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Monday, July 18, 2016

Chp 618. Having Vawksa Rep with TV Celebrities!

I'm truly overwhelmed to see the number of visits my previous post about pork momos got. It's good to share such experience with other people. As for me, I love pork, and in spite of my family and close friends advising me to cut down on my pork intake (I have high BP), it's something that is so damn hard to resist.

Pork is life, Pork is love. And to me, the Holy Grail of all pork is our Mizo traditional smoked pork, aka Vawksa Rep.

For those of you in Mizoram, you may not consider vawksa rep to be such a big deal, after all, you can easily get them in the market any time. But for those of us staying outside Mizoram, you have no idea how precious they are to us!

Every time we leave Mizoram, we'd take with us around 5 kgs of vawksa rep. We would love to take more, but the bloody weight limit on domestic air travel is so damn less. Now, that 5 kgs of vawksa rep hardly amounts to around 20 pieces. And we all know how fast that will get over, especially if your Mizo friends come over for dinner.

And so that is why some of us tend to remain reclusive, you know, stay away from the Mizo crowd because you gotta protect your vawksa rep. Friendships have been lost over vawksa rep, battles have been fought over that last piece of vawksa rep, and minstrels have sung about the bravery of the one who ate that last piece. :D :P

All jokes aside, in this post, I would like to write about the times I shared our vawksa rep with other people, and that too with TV celebrities! Yup, with famous TV characters. Still don't believe me? Check it out –

Here I am sharing my vawksa rep with Lucifer Morningstar himself. Yup, I'm pushing it to his face, but he's like, what human atrocity is this!? :D

Yeah, that's what I usually do when I'm at my apartment all by myself eating vawksa rep. I watch TV shows while having my lunch or dinner because I'm a huge sitcom fan. And I try to offer the TV stars vawksa rep as I watch their shows. Yeah, crazy habit indeed. If this was Instagram, you might even label this as #JustTlangvalSeniorThings :P

In the above, I was watching "Lucifer", one of my favorite new shows this year. And he's not the only one who was offered the vawksa rep. Below, you can see Olivia Pope from "Scandal" on the phone, unable to decided what is best for her - should she continue her affair with President Fitzgerald Grant or remain with Jake Ballard who is now the running mate of Senator Mellie Grant, or should she just forget all this drama and eat that juicy piece of vawksa rep being offered to her? :)

Ah, conundrum. But there's nothing Olivia Pope can't fix :)

Here we have that sad moment when Jamie Lannister did not allow King Tommen to eat the vawksa rep I offered to him, probably because Jamie didn't like the way I handed him my plate. Get it, "handed" him my plate? :P

Just look at his eyes, poor thing wanted it so badly! Rumour has it that this was the actual reason why Tommen jumped to his death from the Red Keep, and not because of the destruction of the Great Sept.

Next, you have something really funny and coincidental. I was just about to eat my delicious vawksa rep meal while watching "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver", when John Oliver suddenly spoke about David Cameron being accused of sticking his pen*s in a dead pig's mouth! Of all the bloody timing…

I immediately placed my palm over my vawksa rep because I didn't want it to see such vulgarity :D

Here, we have Raymond 'Red' Reddington from "The Blacklist" trying to decide what pissed him off more, the fact that he didn't know Elizabeth Keen was alive all this time, or that he couldn't reach out of the TV screen to eat those yummy vawksa rep in front of him :)

I wonder what the number would be, had he decided to put the vawksa rep on his little blacklist?

And now we have the 'after' photo of the same meal above. This time, I had already switched the show to "Dark Matter", hence the empty plate. "Two" is trying to figure out with "Android" where all the vawksa rep disappeared to. Was it sucked into a giant black hole? Did "One" and "Six" destroy it while fighting with each other again? And who would have guessed it was "Three" all along in the season finale!!?

