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Friday, September 29, 2017

Chp 677. The Adventures of Tubby - season 2

The exciting adventure and souscapade of Tubby continues! For those of you who came in late, Tubby is my new girlfriend, made of 100% food grade stainless steel. She is my personal plate here at office :) This series of post consists of the lunch I order at office and eat using this plate.

Now why would I be having my own personal plate at a reputed Business and Corporate center in the heart of Pune, you may ask? Well you can read all about her origin here at Part 1 of the Adventures of Tubby.

In case you didn't notice, yesterday, we saw a lot of popular TV shows airing their new season's episodes - The Blacklist, Chicago PD, Designated Survivor, Criminal Minds, The Brave, Seal Team, Modern Family,  and Law & Order SVU just to name a few. What an awesome night it was to binge-watch them all.

Likewise, I think it's time to release season 2 of The Adventures of Tubby today. So here are 10 mouthwatering episodes to feast your eyes (and stomachs) on…

Season 2: Episode 1

First up for the season 2 episode opener is one of my favorite restaurants here in Koregaon Park - Porotbello. They specialize in pork dishes and their price is mid-range (most of the restaurants in KP that serves pork are expensive). In this episode, you can see Tubby holding a magnificent plate of Spaghetti Alla Carbonara with Bacon (₹300). I mean it's a bit redundant to include the "with bacon" part because a Carbonara by default should contain bacon, but I guess they put it like that in the menu to warn people who may not know about it that it contains pork. I also ordered their Piri Piri Prawns with Mayo (₹200) as sides, and it was tasty as hell!

Season 2: Episode 2

The name of this restaurant is 5 Loaves 2 Fish. Yes don't you just love the subtle Biblical reference? :D When I looked at their menu, I wasn't surprised at all that it was a Malayali restaurant. They had everything from puttus to appams. But then when I saw this particular dish on their menu, I jumped up in joy! Egg Kothu Parotta (₹120). Having being brought up in one of those hill station residential boarding schools in Tamil Nadu, this used to be my favorite roadside snack. It consists of minced Malabar parottas mixed with shredded eggs, onions, tomatoes and other condiments. Since it was just a snack, I ordered their Surmai Tawa Fry (₹320) to complement it, and they went so well together. Definitely 5/5 rating.

Season 2: Episode 3

The above assortment is from Café Hormuz, the best Parsi restaurant in town. As I have explained in season 1 where I featured one of their dishes, what I really love about this place is not just the delicious and authentic Parsi food, but the fact that their quantity is small (along with low cost) hence making it convenient for me to order a variety of different dishes without spending much. Above you can see their soft and super fine Iranian Egg Pulao (₹105), along with Kheema Ghotala half (₹75) and Irani Herbal Masala Egg Omelette (₹80). Kheema Ghotala is a popular Parsi dish made from minced chicken, scrambled eggs, onions and capsicum.

Season 2: Episode 4

One of my regular blog visitors Daniel commented on the previous Season 1 post, saying he's disappointed that I won't be able to order Mizo dishes at work. I know, that's sad (you will find Mizo dishes in my other non-Tubby related blog posts). Tubby will never get to know what real Mizo love feels like, but this is the closest I got - Spicy Naga Pork.

Yeah so the other day, I found this new place on zomato called Pema's Kitchen. Their menu was proper Tibetan, and I was so excited when I saw Spicy Naga Pork on their menu. I ordered immediately but the owner, whom I assumed was Pema, called me up to say it was available only for dinner. And then around a month later, I called her up again and told her I would be ordering this dish for lunch the next day and so she prepared it for me in advance that night. I had been regularly ordering their Thukpas and Momos at home so the trust factor was there. And so the next day for lunch, Tubby finally got to meet Spicy Naga Pork (₹320). It came with a good portion of white rice, and what I really love about Pema is that she always throws in a free sample of Raja Mirchi pickle only for me after I told her I'm from Mizoram :)

Season 2: Episode 5

I'll try to include at least one burger meal every season. For this season, I give you "Yo Mama's Threesome Burger" from Ringer Burgers. I kid you not, that is the actual name of the monstrous burger above. It costs a cool ₹300 bucks and consists of two Mutton BBQ patty, three layers of Chicken salami, five strips of Bacon, two fried eggs, and cheesy fries oozing with their secret MMS cheese sauce. Tubby really loved it, so did my tummy :)

Season 2: Episode 6

I love a "make your own" meal joint, where we can customize our meal just the way we want by selecting our preferred ingredients. However, such places are not very common. Slice of Soul (S.O.S.) is one of those few restaurants having this feature. Above you can see my Make Your Own Non Veg Pasta (₹260) consisting of Pork Pepperoni, Chicken Sausages, Garlic, Onion, Sun Dried Tomato, Green Chilly, Grilled Paneer in Red Sauce, Parmesan as Garnish and Macaroni as Pasta.

