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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Chp 729. Lost in Timeline

And suddenly
there she appeared

at the far corner of my 42 inch monitor screen

sandwiched between unsolicited ads and unnecessary notifications

a shining beacon amongst the multitude of information overload

"People You May Know" was her label

I may know?

sorry, I not may

but I sure would love to may!

165 mutual friends between us

half of whom I don't even know

her smile was like the forbidden fruit from the garden of Eden

a calm amidst a stormy turmoil

captivating me, keeping me enchanted

And then I refreshed my Facebook timeline...


just like that, she was gone with the wind, never appearing on my timeline again, no matter how many times I pressed the back button

oooh fortune's fool, thou hath picked yet another victim tonight

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