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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Chp 611. Brexit

This has got to be the MOST gruelling one month I've ever experienced. Our game will finally release on June 30th, after two deadline extensions. We are now on our focus group testing phase, making changes wherever required, along with game economy balancing. We still need to put in a lot of effort before the launch, but I'm sure glad we are almost there now.

My TeamFortress 2 buddies even mailed me to ask if I was still alive because I haven't logged in this entire month! That speaks volumes on how busy I was with work. :(

Having said that, yeah, I didn't have time to blog at all either. I did write a couple of stuff, but then work piled up and by the time I was done, I was either too tired to continue writing or the momentum had passed. I have many unfinished blog posts, like the one I meant to publish on our YMA day, another post meant for my girl's birthday which also passed, a food related post about smoked pork, yet another post dedicated to my girlfriend's recent launch of her "Summer Breeze" collection.

I will definitely complete writing that last post when I have more free time. Right now, I just want to quickly update my blog about an important event before this momentum too passes, and that is #Brexit.

As we all know, in a historical referendum, 51.9% of British citizens voted to leave the European Union, while the remaining 48.1% voted to remain. And I'm sure we have seen our fair share of jokes and cartoons forwarded on WhatsApp and Twitter regarding this.

I'm not gonna bore you or rant about my opinion on Brexit, because clearly I don't have any solid info on this issue. My view and understanding of the matter depends on which articles I read - Leftist journals make you believe exiting is the worst possible idea, whereas Right-wing journals do the opposite. I look at my Facebook timeline feed and many of my friends who are now in the UK are extremely vocal about it. I totally understand them and why they are deeply opinionated, because after all, they are living there and its gonna affect them directly. 

Take the WhatsApp group of my batch-mates from IIMB for example. I mean, being a drop-out, I was quite surprised to be added to the group. But then again, many of them were close friends. And so, I would just keep quiet during any discussion, too shy to leave the group because they would all see that, and at the same time hesitant to take part in their discussion because they know so much more stuff than me. But even as a silent reader, what they discussed about is always deep and insightful. In other WhatsApp groups, while people were just forwarding Brexit jokes and discussing about how it might impact football (?), in this group people were talking about the actual economical impact and other possible financial outcomes.

At least I understood some of the words they were using in their conversation :D :P

See, these are the people who really know what they're talking about. Not people like me. People like me are the useless kinda breed, you know, who have no clue about the world's financial and economic affairs.

So how do I update my blog post about Brexit without any knowledge of its implications?

Well, this morning, I woke up, and even though today is a Sunday, I had to go to work. And so I quickly ordered breakfast from Zomato. When I opened the app, I got this push notification!

I mean, wowww. Just as I was approaching the land of broke-ness, zomato had to rub salt into my wounds with this! :)

With the tax season just over and Steam's ongoing "Summer Sale 2016", along with me having placed an order for the OnePlus 3, this month had been heavy on my wallet. Hence it was relieving to see such an offer :)

And so I decided to order an English breakfast combo from Where Else Café.

I went for the BROKE promo offer and I got a cool 15% off (INR 48)

A good breakfast indeed - scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, pork sausages, hash browns, grilled tomatoes and baked beans with bread toasts.

So what is so Brexit about my breakfast. Well, it was English, and I got it at a BROKE discount.

Haha, I know, very lame joke indeed. But like I said, I wanted to post at least one blog update regarding this before the momentum passes. Lolz, ok back to work for me now. Cheers. Hihiii.


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