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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Chp 526. Two new fluffies in the family

Last week, Sumeet, my friend and fellow Co-Founder of FITH Media, decided to gift us two of his recent litter - two adorable doll face Persian cats. They are around two months old.

[click on all images below to enlarge]

Even though we decided not to get another cat after our previous one passed away, this was a gift we could not refuse; they were just too damn adorable and cute.

This one below got worms and was constipated. It was my sister who immediately recognized the symptom when I sent her the photo because she being the cat expert with more than five cats at home, told me that cats usually rest in their litter box when they have constipation or stomach issues.

When it comes to cats, I don’t want to sound like an elitist snob, but I prefer Persians because they are just so damn friendly. In my limited experience with cats, it is so easy to pick up a Persian cat and cuddle it etc, whereas when it comes to the common domesticated cat, they get so bloody moody. I could never pick up any of my sister’s cats back home without them scratching my arms or face. They also really know how to pose and below are a few more photos of them, giving me that “draw me like one of your French girls” pose :)

They are so cute when they eat too. Like two tiny fluffy ball of cotton wriggling their tails.

That’s why I love Persians when it comes to cats. Dogs on the other hand, I can love any breed equally. Currently we have a beagle, and back in Delhi, we had adopted two local ones, the type that we refer to as “Indian” breed.

And that was our main worry when the lovely kittens arrived at home. How would our beagle react to them and vice-versa? Below is a video I took, recording their first encounter!

But it didn’t take much time for them to get along. Within 2-3 days, everybody was at peace with each other. It was soon safe to leave the three of them alone in the same room.

And sometimes Saddam would wanna play with them, and even though the kittens are no longer terrified of him, we don’t want him hurting them even though his intention may be playful. He needs to know that he is much stronger than they are. So we would scold him every time he tried playing with them and he would just jump on a chair and sulk :)

Recently I’ve been noticing the kittens to be the first one to approach him too, which is a good sign. But he usually sleeps on his own ignoring them when he knows we’re watching him :)

The other day, one of the cats roamed up to the open window and a crow aggressively flew nearby, cawing at the confused kitten. Immediately Saddam too rushed up to the windowsill and barked and chased the crow away. Now that is the big brotherly love we want to see more often. :)

So that’s the update for today. More cuddles will follow soon. Cheers.

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