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Friday, December 13, 2013

Chp 484. Boomarang @ Hard Rock Café, part II

So after watching the extremely talented band Boomarang perform at Hard Rock Café Worli last month, I decided to catch them again at Hard Rock Café Andheri yesterday.

I went yesterday because of two main reasons – to enjoy their awesome performance, and to get their autographs on the new “Home” album I recently ordered from Flipkart.

I kept listening to their songs trying to memorize them so I could sing along with them as they performed on stage, lolz. But fortunately for most people who hadn’t heard of their songs yet, they only played covers of popular bands (though they did sing “Stellar” and it was amazing, as the entire Pub joined in).

Here’s the band rocking the scene. CLICK ON ALL PHOTOS TO ENLARGE.

Met a lot of old friends. Really great to see the Powai gang after a long time. The Hauhnar bros, Dee Knyte and I were one of the few privileged people on the VIP guest list :) That means free booze :D

Was a nice surprise to see the Maliani Kuri gang turning up too. Had a great time catching up with them and met Abigail for the first time and she didn’t feel a stranger to me at all because I’ve seen her regularly on Facebook due to so many mutual friends.

The Kalina gang was there too, being the life of the party as usual. When Mel parties, trust me, it is THE party, lolz. One of the best company to be with when you want to laugh like crazy.

The Worli gang too turned up in good numbers. Good to see Chhana, Mimi, Zoni etc coming all the way from town to this side of the suburbs, though sometimes they did look a bit lost. Them Townies. :P

One good thing about being a little bit tipsy was taking a few pics of those taking a pic, you know, the unsung heroes, the comrades always on the other side of the camera, always unseen. Well, this is me putting them in the limelight :)

I also finally managed to get my “Home” album signed by the band once their show was over, yaaaay. This is one album I’m gonna treasure for a long time.

This is the second Boomarang event I had attended during this ongoing All India Hard Rock Café tour. And here’s the funny part – I’m gonna be in Hyderabad next week on a business trip, and they’re gonna be performing at Hard Rock Café Hyderabad during that same time. So I got yet another VIP guest invitation from the Band to attend that as well too, lolz. These guys are awesome!

And here are the rest of the photos. Some of them may be blurry but one thing is evident from all these pics… everybody had a blast. Boomarang sure knows how to rock the party.

And of course, to end this long photoblog, here is the BEST photo I’ve EVER captured on my mobile phone. EVER! I’m not even going to caption this. Just look at the beer bottle on the right carefully. PRICELESS! :D :D :D :D

HAHA… Cheers :)


Vanlaltanpuii Hrahsel said...

Mama, you do know that one of the band mmember is your nephew ? Remember the basket ball player Mapuia ? His father is the elder brother of this band member's father i.e.he is U Makuka's son...can't remember his name.

Mizohican said...

Ohhhhhh no I didn't know! Will find out!

LTP said...

Booma kha, Mapuia cousin alawm, Kim

Mizohican said...

Eheeeee... hetia inhriatchhauh chu a va zahthlak ve aw! :(