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Sunday, November 14, 2021

Chp 874. Dobby's journal: Hello Mizoram!

Woof woof and welcome back to my blog.

Ok fine, pappa Kima's blog. But my update.

Let's pick up from where we left off last week.

As I mentioned in my previous post, mommy Lalani had decided to send me home to Mizoram so that I could live a happy life at pappa Kima's farm.

Mommy Lalani and pappa Kima spent a lot of time looking for a service to send me to Mizoram from Dehradun. They called up many people.

One of the services Pappa Kima found was "Carry My Pet" based in Delhi. Pappa Kima spoke to this person called Shariq (8929919756) and he was a really nice guy. He gave pappa Kima a good discount too, costing a total of INR 66,592 to deliver me from Dehradun to Guwahati (inclusive of air freight, road transit, documentations, pickup, food, service charges and other applicable taxes) with INR 18,600 refundable upon returning the cage.

However, the problem was that "Carry My Pet" could transport me only up to Guwahati airport. Mommy and pappa had to make their own arrangement to ship me from there to Aizawl, which was not possible for them.

Finally, mommy Lalani found another service called "Global Petcab" based in Bangalore. They were not only able to deliver across the Northeastern states but had many experiences in doing so. Their active facebook page also had a lot of testimonies.

Mommy Lalani spoke to this sweet lady called Jaspreet Kaur (8050653543) from "Global Petcab" and the total cost of doing a complete door-to-door delivery service from Dehradun to Aizawl came to INR 70,000.

And so, "Global Petcab" was hired to take me to my new home.

I was really going to miss everything about Dehradun.

Like I mentioned in my previous post, a sweet gentleman came to mommy Lalani's house at 4 in the morning and picked up me in a nice car.

I bid a sad farewell to mommy Lalani and Dehradun. Goodbye macaques, goodbye princess, goodbye Anjali aunty, thank you all for the wonderful time.

From Dehradun, my handler drove me straight to Delhi airport. I puked quite a lot on the way as I get motion-sickness on long-distance drives.

Mommy Lalani said it's because I almost died when I was a baby and that my tummy was very bad, hence the reason why I still cannot travel long-distance without puking.

"Global Petcab" was in continuous touch with mommy Lalani throughout the journey. They even created this WhatsApp group which consisted of mommy Lalani, Jaspreet aunty and the different handlers who were in charge of me. Our locations and activities were updated to the group in real-time.

I mean, I really didn't think it was necessary for the handler to take a photo of me every time I peed or pooed on the way, but if that makes mommy Lalani worry less, I am happy about it.

At Delhi airport, my handler did all the necessary paperwork like processing my tickets, documents, certificates etc, and after that, this nice doctor who was stationed at the airport appeared and examined me for some time. Finally, he said everything was in order and then gave me an injection. I was starting to feel sleepy.

They put me in a large cage with water and food after that.

To be honest, I was a bit scared to be put inside that cage, but somehow I didn't protest much as I was already feeling very drowsy and tired.

I remember people carrying me across a very large stretch of road and putting me inside this very large vehicle. I saw people getting inside the vehicle from a different entrance but it wasn't like any other vehicle I had seen before in Dehradun. It had wheels but it also had wings like the ducks I used to chase near WII lake. So weird.

They carefully placed me inside that long cylindrical vehicle and that was all I could remember. I fell into a deep and peaceful sleep after that.

When I woke up, I felt this bitter taste inside my mouth and my tummy felt strange. I was still feeling groggy and light-headed. A bunch of people were carrying my cage away from that long cylindrical vehicle.

I was thinking, "Make up your damn minds, hoomans, you've just put me inside that thing, and now you're taking me outside again? What's wrong with y'all?"

Suddenly, this nice man appeared in front of my cage and said, "Hello Dobby, my name is Prince. Welcome to Guwahati!"

Guwahati? Whoaah, that was fast! How long was I asleep?

It was another long drive from Guwahati airport to the city. I was starting to feel better after drinking some water and eating a few biscuits Prince gave me.

We spent the rest of the day applying for ILP and other required documentation. Mommy Lalani was continuously checking my progress on the WhatsApp group.

There was a slight problem with my transportation because apparently there was this issue between Assam and Mizoram where lives were unfortunately lost, and so the border check-gates and inter-state travel were extremely scrutinized.

Mommy Lalani called up many of her contacts and finally, we were able to enter Mizoram by nightfall. A big thanks to the LO of Guwahati Mizoram House, the DC of Kolasib district and the Vetenirary officer of Vairengte for assuring us a seamless passage into Mizoram.

It was around 15 hours of travel from Guwahati to Aizawl by road, and I ended up puking a lot on the way too. But Prince understood my situation and we would occasionally stop along the way so that I could take a breather and also relieve myself.

The fact that the roads in Mizoram were super winding made it worse for me. I kept puking until there was nothing left to puke out. It was also raining heavily in Mizoram, and so with the windows rolled up, Prince and our driver had to bear the smell of my vomit the entire way. I really feel sorry for them.

Finally, we reached mommy Lalani's house in Aizawl by afternoon! Hello Mizoram!

It was really nice to meet uncle Tesawma and uncle Ruata. They already had another dog called Maggie, who didn't really like me at first. And so they kept me on leash at the veranda. I felt sad, but at the same time I knew mommy Lalani was reaching home the next day too, so I was happy.

Overall, I was extremely tired from the journey but in the end, it was all worth it. Mizoram is so beautiful!

A big thanks to "Global Petcab" for taking such good care of me. If you want to send your doggos or cattos to a different location, please do use their service.

Pappa Kima would also like to add this information he recently learnt too that apparently in India, layover for pet transportation is extremely expensive. That was the only reason why mommy Lalani could transport me to Guwahati because there's a direct flight from Delhi to Guwahati.

Otherwise, if I were to take a connecting flight from Kolkata to Guwahati, it would have been double the cost, because all processes like fitness certificates, freight charges, medication etc had to be done again!

To keep it simple in dog-mathematic, it costs 100 chewy bones for me to travel from Delhi to Guwahati via direct flight, but it will cost 200 chewy bones for me to travel from Delhi to Guwahati via Kolkata layover!

So complicated naw? No wonder hoomans don't seem to advance much. :)

Anyway, pappa Kima hopes that you'll find this information useful next time you want to transport a beloved pet.

I'll update this blog again about my experiences in Mizoram next, so please do visit soon again. Until then everyone, woof woof.


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