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Friday, December 01, 2017

Chp 689. Zomato's response to my blog post

What a beautiful start to a new month!

So two days ago I wrote a blog post about Zomato and Swiggy [Chp 687. Moving from Zomato to Swiggy] where I compared the two of them and talked about why many of us Zomato customers were switching to Swiggy.

One of the main reasons I talked about was that many of us from office were fed up of having to collect our Zomato order from the main-gate because the delivery boys didn't have proper ID cards to enter our Corporate Center.

I also mentioned that my blog post wasn't going to make any impact because I'm just an insignificant fish swimming in a large ocean of the Food Tech Industry which is expected to cross a market worth of $540 Bn soon.

Well surprise surprise, yesterday I received an unexpected call from Zomato main office!

Apparently they had all gone through my blog post (!), and even cross-checked with my Zomato account because otherwise there was no way they could have known my phone number.

We spoke for around 30 minutes, where they explained the reason behind all the points I mentioned in my post. We actually went through my blog post point by point, lolz. They assured me that Zomato had recently acquired their own delivery fleet called Runnr and soon there will be a big change in Zomato orders not just in terms of delivery service but also packaging as well. They also told me that since I have placed more than 500 Zomato orders, I wasn't just a customer but a part of their family :)

It was a really good talk, and after we hung up, it felt good to know that I'm not as insignificant as I thought I was. Yippeee.

And then today, Zomato paid me a surprise visit at my office!

They presented me with a Gift Hamper to show their appreciation for my blog post.

Apart from that, Masoom Kakar, Key Account Manager (KAM) gave me her personal number and told me that I should reach her directly the next time I face any inconveniences with Zomato! Wow. It feels so nice to be taken care of. I love the gifts they gave me today, t'is definitely a season of giving and sharing :)

So the Gift Hamper includes a personal handwritten letter from Zomato…

Three extremely quirky food-related posters…

Haha I love this one! It's like, they could read right through my mind, lolz. This one is so going up on my bedroom wall :D

A vaderful poster…

And last but not the least, a Zomato coffee mug and a badge.

Thank you so much for these freebies, Zomato.

You know a company is bound to succeed by the way they treat their loyal customers. I mean, family members :)

Hoping to see some of the points I mentioned in my previous post quickly implemented in Pune too (that is, the activation of logistic service through Runnr delivery fleet). Until then, cheers everyone.

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sanjay mundada said...

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