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Monday, November 01, 2010

Chp 323. Delhi Journal: The re-visit

Had a great time last week in Delhi! Flew back to Mumbai on Friday and went directly to Lonavala for our “creative department” rendezvous which I’ll blog about later. As of now, I kinda miss the chill Delhi weather.

Since I was sent to Delhi due to work, I cannot blog about what I did there officially. But it was really great meeting the people from our Delhi office. Even though I was alone, I had interacted with some of them over emails before and it was not like we were complete strangers.

Briefing my (Delhi) team on Monday morning before the big client meeting did not feel as odd as I had expected either. The client meeting was a big success and everything went smoothly from there onwards. I guess that is all I can talk about regarding my work.

Our office in Delhi is much bigger than our Mumbai office, and there was a really good view of the Qutb Minar right from the balcony!

Delhi Webchutney Qutb Minar view

I still remember Delhi quite well as I used to be there a couple of years back.

Reaching there last week, I cursed at how difficult it was to travel by auto, but fortunately for me, most of my colleagues in Delhi Webchutney office had a car and I was given a lift wherever I wanted to go

I remember how much of a problem buying booze used to be, and you know what? It still is!

But of course if I complain about why there was just one bloody wine shop at every locality (ok I’m exaggerating a bit here. I think some localities do have two wine shops ) the reply I ALWAYS get was, “Come to Gurgaon and you’ll know!”

Errr… what if I don’t wanna come to Gurgaon? Just kidding. I love Gurgaon Hugz.

The night I reached Delhi, our CEO took me to Turquoise Cottage at Priya complex for a welcome party. Happy hours truly rocked. Buy one, get one free. Happy Hours was till 9:30pm, so at 9:29pm, we ordered a HELL LOT of drinks, and along with their corresponding complimentary drinks, it was enough to last us for the rest of the night.

This practice of ordering a lot of drinks in advance because Happy Hours is about to end isn’t actually allowed in many (if not all) pubs in Mumbai. At the most, they would allow us to order 1 or 2 drinks just when Happy Hours is about to end, and not 10+ drinks. Lolz.

Turquoise Cottage party

And of course we could smoke right there in the pub itself.

I used to love Delhi because of the cheap beer – around 35 bucks a bottle. But it seemed beer prices went up to 60 bucks a bottle during the Common Wealth Games, and never came down after that! Hence the reason why my friend Biteii is so thin now

Here she is, trying to hide her face.

Biteii 01

Yes, I did get to meet one set of friends – Biteii and Jimmy. Trust me, there was no time to meet anybody else! We were working every night till almost midnight. Even on that particular night when we met, we had to make the plans somewhere close to my office in the last minute, and I was late by almost 2 freaking hours! Lolz.

Yeah they had that “if looks could kill” on their faces when I finally turned up. Since we didn’t have time to hang out much as it was already late, Jimmy came back to my place and we did our little catching up there.


Great fun we had. Jimmy being an admin of and me being an admin of, we were up till 5am talking non-stop about these two websites and how we could get more users using social media apps etc… Yeah, we’re really that boring.

And of course we slept at 5am and got up for work at 8am! Such is the corporate world, my friends

On Friday, I had a final meeting with the clients and went directly to the airport from there.

I am still jealous about how much better Delhi airport is compared to Mumbai. The view from the restaurant is amazing, and a part of me just didn’t want to leave the airport.

Delhi Airport view

One last pic before I bid adieu. Most of us know about the Indigo airlines TV ad right? I really really love their ad.

It’s done by Wieden+Kennedy. Awesome ad. Well, my flight from Delhi to Mumbai was Indigo, and I was just going through their online brochure while sitting in the flight joblessly, when I saw this particular page. I laughed out immediately and my neighbor stared at me strangely!

I don’t know if it’s W+K who did the brochure too, but this is bloody funny and brilliant! Check it out –

Indigo brochure


odzer said...

Is this a normal post or another social experiment. I have never been to Bombay but the one thing that bothers me about anything beyond mid-India is the lack of winter. As for the Bird thing, there is only one way to describe it -- Bloody Brilliant!!

Mizohican said...

Lolzzzzz odzer. No this is not another social experiment. Sorry about the earlier post/experiment... :) you should definitely come down to Mumbai. I've been all over India and believe me, life in Mumbai is so different from the other places.

Jimmy said...

We should do it again but this time, let's do it on a weekend :D

Mizohican said...

Haha! Sure thing. :D

DaGGyLo said...

Nl. Btei leh Pu Jimmy chu an va ngaihom dun ve oo..i dam tha mo?

KymBawi Khuptong said...

Lucky you, you don't have to quarrel with the "auto wala" here in Delhi. Everytime one takes an auto to travel he/she has to quarrel to have a fair fare..grr...

Mizohican said...

@ DaGGyLo: Ve teh hlawl a! i va reh ve a! Aw ka dam e kei pawh. Nia Nl.Biteii chu tan a la tan ve... tep tawh... turin ka beisei :D

@ Kym: hehehe I know. Its the same case in B'lore too. That's what I love about Mumbai. The bestestest autowallas in India :D

dr_feelgood said...

Another good little post. You seem to find inspiration even on a flight!! Wish some of our local adverts get a little more professional, as we watch a lot of the local channels. BTW do you know that LPS are broadcasting via sattelite now? Don't ask me for details,but that's what they said, you only need the dish and set top box.

Mizohican said...

@ dr_feelgood: Wow, thats cool. I didn't know LPS has progressed so much. But most local channels in Mizoram, if not all, broadcast a lot of material that infringe copyrights etc. I hope that change as well too. :)

callezee said...

God post....

Alejendro said...

Yeah yeah.. God post :-P planned to spend Christmas @ Delhi.. but things have changed....

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At the most, they would allow us to order 1 or 2 drinks just when Happy Hours is about to end, and not 10+ drinks. Lolz.

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Unknown said...

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