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Friday, October 18, 2013

Chp 471. Delhi Replay

So last night I was at Hard Rock Café in Andheri, watching the talented Zedd rock band live jam. Met a lot of people, made new friends and had a rocking time. The vocalist was from Agartala and another band member was from Assam. Made me proud to be a Northeasterner. And that reminded me of my recent trip to Delhi when I went to see my friends Tawia and Nunpuii perform live.

Back in Delhi, since I was staying at Z’s place in Vasant Kunj, I decided to check out my friends performing at Striker Pub & Kitchen, Ambience Mall. Their band’s called Toya Band and they’re not just my friends and ex-neighbors back in Delhi, they’re an amazing bunch of people as well.

But first, let’s backtrack a little bit…

Staying at Z’s place in Delhi was extremely fun. Had a great time with D and J. We laughed our asses out till the break of dawn during my entire stay there. They definitely brought out the crazy young teen in me again :)

D&J were like two mischievous pixies always ready to give a witty repartee to anything I did or said. Here’s me showing off my new phone’s dual camera feature to D&J and a couple of their friends :)

So, eventually, we all decided to check out my friends Tawia and Nunpuii at Striker Pub & Kitchen. Delhi had become a much better place than the Delhi I used to know years ago. And for me, I think the best part was that all the autos in Delhi now run on meter, à‎ la Mumbai.

Striker Pub at Ambience Mall was much bigger than the one at Gurgaon. The ambience and service were great, and it was definitely one place I’d visit again.

Once their gig was done, I spent time chatting and catching up with Nunpuii and Tawia. But like any professionals, it was time for them to go home and rest, and so they left us as we continued with our merry making.

I think we left past midnight. Had so much fun, lots of wonderful memories, and hoping to have such fun again on my next Delhi visit.

Cheers! :)

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Njldst said...

Haha, really fun to see Janet in this vid :D Love this sort of friendly repartee and getting together, especially over a rock show ^_^