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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Chp 449. 2013 Aizawl vacation - Hospital

So this past one week had been a hectic ride for me. Flew home, spent a week with my family, and am now back in Mumbai again.

I rushed home because dad slipped and banged his head on the floor. He had minor bruises and cuts, but the reason why I went home was because he fell down due to a stroke!

My dad is quite old now, pushing towards 80 soon. He’s already semi-bedridden, and needs a cane to walk due to his gout and a life-threatening surgery he once had on his leg when he fell inside a cement mixer/grinder machine! That was a long time ago before he met mom.

Perhaps one of the proudest moments for most guys is when they’re finally big enough to fit into their father’s clothes or shoes. The son feels all grownup and the dad feels all emotional watching his son all grownup. Sadly, I never got to experience that because due to dad’s accident, all his shoes were custom made, with two different sizes for both feet.

His nickname back then was RKB. Crudely put, RKB stood for Rem-ke-baia (dad’s name being Rema, and “ke baia” means “one who limps”). Of course all the name calling stopped when he became one of the first Chief Engineers in Mizoram, and the first Mizo Chief Engineer in the Power and Electricity department, Govt. of Mizoram. He slogged his ass out to show all those who looked down upon him because of his disability that just because one was disabled, that didn’t mean it’s the end of the world.

So when dad was admitted at Aizawl Hospital, Mission Veng, my mom or my sister had to stay with him in the hospital during the nights. Since they both had their own stuff to do too, I flew home to relieve them. And so I landed in Aizawl last Friday and spent the night immediately for the next three days until dad got discharged on Monday.

Below are some pics of dear ol dad lying in the hospital…

And here’s where I slept. Tiny freaking bed, the first night I was in the hospital, I kept thinking that I was going to fall off, hence I held the edges tightly throughout the night…

And of course, Aizawl hospital was no stranger to the water shortage in Mizoram, they even had to hire one of those water supply trucks to deliver water for the patients.

My only criticism about Aizawl hospital? My cousin works as a nurse in the next floor. She visited us daily and was extremely sweet to us, but some of the nurses posted on our floor… man, I didn't like them at all. Bunch of people with attitude issues. I once asked them casually till what time the evening visiting hours were. They could have just told me “till 6pm”. Instead they told me, “Its printed right there on the door, go look at it yourself.”


But then of course, not surprising. We Mizos still have a long way to go when it comes to the service industry. I’ll put that post up for another day. Until then, cheers.


Anonymous said...

Hope your father gets better u Kima :D
btw I also have this very unlucky rich man's disease 'gout' and it hurts like hell!!

GOOD POST!! I may be your blog's no. 1 fan hahahaa ;)

Maisek said...

Well, your sis told me that you were home 'coz of your dad being hospitalized...Hope Pa Rema gets well soon...

eldiar said...

A va zia lo ve. Lo dam chho tha leh thuai rawh se.

Rengpuii Pa said...

Nurse mawl deuh deuh thinchhe deuh deuh hi an tam lutuk..