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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Chp 342. Whatever happened to… Alizée?

Last night, completely out of the blue, I thought of Alizée! Remember Alizée? That cute young French chick so many of us had a crush on almost ten years ago? What the hell happened to her?

Flashback circa 2003. Some juniors from our college hostel campus managed to download the music video (live performance version) of Alizée’s J’en ai marre, and that immediately spread like wildfire in the hostel with everybody carrying their large IDE hard disks to various hostel blocks to copy the file, and every time we had to shut down and open up our CPU cabinet and attach the IDE cable and power cable, while rearranging the jumper if necessary, and doing the same thing again once we had transferred the file… ah those golden years. Lolz.

But it was worth it!

So I googled today and here is one of her songs we all loved those days – J’en ai marre. It’s in French. I studied French as a second language for six years in school. So I didn’t understand anything.

What’s so special about her? I dunno… She’s not the Megan Fox hot kind. She’s extremely cute and pretty, and yet has a slight charm of sexiness in her which she teasingly flaunts, but not very obviously. I think she was famous during the same era as the girl band M2M and in the same cuteness category, but they definitely didn’t come under “sexy” like her.

Trust me, I wasn’t into this kinda music. I was a death-metal loving hardcore grunger with tattoos all over my arm and ready to rebel about anything. I even made a “Kill Boyband” website on geocities those days. But one look at her (music video) and I was completely smitten. That doesn’t happen much, you know.

Her cover of Madonna’s La Isla Bonita isn’t bad either –

Here are the other music videos of J’en ai marre.

[French version]

[English version]

Listening to the English version, you suddenly realize, this song is not exactly “innocent” as you thought it was… bubbles and water, legs up for hours… I’m fed up… lolz!

Today I spent some time on Google researching about her, and looks like she is pretty much still around! But then her next two albums didn’t make much of a ripple at all in the music industry. Her two new albums Psychédélices [2007] and Une Enfant Du Siècle [2010] didn’t get as many hits as her pre-2003 days on, or on the global chart position. In fact she’s been written off by many critics as a cutie desperately trying to be sexy. Too bad…

I’m not interested in knowing how her two new albums sound like. I’m just posting this frivolous post to talk about a crush I once had.


H.Vangchhia said...
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H.Vangchhia said...

I've never heard of her till now.

A little childish but not bad. You make her seem better then she really is; which shows your good nature. :)

Mizohican said...

lolz... we found her cute + sexy + hot + pretty, but that crush was way back in 2002-03 :)

Prakhar Deogirikar said...

For you it was some 10 years back. For people of my generation, it was some 5-6 years back when we 'discovered' her.

Who cares if she is not half as decent singer as she is a looker! I completely agree with the way you described her.

Well i guess we all have moved on to other cute singers... :P

Mizohican said...

You made your case sound like a bunch of nerdy geeks desperately scouring the net in search of her, whereas in my case its more about an artistic appreciation of such a divine face and body.


Hriatpuia Pa said...

A chhe lo zek, a nalh reuh, kan tia, kan duhtawk mai a nih kha. Nalh dang pawh an lo lang leh a, an liam leh zel mai.
Haha...hard disk to hard disk-a thil copy thin lai kha... lung i tileng hle mai.

Alejendro said...

I still have her "Moi, Lolita" & Madonna cover "La Ista Bonita" in my phone (-: I'm falling in love on her voice again and again. Mahse palsa a neih a tang khan ka theihnghilh ve tan deuh :-P

luliana said...

A zirtir - Death metal ngaisang rum rut te pawh hian "nu" riauna an lo nei zel :P

DayDreamBeliever said...

My goodness, I must have been completely out of it during those days, coz I've never heard of her...until now :p

But that's the nice thing about the 90s.... there were decent people to have crushes on. Now people have crushes on Justin Beiber and Korean guys with weird hair...puleez!

Alejendro said...

tunlai chu blog va update khat ve... nupui nei dawn hnai tawh a mi?

Mizohican said...

Busy with work + Broke due to tax cut + New found passion in video editing + Experimenting with Android GPS apps = Lost interest in blogging, temporarily.


Jerusha said...

Is it because she's not popular enough that I've never heard of her? Or is it because I'm a woman? :) To me the critics seem to be spot on, she's cute no doubt, not doesn't exactly ooze sex appeal.

Mizohican said...

Right-O :-)

iserve pharmacy said...

she just has something. I don' t know but it is something that I haven't seen in another woman.

Anonymous said...

Yeap, she was cute !!! She still is (at least in the videos). I just heard J'en ai marre on a dance compilation - remixed ,of course. Funny, I got to this page by googleing her haha

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