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Friday, July 01, 2016

Chp 612. And We Have Launched!

FINALLY, after 6 months of hard work and sleepless nights, we have finally launched our next game. This is the biggest game I have ever worked on till now, and it sure feels good to be a part of it. This morning, I woke up so refreshed and relaxed, you know, with this overwhelming feeling of self-accomplishment and gratification.

The past 4 months, I didn't even take a single day's leave, and I worked almost every Saturday and Sunday as well. So yeah, you can imagine my joy and relief of waking up soooo happy this morning :)

We were officially supposed to launch our game yesterday, June 30th, but you know, as any software product launch goes, there are always last minute bugs and errors, and solving one just creates more and more bugs. And so we spent the entire day and night in office the past 3 days working our ass out while gorging down Red Bulls and stale Bubsterr pizzas at 5 in the morning, and once we got the green light from our QA team last night, the deployment team got into action and the game was finally uploaded on PlayStore at around 1:00 AM this morning.

Our game is currently in closed beta, so it is not available to the general public as of now. Around 5000 selected testers and reviewers have access to it, so we will know the feedback in the next few days. But based on all the feedback we have received from our focus-group testing phases earlier, both gamers and non-gamers really seem to like it, so we are hoping for a positive feedback!

I'd love to talk more about this game we're launching, like what's the name of the game or what type of a game is it, the way I used to freely and passionately talk about all our games in the past, but I'll have to leave that to our PR and marketing team. Being a part of a large corporate house now, there are certain dos and don'ts, like stuff that I can't talk about in public without the management's approval, or things which might have legal implications etc. So I'll stop at this for now. All I'm saying is, once we officially launch the game later this month, I'm sure you're gonna love it :)

So until then, I hope to regularly start updating my blog again. 

Meanwhile, here are some photos of my colleagues taken at 4-5 in the morning. Without these people, we would have never completed the game. Look at them, completely tired and drained of any energy. That my friend, is what hard work and dedication means, the key to any success. I feel so proud to be a part of their team.