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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Chp 452. Love, from a distance.

From a distance,
you assured us everything is fine now
but reality be damned, we’re not.

From a distance,
you told us not to worry
but all day long, we’ve been nothing but distracted.

        Because we’re not there
        our hearts bleed faster
        for kindred lost and laughter silenced.

        Because we’re not there
        we feel so obsolete
        for neither hand nor sweat can we lend.

                But no matter how damaged we become
                our resilience and spirit will live on.

        Because you’re not here
        our love for our land grows fonder
        with every pain and suffering we share with you.

        Because you’re not here
        the hellish nightmare you faced
        intensified a hundredfold for us in this distant abyss.

From a distance,
we mourn every death, a newlywed, a student, a daughter, a Gooner,
everyone… because our love is of an undying one.

From a distance,
our words are meek but our prayers are strong,
Rest in peace to all the victims, we're very much with you all.


Dedicated to all the victims of today’s horrific landslide caused by the pre-monsoon cyclonic rains right in the heart of Aizawl, just a few minutes walking distance from my house.

And the pain intensifies even further when you don’t know the victims personally but you find out some of them have been your Facebook friends all along.

Rest In Peace. And prayers to all those in Mizoram because it looks like the hurricane is only just starting to intensify! :(


[Photos courtesy and various Facebook groups]


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Anonymous said...

Great post..I almost cry.. Just being honest.

VaiVa said...

I was in a dreamless slumber, when the whole building swept down another 11 buildings, just a mere 10 metres away! Woken up by my sister screaming and ran out of the house in the middle of the night half awake. Semi-concious, out of shocked, it was still raining outside, I ran back to the house to get my camera.

It was not bravery, still dark, out of curiousity, rushed back to where the landslide starts. No focus, wait for the lightning to give me light, set manual and after many attempt, couldn't get the right exposure, still blurry image. All electric supply were cut off now.

Suddenly the sliding sound erupted just below me and I ran like lightning down the road. I realized my bike was parked just in front of the building which was swept down, I have to get it to safety as the sliding had not stopped yet. I summoned all my courage to get my bike and parked at presumed safe distance. Then people starts pouring in.

We knew not about any casualty then. A day break and Disaster Management Response force reached and whole day, we got updated news of how much dead and still trapped and whereabouts not known. It was the day I shall remember... May their soul rest in peace!

dee gangte said...

Terrible news indeed..!! ;( my condolences 4 the departed..may their Souls Rest in Peace..& pray the Almighty console the families left behind -DeeGangte

Shahnaz Kimi said...

Just as we thought we are ïn summer"- rain and hailstorm is here in Austria as well- lots of landslides in few places- but I was just reading VaiVa's comment to your email and reminded me of December 2005- the day after Christmas and as Tsunami was happening as we were on board and on our way to Port Blair -and to cut the story short- I decided to come home to Mizoram as I could not go to Port Blair- I was sitting with few people on their way back home, and all they talked about was how cars were swept away- I sat down there stunned how people worry about material things that cannot be insured or have no means to have life insurance- I think it is time for you to blog about insurance...xxxx from Vienna

Shahnaz Kimi said...

I also meant to write that- cars/bikes does not matter any more when lives are gone...we have to let go of material things and mourn for the passing of our neighbors/friends and let them hard as it is and will always be.......

Mizohican said...

@ ijaasdie: Same here :(

@ VaiVa: Yup, read about your on ground experience from 7 in the morning and never stopped browsing FB for more news since then. You take care.

@ dee Gangte: Thanx, and prayers for the dearly departed.

@ Shahnaz: Totally agree. Sometimes we are also a bit too materialistic. For example, if I'm in a minor bike accident, my main concern would be my new expensive jeans or my new smartphone I just bought recently, rather than my fractured leg because fractures heal but the jeans or phone is forever gone. But when it comes to an actual life, then all materialism should be set aside because that is of course more important.