Speaking of new shows this year that I really like, here is "Billions". I was hooked to this new show because of the powerful dialogues, the plot, the conniving strategies, and the fact that you can't really pick sides. Are you with Team Bobby Axelrod the hedge fund manager or are you with Team Chuck Rhoades the US Attorney? You really can't say. And of course there's Wendy Rhoades, the psychiatrist and "performance coach" played by Maggie Siff, aka Dr. Tara Knowles from "Sons of Anarchy"!

The above scene is from an earlier episode (do know that all these photos here were taken in a span of 3-4 months), and I screamed out when Axe was casually talking at backstage with James Hetfield of Metallica before their concert! And yes, they showed actual clip of their concert as well. I think the song that was playing at this part was "Ride The Vawksa Rep". :P

Billionaires and their jet set high profile life, sigh…

This next show is another favorite series of mine - "Silicon Valley". Having been a part of a Start-Up and an Incubator, including being accepted in the prestigious "Start-Up Chile Accelerator" at Chile, I could relate so much to this show.

Over here, Erlich Bachman and Big Head were probably deciding whether to fund the juicy vawksa rep lying in front of them, or to buy majority shares of Richard Hendricks' Pied Piper through their partnership firm Bachmanity :D

Now here's a super awesome TV Show - "Suits". Everybody loves Harvey Specter. He is smart, suave, gets what he wants, and he always manages to win at the end of the day. But not this time. As Mike Ross slowly walks into prison, there's nothing Harvey can do… Why? Because he's distracted by the vawksa rep lying in front of him! That's why.

Just look at his stare, the way he's not able to concentrate on his task because he knew the jury was voting "not guilty" anyway. Am so looking forward to season 6!

Next, we have "Tut". Only 3 episodes, but 1:30 hours long each, I really recommend you watch this show as well. It tells the story of Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun, about his childhood and his short life span achievement. Plus there is Ben Kingsley playing the role of the Grand Vizer and Sibylla Deen from "Tyrant" (Nusrat Al-Fayeed), along with a couple of "Game of Thrones" characters.

Sending off King Tut to the after-life with vawksa rep is the highest honour a pharaoh can achieve. :D

Speaking of mini-series, the next two shows I happened to watch while eating vawksa rep are on the top of my favorite all-time TV shows. First up, we have the "The Night Manager". Just six episodes long, this is one mini-series you don't wanna miss. And there is also Hugh Laurie from "House" in it! :)

As you can see from the above pic, Tom Hiddleston is fixated on the vawksa rep in front of him, while Dr. House wanted to pass some smart-ass remark about how vawksa rep can lead to lupus, except that he couldn't because he wasn't Dr. House anymore, he was an arms dealer… :P

The second show I wanted to talk about is "Narcos". This is by far my all-time favorite TV show, the best of 2015. It is a docu-drama on the life of Pablo Escobar, about how he started his notorious drugs trade and how he was finally brought down. This is one show you must not miss!

See how deep and pensive Pablo Escobar is above, thinking about how he can shove some cocaine into the vawksa rep to increase his drugs trade circulation. In a way, vawksa rep is like the cocaine he smuggled into the US - Addictive and Awesome! :)

Finally we have "Angie Tribeca".

If you love "Hot Shots", "Airplane!" and "Naked Gun" type of humor, then you're gonna love "Angie Tribeca" so much. I seriously don't remember the last time we had that kind of slapstick humor without being gross (am looking at you "Scary Movie").

So yeah, it was an honour to be eating vawksa rep while watching this show.

Apart from all these TV shows, I have many other favorites, but these were just the ones I happened to be watching while eating vawksa rep.

I hope the TV stars enjoyed the vawksa rep I offered them :D , and hoping to see more of such shows in the future (sorry, I am totally out of vawksa rep now, so there won't be such photos like the ones above for a long time).



Mama RK said...

Na hahahaaaaa,,,,, seriously???? Vawksa rep i fak thiammmmmm

benjamin rualthanzauva said...

Vawksa rep hi chu kan hawn ziah a, mahse kg 5 em em hi chu kan hawn ngai lo :)

Mizohican said...

Where there's a will, there's a way. Hahaha... :D