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Monday, December 10, 2012

Chp 435. Where there’s a will…

… there’s definitely a way!

So have you ever experienced that extremely frustrating moment when you try to recollect the name of someone or something but suddenly cannot? That you completely blank out and no longer remember a name you used to know, even though it’s right there at the tip of your head…

Tormenting, ain’t it?

You just feel like banging your head on the hard concrete floor or thrashing it with a frying pan in the hope that you might be able to beat out the name you’re trying to remember.

I experienced that a few days ago, November 25th, 2012 to be precise.

So it was a lazy Sunday afternoon. Was just recovering from a hard night of partying and binging, and it was one of those surreally peaceful moments, with the cool sea breeze blowing across my room while I was just listening to Kiara and Kong by Bonobo, setting the trippy relaxy mood just right.

And then suddenly, for lunch, I had this huge craving for South Indian food from a particular restaurant I used to order from!

Being brought up in Tamilnadu, I am actually very finicky when it comes to South Indian dishes. I do not like any of these Shiv Sagars, Sur Sagars, Shri Sagars chain of restaurants in Mumbai as their Sambar style is too sweet for my liking (do know that not just every South Indian state, but in fact many of the regions within a particular state have their own unique recipes and flavors). Oh I really miss those Saravana Bhavans, Hotel Aryaas, Sri Annapoornas etc. chain of restaurants.

Hence, I loved the food served from that particular restaurant whose name I couldn’t remember. And I couldn’t find the menu anymore, which made things worse.

And then, the “Forbidden Apple” syndrome set in… Just when you know you can’t have something, your desire to have it increases a thousand times (The same reason why we suddenly feel like drinking when we realize that particular day is a Dry Day, or why we are sometimes attracted more to somebody who doesn’t return our love).

I tried Burrp, Zomato, Google, Titbit, TastyKhaana, but none of the search results I got rang any bell.

Meanwhile the desire to eat from that forgotten place intensified further and further.

And then suddenly I had an Archimedes moment (without shouting EUREKA and running down my apartment butt-naked of course, because that would mean immediate eviction from our Housing Society! Ahhh, Archimedes was so lucky not to live in Mumbai back then :P )

I suddenly remembered I took a photo of the dish I ordered from that restaurant because I wanted to share it with somebody on Whatsapp. And so I went to my Whatsapp folder immediately and found the photos!

That was the day I decided to have full South Indian “Meals” (or as North Indians call it, “Thaali”), while I watched Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted. Hehehe, this picture I took is really funny, it looks as if Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria are shocked to see what I was eating, lolz..

I clicked on the photo property and viewed the date that particular photo was taken…

21st October, 1:55PM.

I went to my call history but since it was more than a month ago, the record was not there.

I was almost depressed, when suddenly I had another epiphany *TING*

I called up Vodafone and requested them to send me my previous itemized bill on my e-mail asap. I explained the gravity of the nature, about how I needed a very important phone number I dialed on a particular day otherwise I would have to sell my Pvt Ltd company and render 500 employees jobless.

Within 20 minutes, I received an e-mail with my itemized bill in the form of a PDF. Nice work, Vodafone.

I went to that exact day (21st October) and looked at all my dialed calls on that day. Thankfully, there was only one LAN-line number I called, and the time fit in perfectly too, 1:24PM (Remember I took the photo at 1:55PM, that means around 25 minutes to deliver which is standard here at Carter Road).

But still, I crossed my fingers as I dialed the number…

After three rings, a man with a deep voice answered, “Southside Café.”

Ahhhh yessss, Southside Café! The name immediately rang a bell huge titanium made gong.

I ordered one Mysore Masala Dosa, one set steamed idli and one set medu vada, and told them to send their menu card along as well.

As I hung up the phone, I was suddenly filled with this powerful feeling of achievement and sense of satisfaction. Boy I really went through a lot just to order from that restaurant.

Oh and yes, it was so worth it.

So, remember, where there’s a will (and hunger, and internet), there’s always a way :)


Ps. This entire blog post was summed up in just 12 short points on my Facebook status, but what the heck, a little more description with images make it a little bit more interesting too, right? :P

Cheers again! :)


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mangbuhril said...

good one, all those effort for a thaali of south-indian dish
btw someone's watching too much of CID serials .. i think...

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