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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Chp 472. Of men and our underwear

Let’s talk about Men’s underwear today. The little things that we men do – managing our underwear collection.

First of all, unlike women, most of us do not have a special type of underwear to wear for a certain kind of occasion. Nor do we find the need to match our underwear with any other garments we’re wearing. We just wear whatever we can find, ranging from our ck’s to our designer Homer Simpson boxers, as long as it is a fresh pair. says that “Men should have at least 10 pairs of underwear on hand at all times. That’s one for everyday of the week plus two additional for weekend nights and another thrown in for good measure or some sort of, um, emergency.” Yes I do read such articles. Being a 30+ bachelor, one has to be in full form even at the most unexpected and inconvenient of times ;)

I do change my underwear daily like most guys, but then, that depends on the lifestyle we lead too. Back in college I used to change my underwear thrice a day –> Wake up, morning basketball practice, sweat, shower, change underwear. Then classes, followed by evening basketball practice/match, sweat, shower, change underwear. In the night, party, sweat, shower, change underwear. Fortunately, I lead a much more sedentary lifestyle now, where the need to change one’s underwear occurs just once a day.

When it comes to washing one’s underwear, I always used to do that too, until the day I moved out from my cozy 1 BHK home of four years in Jogeshwari East [End of an Era]. I moved in with two of my close friends at this really posh 3 BHK apartment bang in the middle of Bandra’s uptown locality right opposite Olive’s, Big Nasty and Out of the Blue, with Carter road just down the lane. Problem is, none of the bedrooms have window frames where we can dry out our washed undees!

And so, we resorted to the “laundry” system.

There is this really efficient laundry service we avail of. The guy comes to our house and collects all our dirty laundry once a week, records them, weighs them, and returns them the next day, washed and pressed. We only have to pay by the Kilo, unless of course we’re giving our blanket or blazers for dry cleaning. Being Bandra, of course it is expensive, but that’s the price we have to pay for living it up.

And so we give our underwears for laundry as well, because like I said, there’s no place to hang out the washed undees in our apartment, except outside the common sitting room’s large windows. And since we regularly have important guests over like Angel investors, CEO’s, Directors and other big shots, we really don’t want our beautiful multicolored undees hanging outside the windows to be the main piece of attraction :D

Recently, a really embarrassing thing happened to me…

Two of my close friends H and A had come over for dinner. That day happened to be laundry day, and I gave a lot of clothes for wash, including 7 underwear. The total weight of my laundry stuff came up to 7.6 KG, lolz.

Since there were already other guests in the living room that night, we decided to chill inside my bedroom, watching the latest K-Pop music videos :P

Suddenly, the two girls started giggling like crazy. I turned around and noticed they had found my laundry slip (the customer’s copy, a carbon copy of the original) which was lying on my nightstand. They pointed at something in the slip, looked at me and laughed and laughed again.

They even took pictures with it!

I initially thought they must have found it funny that I gave 34 clothes for wash in a span of just one week… But Noooo… their intense attention to detail noticed what was written on the slip!

On the laundry slip, it was written “T-Shirt 20, Jeans 2” … Ok first of all, I didn’t give 20 tee shirts for wash, the lazy laundry guy included all my sleeveless cut banians as tee-shirts as well. And yeah 2 jeans, that is true. Comon, most of us wear the same pair of jeans for days. But what they really found funny was that, below that it was written “Underpants 1”.

Aaaargghhh… it made me look as if I was wearing the same pair of underwear for an entire week! For a bachelor, that is like the ultimate embarrassing moment.

I explained to them the laundry guy must have listed my boxers under “shorts” which was on the right side, but that column was freaking blank! They laughed further more. I looked deeper amidst their laughter and noticed it was blank for “Towel” as well, whereas I did throw a towel for laundry.

Finally, it occurred to me that the carbon paper the laundry guy was using while preparing the list must not have covered the right column, hence the reason why those numbers didn’t reflect in the customer’s copy. It’s ok as long as those numbers are there in the original slip.

My friends finally stopped laughing when I told them to look at the numbers. The numbers on the left column didn’t add up to the total number of clothes given, hence proving that there were indeed some numbers written on the right column.

Damn laundry guy, I have a bone to pick with him, lolz. Nearly spoilt my reputation!!! :D

So yeah, most of us guys do change our undees daily, even though we tend to keep the same pair of undees for a much longer period than most girls who actually throw away their undees after a week and buy new ones after that! Guess we cherish our undees more :P

Thanx to H and A for the rollicking time, and making me realize a discussion on underwear with the opposite sex is not awkward at all :P

And as a parting shot, this one is still one of my all time favorite boxers :P Cheers and keep underwearing… :)

:P :P :P :P


William Otaku said...
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William Otaku said...

hahahahaha... the dark knight rises... huhuhu... Joe Boxer - my favorite brand besides Fruit of the Loom (loom doesn't have another meaning here..hihi) ... your guests were more moderate than mine... well, my guests (ahem) tried on my boxers saying its sooo big and all..haha... and the most irritating freaking part was when they sniff to feel any scent at all... (its kinda sexy though)...