Along with that, I also ordered a Make Your Own Non Veg Salad (₹175.25) consisting of Pork Chorizo, Bacon, Tequila Prawns, Mac and Cheese, Button Mushroom, Sun Dried Tomato, Jalapeno, Green Chilly and Grilled Paneer, with Caeser as preferred dressing. Both were super yummm.

Season 2: Episode 7

I'll try to include at least one Pizza order every season as well. This time, Tubby met the awesome Pork Overload Pizza (₹260) from Bubsterr's. For those of you unfamiliar with Bubsterr's pizzas, they don't make round pizzas, and instead, one serving consists of one huge slice. The Pork Overload Pizza is their signature pizza and it consists of Smoked Ham, Peperoni, Bacon and Sausage! I also ordered their Classic Chicken Dog (₹140) as sides and it was awesome.

And since I am a "Zomato Treats Partner", my order came with a complimentary Chocolate Pizza slice, which is pizza made with Hot Chocolate sauce, Cinnamon'd Banana, Crushed Oreos, Melted Chocolate and Salted Caramel. For those of you who had never seen a chocolate pizza before, this is it. And it was really goooood!!

Season 2: Episode 8

On Fridays, my Muslim colleagues would go for their Namaz at a local Mosque nearby in the afternoon, where they apparently serve awesome Beef dishes (buffalo meat, since cow meat is banned in Maharashtra). And so I would ask them to buy for me some of the stuff when they come back to office. Above is an awesome platter of juicy Beef Sheekh kebab (₹200) along with roti, dal and sabji, and it definitely reminded me of my Bangalore days when we used to go all the way from Bannerghatta to Fanoos just to have their awesome Jumbo, Mumbo, Rambo and Sambo Beef Sheekhs wrapped in Romali rotis! Mannn…

Season 2: Episode 9

There were times when I just didn't feel like having a full-fledged meal or even junk food like burgers and pizzas for lunch. And so I would go for light snacks like Chicken Puffs, Mutton Puffs, Egg Puffs etc. Above was one such occasion when I gorged by mouth with puffs and made my cheeks all puffy. Tubby was surprised to see such an odd assortment of food for lunch, but then I told her about my past history many years ago -

Back when I was doing my Engineering course at Coimbatore, I used to be so broke that while my classmates had their lunch at the campus cafeteria or the restaurants outside, I used to eat alone quietly at the local bakery and have 2-3 egg puffs for lunch, which was all I could afford back then. Having those puffs everyday gave me more determination and will power to succeed in life, and that was the reason why I worked hard every day till now so I could eat anything I want for lunch today. Tubby cried after I told her that story. It's all thanks to the puffs that I got where I am today.

Season 2: Episode 10

Tubby was also delighted to have her first pork ribs in office, ordered from Murphies, renowned for their USP dishes called "Murphs" (meat, mashed potatoes and cheese wrapped in jacket potatoes). This place is Heaven for meat-lovers. The Murphies Pork Ribs came in sweet and spicy BBQ sauce and costs a cool ₹350 bucks. It was dillu!

I also ordered their German Suppe Soup (₹200) so that my ribs meal wasn't too dry. It was a thick broth with loads of bacon and mashed potatoes. A spoonful was enough to have a very calming effect on my inner belly lining. :D And of course just a drop of two of my spicy Naga Chilly pickle completed changed the taste as well, making it super awesome!

And so with that exciting pork ribs and soup, Season 2 of the Adventures of Tubby came to an end. Do watch this space for more when Season 3 starts. Do give me your feedback on how you think this season went, and I'm ready to listen to any recommendation or suggestion that you would like to see for season 3.

Until then, bon appétit everyone!


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