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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Chp 688. To the Nuam

Yesterday, my blog friend and poet virtuoso Sanga Says baffled us all with his status update that was automatically translated. We had a ball in the comment section. Today I decided to pen down some thoughts based on his update :)

Inspired by a poet. To the Nuam.

on a Hill
stood a place, where we used to Talk

about hymning along
when you read familiar lines...

That's the place, where I await
your arrival
with a poem
penned just for you

written in angst

across the lines
with no limit

between the inner lines
if you permit

the inner line permit

as Westerners descend upon Lengpui
flashing their ILPs

one sap, two sap,
everywhere, sap2,

off to their destination paradise
a soul mate in their arms, for eternity

I too yearn for that moment
to arrive
at my destination

and embrace you in totality
a nawm em dan tur chuh!

to the nuam, to the nuam,
that's where I want to go with you
to the Nuam.

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