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Monday, October 29, 2018

Chp 730. Grace's Kitchen Meat Pickle

This is an advert update. Not that I'm getting paid for it, but those of you who follow my blog posts will know that I like to advertise stuff my friends make, free of cost.

So there is this awesome lady from Nagaland called Grace who had set up her own business here in Pune. Grace's Kitchen is the name of her label, and she makes this kickass Beef pickles from home.

I decided to give her pickles a try and placed an order. Since my office was close to her house, she personally came to my office to deliver the goodies.

At 130 bucks a bottle, it was an amazing deal. The "Naga King Chillies Meat Pickle" was prepared from Beef and super spicy King Chillies so the spice level was bloody awesome. Apart from having it with food, it was also excellent as a "seh-hmeh" for alcohol :D :P

Grace used vinegar and mustard oil as natural preservatives, so the pickles could be stored for around 3 months if refrigerated. But of course, 3 months storage, lolz, who am I kidding, I was finishing one bottle a day, lolz.

The pickle went perfectly well with normal dal-chawal and Rajma meal (Oye Kiddan)

It was also a match made in Heaven with Veechu Parottas and Egg curry (Tamil Nadu Mess)

With buttery Alu paranthas and Omlette (Faasos)

With Mustard buttered Kasundi Sticky Rice and Guwahati Gateway Pork (Mineority by Saby)

With Lachcha parathas, Paneer Masala and Scrambled Eggs (Eatsome)

With Meat Feast Pizza (Smokin' Joe's)

With Steamed and Roasted Corns (Corn Club)

With Chicken Biryani and Roti (Hyderabad Biryani House)

One weekend, my nephew Ruatfela came over and we cooked lunch together at my house.

The Beef pickles went really well with the grand lunch we cooked.

Speaking of homecooked meals, the pickle also went well with very simple homecooked meal I made - Plain rice with Ghee and Scrambled Eggs. Yummmm. Such a simplistic and yet so satisfying bachelor dinner.

Like I mentioned earlier, the pickle also went well with alcohol :D Just take a bit while sipping Captain Morgan Rum or munch them while downing a cold pint of IPA. Really awesome :)

Also, these amazing combos with food and beef pickle is not just restricted to my house, I also take these Beef pickles every day to office. Here are some of the awesome combos.

With Egg and Veg Thali (Dino & Duggy's)

With Curd Rice and Egg Roast (Chopsticks Spice Malabar)

With Malabar Parotta, Korma and Medu Vada (Madras Coffee House)

With Ghee Rice and Naga Pork Curry (Elephant & Co)

With Kothu Parotta and Egg Curry (Kerala Cafe)

With Khara Pongal, Ghee Idli and Medu Vada (Anna Idli)

After all those awesome combos, the pickles vanished within a week!

And so I placed my next order from Grace again :D

As usual, she came to my office to deliver the products. This time my order was a bit bigger than the first one :D

The order was bigger because a lot of my colleagues from office and friends from WhatsApp who follow my story updates placed an order too. It was just too good.

And with that, the combo fusion continued…

With Chilli Podi Idli and Medu Vada (Madras Coffee House)

With Fried Chicken Bucket (KFC)

The pickles also went so well with Sawhchiar (home-made Mizo Chicken Stew). Yes I went all the way to Undri with my Naga King Chillies Beef pickles just to have it with Sawhchiar :D

And so, those are the amazing combos so far.

You can reach Grace at +91 8830956579

Today she is coming to my office again to deliver Eromba and Ngari Pickles I had specially ordered from her, and she will be making her next batch of Naga King Chillies Beef Pickles tonight, so if you are around Pune, message her on the above number to place your order.

I will give my feedback on the other pickles soon.

Also coming up is a review on SCOOP pickles, so watch this space for more.

Until then, cheers everyone!

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