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Friday, September 21, 2018

Chp 725. Lushai Hills Headhunters!

So it was just another boring, lonely weekend for me at my apartment, just having my usual bachelor breakfast and bachelor lunch alone. Those of you who follow my food updates on Facebook will know what I'm talking about.

I was just casually browsing through my Facebook timeline, "liking" the profile pic updates of beautiful women from my friend list, hoping that I would one day have the courage to speak to them and that they would become the grandmother of my grandkids…

Suddenly I came across this awesome T-shirt photo posted by Lafikea. The T-shirt had a beautiful design, with the depiction of a Mizo pasaltha on it and the words "Lushai Hills Headhunters" written around the image. Oh man, it was sooo good. I fell in love with the T-shirt immediately and I asked Lafikea if it was possible for me to purchase the T-shirt online.

Lafikea asked me for my mailing address, and within a few days he mailed me the T-shirt, free of cost!

I was excited as hell when I received the T-shirt. As soon as I wore it, my boring single life suddenly transformed! I was no longer surrounded by food and a melancholic sense of loneliness. Instead, I was swarmed by these beautiful chicks who suddenly appeared out of nowhere! Whoahhh!

Where did they all come from? The deal was real! This headhunter T-shirt really did hunted heads well! From then on, everywhere I went, I was like…

Everybody wanted to take a picture of this awesome T-shirt!

Even at home, girls found the T-shirt irresistible. I was having a really difficult time fighting off all the beautiful ladies trying to remove my shirt.

Okay fiiineee, I am starting to make this blog post sound a lot like an AXE advertisement :D But truth be told, I am indeed promoting this beautiful shirt because I received it for free from Lafikea. And for that, I am advertising it here on my blog. Another perk of being a blogger I guess.

The T-shirt is really good, and I love the fact that it mentioned Lushai Hills. For those of you who may not know this, I was born in the Union Territory of Mizoram before it became a State, and before 1972, we were known as the Lushai Hills district of Assam.

The "headhunter" part of the T-shirt also really gets to me as we were once fierce headhunting warrior tribes. It was a tradition to collect the heads of slain enemies, and men who collected the most number of heads had the best chance of finding a suitable wife. Imagine how a matrimonial ad back then would have been like. "Groom wanted. Respectable warrior family looking for a groom for their beautiful virgin daughter. Must be at least 5'6, with not less than 20 heads collected across different raids." :D

By the way, if one Mizo headhunter wanted to borrow one of the heads his warrior mate had chopped off, does he ask, "Gimme head"? Lolz, just kidding :P On a serious note though, our headhunting tradition had been the interest of many notable historians and sociologists across the globe, because apparently, most headhunting tribes also practiced cannibalism, whereas we were one of the few exceptions who collected heads just as a trophy and to prove one's manliness. We also believed collecting heads was one of the ways to enter Pialrâl, our ultimate Heaven, pretty much like Valhalla in Norse mythology.

Hence both the Lushai Hills and Headhunter aspects of the T-shirt are a big part of our Mizo heritage, and I am so damn proud to wear it all across Pune.

Lafikea's shop is called Radical Inborn, and he runs the place with his designer-partner who is a Drawizart artist. They initially started as a customized bike project back in 2014, and from then on, they had been creating a line of really cool and creative T-shirts and sweatshirts along with customized bike parts.

You can have a look at their awesome line of clothing on their website - and even make an online purchase from there (if you are located at a serviceable area).  Or if you're in Mizoram, just go take a walk to Electric veng where their shop is located and you can also order a customized shirt of your desire.

So give a big shout out to Lafikea and Radical Inborn.

The T-shirt that he gifted me costs just ₹ 700, which is a very decent price for such an amazing bundle of awesomeness. It is 100% cotton and bio-washed for soft hand feel.

Trust me, everywhere I went, beautiful women wanted to take a picture with it :)

Seriously though, a big thanks to all my "naus" and nieces for willing to pose for a picture with the shirt and playing along. So this is it for now. I'll be back after hunting a few more heads. :P

Have a great weekend everyone. Cheers.


Nicky Lalrochhara said...

I want this t-shirt? How can i take this?

Mizohican said...

@ Nicky: You can buy it from their shop at Electric Veng or order it online from their website

Unknown said...

Could you kindly tell me which shop at Electric Veng?