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Monday, August 12, 2019

Chp 772. Giskaa Final Review

Since I wrote a very positive review about 3 years ago, I think it is only fair that I now write a negative review about it.

For those of you unaware, GISKAA was the first online e-com site where you can order Northeastern delicacies like pickles and stuff that you get only from the NE. I kinda guess their Business model work the same way as Amazon where different products from different sellers are stored in the same warehouse, since you get them all together in one parcel when you place an order from multiple sellers.

Now here's why GISKAA truly sucks. They have stopped operating a long time ago, but their website is still active! You can still make an online purchase. Yeah, how is this even possible? Is this not illegal or something? All your payments will be accepted, but nothing will be sent to you!

The problem is, most of the targeted customers are Northeasterners, and we Northeasterners are well known for complaining about something on our social media pages and then not doing anything about it further, like actually writing a complaint to the Consumer Forum or threatening a legal action.

Yeah, I too plead guilty to that. Unlike Mainland Indians, most of us just shrug our shoulders and move on. This is bad and we should change this mentality of ours.

So in my case, it had been more than a year now since I placed an order. Here's my prepaid invoice.

Order #42340
Order date: 05 August 2018
Prepaid amount: ₹ 1,320/-

What a scam artist indeed. Unless they are taking more than a year to ferment the meat and king chilli pickles I ordered, I guess I will never see my money again.

Bye bye 1320. I love you 1320.

I'm just putting this blog post up for those of you who might be searching for "Giskaa Review" before you make a purchase, in the hope that this blog post of mine comes up on the first page of Google search result.

In order to take away some of the depression, here are some of the pickles I took to Pune from my recent vacation back home. Soooo good right?

My favorite from all the above is definitely the "Bamboo Shoot with King Chilli" by HORNBILL FOOD. From the name, I am guessing it is a Nagaland based manufacturer.

I love spicy Bamboo shoot pickles, but from all the ones that I have tasted, including the ones locally made in Mizoram, none of them are as good as the ones made by Hornbill Food. The king chilli is super spicy and yet the bamboo shoot has a very prominent flavour as well.

Sorry Mizoram manufacturers, you all aren't just good enough.

But speaking of Mizoram manufacturers, here's a pickle I just loveeeee - Chilli Pickle by RINS PICKLE.

Best chilli pickle I have ever tasted!

I don't know who they are (their phone number is mentioned in the pic), but trust me, you gotta try their chilli pickles. I mean, their other pickles like the kaikuang (prawns) pickle in the pic above is ok-ok. Nothing great or outstanding. But their chilli pickle is just… out of this world mind-blowing! Do try it out, you won't regret it.

So I'll end my short rant here. Once again, DO NOT fall for GISKAA.


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