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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Chp 692. Bloggers at HillTalk 2017

One of the events I've always wanted to attend back home is the Literary Meet my friends keep organizing now and then, where notable writers and poets from the North East and other parts of India meet up to share their latest writings and socialize with each other.

Having no literature background, I've always held these people in the highest regard, and many of them had been my inspiration to write, however mediocre my blog posts may be. And it felt enlightening to befriend them and share stories and experiences on various topics ranging from politics to sports and culture to human rights. Just sitting down among the spectators in a dark corner inconspicuously and listening to them read out what they have written had always been a long-time dream of mine.

Recently, such an event took place in Aizawl. Aptly named "HillTalk", this event was mainly convened by Mona Zote, with assistance from Cherrie Lalteii, Zualteii Poonte and Dawngi Chawngthu. I felt a bit elevated because these were people I have crossed paths with before, sometimes at my blog and sometimes at other Mizo online social platforms. My four idols.

The event had many participants, all prominent poets and writers who flew in for the occasion. And what made this event even more significant for me was that, five of my friends from our cozy little "Mizo Bloggers WhatsApp group" were attending the event, showcasing their poems and chefs-d'oeuvre!

Jacqueline, Chased, Sanga Says, Cherrie and BD from our group all rocked the show that day. Kukui was another friend I was expecting to be there, but unfortunately she was visiting her in-laws at Nagpur. When you know your dear friends are meeting up for an important event, you just automatically feel so connected to that occasion too.

Now I know I suck at poetry, but nevertheless I love reading poems, especially the ones that my friends pen on their blogs or Facebook walls. Their mastery over words and emotions knows no bounds, whereas if you ask me to write a poem, I usually start with, "There once was a cow…" irrespective of whether the theme is about love or death.

I stumbled across some of their photos on Cherrie aka MizDayDreamBeliever's Facebook album. Some of my friends' poses and expressions were quite funny, perfectly captured at really odd moments. So, in the true spirit of our Blogger's WhatsApp group where we pull each other's legs all the time, here is me with a few memes. Enjoy :)

Like I said earlier, Kukui didn't go for the event so she's not in any of this, but here is a meme blog post  just dedicated to her, do check it out if you haven't seen it yet. :D :P

Overall, they are an amazing bunch of friends, and here's to wishing them more fame and success in their literary endeavours in the coming seasons. Cheers for now everyone…


DayDreamBeliever said...

Wow! Thanks for the shoutout, Kima. Pretty sure your "Once there was a cow..." poem would have been the biggest hit, had you been there! Looking forward to having you at the next Hilltalk!

ku2 said...

Wow, can't believe I got more than an honorable mention 😂