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Friday, October 16, 2015

Chp 574. When you can't stop yourself...

So I did it again.

I'm sorry I really tried to resist the urge, but I couldn't help myself anymore.

It was just lying there in the open..., for the whole damn world to see... if screaming out in humility, "Come, take me, take me, TAKE ME!"

And even though I promised myself I would no longer do it again... the temptation was too difficult to resist!

Well I did manage to abstain from it for two entire years...

But in those two years, nobody else took it. Nobody else swooped in. Everybody just... ignored it... like a discarded reject that nobody wanted... An outcast on the lowest rung of the societal ladder...

And so... once again, it was up to me... to do what I did a long time ago one very drunken night... to finish what I had started...

*click* *click* goes my finger on my mouse.

A few transactional steps. A verification and confirmation on my credit card.


There you go... It's mine again now.

Once again, I am the proud owner of the domain name

I mean, comon, it's such a catchy name in Mizo! Mawng means bum/buttocks/ass, and the popular saying "Mawng kawm rawh" means... urrrmmm... "go dig your butthole", usually uttered to tell somebody to shut up or you know, to display your disagreement with their views. Mawng kawm. See how well that rhymes with :D

When I first bought the domain name around 5 years ago, I really didn't know what to do with it, and so I redirected the domain name to the Facebook profile of my dear friend Lal Jo-a aka Father Sphinx aka ZoGAG-a. Since he liked trolling others and playing practical jokes, this was my way of returning the favour.

In fact my post about at ZoGAG is still there to this day - click to view the post! I posted that back in 2012.

But soon after that, I didn't renew the domain name and it was up for grabs again.

I had completely forgotten about it...

Recently, GoDaddy contacted me, informing me that my domain was having a very high auction value. Basically, it meant somebody wanted to buy that from me. And of course I knew who that somebody was - KIMA. Kannada International Music Awards. Every year, just before its time to renew my domain name, the management team of KIMA approaches me, asking if they can buy my domain name from me. They also offered me a lot of money, but seriously, it wasn't about the money. For me, it was about having my own online identity since Kima is my freaking name. Hence the very powerful KIMA with their hordes of Kannada and Sandalwood superstars  including their own music channels and shows with extremely high TRPs had to resort to using as their official website.

This year, instead of renewing for a year, I renewed it for 5 years, so that I'll at least have a peace of mind for the next four years.

And while I was at it, I decided to check on just to see who was owning it... and to my surprise (and slight delight) nobody owned it. It was still available! And so I decided, what the heck, it's not like I login to my GoDaddy dashboard every day, and so... I bought the domain name once again.

And just like that, was reborn.

And like the good ol' times, I redirected it again.

Type on your browser to see where it goes... :D

Cheers :)