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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Chp 783. Bachelor Eggs

Eggs are super easy to make. Anybody can make a sunny-side up or full fry or omlette. I let to make mine a little bit more exotic :P

My version of scrambled eggs involve just onions and chillies (and some salt, duh). You can even spice it up further by adding mushrooms, jalapeƱos, cheese, salami etc., but for now, this is how you make a very basic scrambled eggs.

 First, chop some chillies and onions into small pieces.

Beat eggs (2 per person) on a bowl and add salt.

Heat oil in a pan and fry the onions and chillies real good until they start to turn golden and crispy green.

Gently pour in the eggs from all corners and stir slowly.

Thadaa, your eggs are ready!

Another simple hack is, if you want to make tomato scrambled eggs but you're out of tomatoes, simply use some "tomato puree" :D First deep fry the onions again.

Pour some "tomato puree" in the pan.

Add the eggs.

Yum, your tomato-less tomato scrambled eggs are ready!

Of course nothing can beat the taste of real tomato scrambled eggs without tomatoes. First, slice the tomatoes into tiny pieces (so that it cooks faster) and fry it in a pan along with onions and chillies.

Make sure you add salt in both the tomato base in the pan and in the egg bowl, so as to make sure every part is seasoned properly. Finally, pour in the egg from all sides and stir gently.

The more tomatoes you use, the more you can have a liquid like state, like the one below.

So good, yummm. So that is how you make Bachelor Eggs. :D

See you on my next post. Cheers (which I technically can't for the next 4 days because I am under medication due to an abscess in my pupil).

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