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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Chp 527. My Spiral Sausage

The other day I came across this awesome video where a chef was demonstrating how to make a spiral sausage. Being a foodie myself, I was literally drooling on my keyboard as I watched the video. The fact that the sausage was being grilled spirally, gave it a lot more aesthetic appeal.

Being the curious and “adventurous self acclaimed amateur cook” that I am, I decided to try it out too. I am definitely not a good cook. I just know how to make the basics, but I love experimenting.

In case you don’t know, some of my old posts like Food Fusion I, Food Fusion II and Smoked Pork in Mumbai involved me trying out new recipes, while others like The Great Bandra Momo walk and the Networking dinner series like Coral: Mediterranean Cuisine, Coral: Spanish Surprise and Coral: Pondi Salon all talked about food.

So here is my attempt at making spiral sausages. Of course I started with pork hotdogs first since we were out of sausages on that night I decided to try this out :) and since we didn’t have a grill, no BBQ could take place, so I had to rely on plain old oil + gas stove.

First, get that packet of hotdogs.

Defrost them. You can either do this in the oven or just leave them in water for some time.

Next, get a long thin skewer that you can shove all the way through. Make sure that happens right in the center.

Now take a knife and cut the meat in an angle, all the way till the skewer. Once the blade reaches the skewer, continue cutting the hotdog spirally till you reach the other end.

Your hotdog will look like this…

And once you have enough practice, it will look even more appealing, like this…

Now prepare the condiments. I just used onions and chillies.

You can use olive oil too if you want, because… it sounds more exotic. Like I said, I’m just an amateur wannabe cook :P

In my case, I used the leftover oil that was used to fry fish previously, hence the “bubbles” below…

Now throw in some pork salami because mixing up is great and it makes you kinda feel like a pro even though you have no idea why you’re doing that :D

Don’t forget to place it on tissue paper once it is fried, to absorb the excessive oil used.

Now place them the way you want and devour it. AWESOMENESS!

The very next day, I bought some pork sausages. I could only find the small ones, but it sufficed. I followed the same process…

Skewer them…

Cut them spirally…

And tadaaaaa… awesome spiral sausages!

Of course they didn’t look as appealing as the ones that inspired me, posted below. But that was made on a BBQ grill. The next chance I can get my hands on a grill, I am so going to make these spiral sausages again! Attaching the video tutorial below too, in case you too want to learn. Cheers!

[Above image and video source: Food Wishes]


odzer said...

So my observations.

1. You need a sharper knife.
2. That you are brave enough to eat sausage in India.
3. Whatever is the base of that sausage looks bloody delicious.
4. You are extremely patient/nerdy.

Unknown said...

Is that deep fried idlies I see?? :D

Mizohican said...

@ odzer: Haha well sometimes the nerd in me comes out often :D

@ Lanusungkum Jamir: Lolz, no those aren't fried idlis :)