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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Chp 436. 12.12.12.

No I am not one of those people who puts up pictures like “OMG, today is 12.12.12! This will never happen again in your lifetimeeeee!” and tag all their Facebook friends to that pic. All I feel like commenting to such tags is “OMG, tomorrow is 13.12.12! That will never happen again in your lifetime eitherrrrr!” but don’t wanna sound like a douchebag so I just keep mum.

I’m using 12.12.12 as the title of this post maybe because 12 is my favorite number and throughout my basketball career, from School team to College team to University team to playing for various Clubs, I was always jersey number 12.

Or maybe this post is entitled 12.12.12. because I just can’t think of an appropriate title.

This is my 51st blog post this year, and I just realized I’ve been consistently publishing around 50 posts a year since 2006 (I managed only 42 posts in 2005, and just 9 posts in 2004 because I started blogging at the end of that year). To me, that level of consistency and dedication is something I am proud of (all humility aside), even though my blog is nowhere near where it used to be a couple of years ago.

Back then I used to visit at least 20-30 different blogs every day and comment on all their new posts. My own posts too used to see a flurry of activity in the comment section. Today, I hardly visit my friends’ blogs anymore, and even if I do, I rarely leave a comment after quickly reading their updates. Likewise, many of my posts too do not receive comments anymore and I am actually not bothered by that. Times are a changing. New job, new wife, new kids, these are the reasons why many of my old blog friends do not blog anymore. Same with me, I guess, except for the new wife part.

And now you’re wondering why I didn’t mention the new kids part :P

I guess for me, my entire blog life took a big hit back in April this year (End of an Era) when I left the advertising sector and took up a new project on a completely different line of work, which is still going on today.

Check out my blog traffic below. I was consistently getting more than 3000 visits per month (and around 5000 page views per month). And then BAMMMM, April happened and now look at my sorry stats! :(

After April, I managed to get my usual 3000 visits per month only once, on August, and that was only because of my post A not so “Happy Independence Day” post which was cross posted by the Editors at

I always thought an R&D project would give me more free time, but oh I was so wrong!  Yes of course it is much less stressful than working in the advertising sector, but TIME, that is found wanting every single day. Yup, the only thing worse than deadlines is when you have no deadlines.

With that, I close this yet another fruitless blog post.

Happy 12.12.12 everyone. Remember, today happens only once! *go kill yourself Kima* :)



Reflections said...

Hei te chu a va tha reuh ve, “Today is 12.12.12! This will never happen again in your lifetimeeeee... tomorrow is 13.12.12! That will never happen again in your lifetime eitherrrrr!”


Banno said...

So here's to blogging, and to commenting. :) Happy 13/12/12.

Rengpuii Pa said...

Zo bloger ah hian in register ve kan duh e.. thu thiam em em lo mahila, ka nuam tih zawng a ni ve a..engtin nge dilna ang deuh te ziah ve a ngai em? Ka blog chu, a nia. Wordpress ah in convert phawt em ni ngai zawk.. Pliz help.

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