jerusha: Nia. nuam ang chu :)

@ Lucy: Manipur is kicking bigger ass. 13-0. :)

^-||RaLtE||-^ said...

sandman chu ka blog hi ah advertise thra duh lo eeee.... ka ti tau don

Mizohican said...

lolz. ka update ni khan i lo update ve chiah a (15th), ka feed aggregator in i post thar a lo man hman lo a nih kha. Next update ah ka lo update hrim hrim ang he post hi :) Blog Directory ah pawh khan ka update chiah che a nia auh hotupa.

^-||RaLtE||-^ said...

I blog hi rubber (eraser) in nawh reh vek kalo tum hman alom le. Lolz. Nia i updates kha ka lo hmu e, i taima in i ti tha hle mai. Dam reng ang che ;)

Mizohican said...

hahaha :D

Horace said...

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