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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Chp 341. Carling Cup Final

Testing "Cover It Live".

Carling Cup Final
Arsenal vs Birmingham
Venue: Wembley

Ok today is the day - The much awaited Carling Cup Final. Ever since "The Invincibles" days of longest unbeaten run record and total domination of the EPL, Arsenal has been going without a trophy for 6 years now. So many times we have come sooo close to winning a trophy, but eventually lose out in the end. This Carling Cup will be our first silverware in 6 years if we win tonight.

The AMSC (Arsenal Mumbai Supporters Club) are screening the match at Big Daddy's, Khar. 300 bucks entry, which includes two beer or two redbulls, and one starter.

Red + White jersey compulsory.

Apart from knowing a few members of the AMSC, I am going with Shruti, our new Art Director, and Nirav and his wife. All of us are hardcore Arsenal fans.

Fabregas and Theo will not be playing due to injury, but we have pretty good hope about winning. More than 150 gooners have already confirmed to show up at the AMSC screening, and that is excluding those who confirmed via emails and phones, so my friends and I are planning to reach the venue at least an hour early so that we'll have a good place to sit, lolz. But then again, I'm sure we'll be at our feet most of the time.

Meanwhile, I am just trying out this "Coveritlive" feature, embedded below. It may not even work, but in case it does, I'll try to update as much as I can from the venue. I don't even know how long I am allowed to cover the event. Anyway, let's see...



Maisek said...

So, you're planning to cover it live? Well....lets see! :)

H.Vangchhia said...

Great, just great

illusionaire said...

Ah... what a night :)

caribou said...

Nomawi chu an vuan ran ran tawh a, mahse an thlauh keh leh ta. A teuh apiang pawi tih a zual....

illusionaire said...
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iserve pharmacy said...

It is a pity that you don't have it live. I would love to watch it. It is better to do so because you can express in the chat.