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Friday, December 20, 2013

Chp 486. Boomarang Rocks Hyderabad

Update from Hyderabad :)

I'm currently in Hyderabad on a business trip. The nature of my travel is confidential, but what goes on at night is not :D

So last night, my colleagues and I decided to catch the awesome band Boomarang live gig at Hard Rock Cafe Hyderabad. Boomarang are currently on an all India Hard Rock Cafe tour, playing at every HRC pub across India. And it's quite funny because I saw their performance at HRC Worli and HRC Andheri just recently, and there I was watching their show again in a completely different city. Made me feel like I'm some kind of a hardcore fan :) or a stalker... or a groupie.

But whatever be it, there were a few perks to being such a loyal audience. For starters, having known them quite well by now, I managed to get 9 VIP passes last night! :)

We tried booking a Meru cab to the venue but none of them were free at the moment, so for the first time in my life, I got to experience Uber, a luxury car service. Through its mobile app, we were able to see all the available cars nearby, and since our guest house was located at Jubilee Hills, one of the poshest areas in Hyderabad, there were a hell lot of Uber affiliated cars nearby. From a choice of Mercs, BMWs, Audis, Jags etc, we finally chose a Volvo S60 D3 luxury sports sedan since it was the closest. The driver reached within 10 minutes.

The interiors of the car was filled with the latest gizmos and GPS devices, and the driver spoke English fluently. Our location could be continously tracked real time via its mobile app, and there were various modes of payments using the app itself.

We reached the venue, and as promised by the band, the VIP passes were waiting for us at the gate. We were ushered to an exclusive VIP designated area where the drinks were free and the girls were a plenty :P Here are a few photos I took from where I was standing.

Was great to finally meet FB friend Dinnie Chongte in person too. She came to the show with her Univ. Of Hyderabad mates, in spite of the fact that she had an early flight to catch the next day. She planned to go to the airport directly from Hard Rock Cafe. Was really cute and funny watching her headbang like crazy to RATM while clutching a travelling bag in one hand with a sweater hanging around it while her other hand was dragging a large strolley in the middle of the dance floor :)

Here's us, enjoying the awesome music...

Once the show was over, we hung out with the band at the VIP area. Atea, the vocalist, told me I'll get VIP passes at their next destination – Imphal, if I turn up there as well. Haha... now I'm seriously contemplating. Lolz.

Suddenly we heard this loud shriek, and it was Dinnie, asking if she could take a photo with the band members too. The manager of Hard Rock Cafe along with two bouncers moved towards her but Joshua signaled to them that he'd take care of it and they backtracked...

Ok just kidding about that manager and bouncer part. Such a sweet girl she is :)

I too wanted to take a photo with just the band members alone, and just as Sumeet was about to take the pic, this random white lady came into the frame as well. Grrrrrr.... And of course it would be rude to tell her I wanted to take a pic only with the band. Atea and Booma tried their best not to laugh...

And I guess this here is the University of Hyderabad crowd. Watching them enjoy the show so much brought back fond memories of college days.

Two big differences I noticed between HRC Hyderabad and the HRC's of Mumbai – One was that Hyderabad closed down too damn early. Maybe its a city regulatory thing. And the other difference was that the free drinks at HRC Hyderabad were extremelyyyyy watered down! At first I thought it was just me, but all my friends, and even the other VIP guests I was chatting with in the smoking room all said the same thing! I had at least 7-8 glasses of Bacardi, and only felt like I had a glass or two, with extreme sensation to pee all the time. My friends too felt the same way. I still remember how sloshed I was at HRC Andheri and HRC Worli having drank the same amount of free drinks at the VIP sections over there.

Really disappointed about that, HRC Hyderabad.

Was freaking cold by the time we reached our guesthouse, and here is us with the final pic of the night. Great time indeed. Cheers :)



Dini Chongte said...

an band nen hian kan zing flight kha lo in ang renga..Kolkata lam kan thlok chho ho leh thram2....:D

Mizohican said...

Va luck bik ve. Chuti chu i zak chem chem em, khatia an hma a i lo che vel te kha? :D :P