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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Chp 517. World Cup: Semi Finals match-up

And so it has come down to this - Germany versus Brazil and Argentina versus Netherlands, “A dream semi finals” as quoted by many, while others coined it “The Great South American – European Clash”.

All four teams that I predicted would make it to the Semis in my previous post, did make it through. Does that make me some kinda football pundit? Nah, just plain lucky.

Here are the two upcoming matches for the next two days - who are you rooting for?

As for me, like I mentioned at the very beginning of this World Cup, I’m rooting for Germany all the way baby. Here’s to their victory tonight. Achtung Achtung!!!! Vorw√§rts!!! Kein Mensch - Kein Tier – Panzergrenadier! Du haaaaaassst!!!  :P

And of course as promised, I’ll be cheering for any team that plays against the team Van Per $hit plays for, so it’s gonna be Vamos Vamos Argentina for me tomorrow night.

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