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Friday, July 18, 2014

Chp 519. World Cup 2014 aftermath

It is so hard to believe it’s not even been a week since Germany won the World Cup! That was this week’s Monday early morning. Today is only just Friday! The past four days/nights since the Finals, I went home from office twice at 3 in the morning, once at 5 in the morning, and another time at 7 AM (this morning). That’s how busy we’ve been!

[Taking selfies with time “proof” from mobile phones to remember the moment, lolz]

Seriously, when there is a really important deadline coming up and we overwork our asses out, suddenly, everything else seems so... lengthy and disorienting, as we end up losing track of time.

I really feel as if it had been at least two weeks since that awesome World Cup Finals. Maybe it has a lot to do with other events happening the past 1-2 weeks - Israel intensifying its Gaza operations, the signing of Alexis Sanchez and Mathieu Debuchy to Arsenal, the taking down of flight MH17 in Ukraine, Mizoram Assembly making a landmark ruling regarding the Total Prohibition Act, making an important decision whether to renew our apartment rental agreement for another year or not, ISIS turmoil in Iraq, Syria and the rest of the Middle East uprising, keeping a track on the Union Budget 2014, getting hooked on the ongoing 24 (Live Another Day) TV series even though I promised myself I would wait till the end of the season so I could watch all the episodes in one go, and so on... Add all that to our recent hectic office schedule and suddenly the World Cup Final felt like it happened some time ago. Theory of Relativity, I guess.

Anyway, yes, regarding the Finals, I’m sure most of you must have seen that match. The match broke all previous Facebook and Twitter records of being the most talked about topic online. It also became the most watched sporting event on television globally. Such was the phenomenon.

I know, many people supporting Germany were disappointed there wasn’t a repeat of the Brazil match scoreline. In fact Argentina came close to clinching the cup a couple of times. But good ol Götze scored a beauty in the second half of Extra Time, making Germany the first European team to win in the Americas.

By then, all of us were like, Thank God it didn’t go to penalties. Winning a World Cup on penalty doesn’t really have that much... zing to the whole affair of watching a match between two different countries. So a big congratulations to Germany. Yay Arsenal! :D :P

And with the end of the World Cup, it is time to stop cheering for the Germans and start acting like one. The Germans are one of the most hard-working people in Europe, rebuilding an entire nation from rubble after WWII to become a super power again. Known for phrases such as German Engineering, German Expertise, German Precision, they are a symbol of hard work and perseverance worthy of our admiration. That was probably why I was inspired and had the strength and energy to work so late in office for the past four nights right after watching them with the Cup :)

So why are we working so hard?

All will be revealed next week when we launch our latest Android game. It is going to revolutionalize the way people play a certain category of game, as we take full advantage of the “Mobile First” technological advantage that mobile games have.

So hopefully, from next week onwards I’ll have a lot more free time to relax. And maybe this upcoming game could be THE game-changer for our company. Keeping our fingers crossed.


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