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Thursday, November 07, 2013

Chp 476. Charity dinner at Blue Frog

I don’t like drinking.

Alcohol - Yuck. Ewww. Pthooo.

But then, when it is for a good cause, one must suck it up and guzzle down a couple of Old Monk rum for the greater good. Yes, one must sacrifice and go the extra mile if it is for charity.

And so, last Tuesday, I drank. For charity.


Last Tuesday, HopeMonkey, a really amazing Non Profit crowdsourcing platform focusing on various causes, threw a benefit concert at Blue Frog, featuring bands such as Rang, Block A Bus, Zephyr, Eat Shoot Leave and Clayton Hogermeer. Their aim was to raise 1 lakh INR for “The Campus Bicycle Project”.

In most rural areas, school children have to walk a great distance every day, through murky forests and precarious ravines, just to reach their isolated schools. This arduous journey sometimes discourages them from attending classes, eventually leading them to dropping out from school. Such a long journey by foot can also be dangerous for little young girls as well. The aim of the “Campus Bicycle Project” is to provide free bicycles for young school girls so that they can travel easily and safely to school.

I’ve always been a strong proponent of “Educate the girl child” campaign. Educate a girl child and you educate a nation. This was one concert I was definitely not going to miss.

And so we reached the venue by 9:30 PM, stopping by an ATM on our way to fill up our wallets :D

The first band to come on stage was just gearing up. The atmosphere was awesome, though it was quite unlike the usual Blue Frog filled with staggering tipplers, bass dropping music and party people having a boisterous jolly time. This time, yes, there were drinks, and yes there were party peeps, but the whole atmosphere and experience were very…  I dunno how to describe it… “feel good” ambience? Yes, that would be the best description I guess. This immense “feel good” vibe overwhelmed us tremendously as we stood there, sipping on good ol Old Monk (ok I lied in my intro :P ), listening to good music and at the same time knowing we did something good for charity.

Here are some of us outside Blue Frog posing with some members of the awesome HopeMonkey team…

Back inside, the bands came on stage one after the other, giving a really good performance. Below are the talented Rang, Clayton Hogermeer and Block A Bus bands, entertaining us with their awesomeness.

[Rang – The Reunion]

[Clayton Hogermeer – what an awesome flautist]

[Block A Bus]

Initially it had a slow start, but soon patrons kept arriving one by one, filling up the place quickly. Some people who came to Blue Frog to party not realizing there was a benefit concert, even actually stayed for the concert, paying the 350 bucks entry fee, 100% of which goes towards the cause.

I stood at the back, because the bar was closer :)

Eventually, we ended up having a lot of fun at the back, catching up with former colleagues and friends.

And here is Tithiya, founder of HopeMonkey, interacting with the crowd. She and her team did a fine job of not just organizing the event but making sure everybody’s comfortable and merry.

Behind the DJ console…


The HopeMonkey team :)

Some of the pamphlets, vouchers and coupons distributed that night…

All in all, it was an amazing night. HopeMonkey not only reached their target goal of 1 lakh INR, they even exceeded it! And with this, the first batch of bicycles will be sent to the needy students soon. What awesomeness!

Do check out their website, you’ll see a list of different causes listed there. Feel free to select the one(s) that really touch you and donate even just 50 rupees in a matter of just 2-3 clicks, it’s as simple as that!

Comon peeps, give Hope a chance :)

When I woke up the next day with a slight hangover but feeling good at the same time for having contributed a tiny bit towards a good cause, I reached out for my jeans… From my pockets, I dug out some of the drink receipts from Blue Frog, a cigarette packet whose brand I DO NOT smoke, and a lipstick! Dafuq. A freaking lipstick! 

I mean, I can somewhat understand the cigarette packet; I must have grabbed somebody else’s by mistake thinking it was mine. But the lipstick? I have no idea how that got into my pocket, and I really wonder whose it is! 

Perhaps… perhaps, a mysterious and beautiful philanthropist who fancied me at the event tried leaving me a clue? Perhaps she slid her lipstick into my pocket as she coyly brushed past me, her tender touch so gentle that I failed to detect it, but her alluring perfume lingered just long enough so I’ll recognize her once I trace those lipstick shades? Perhaps at the next HopeMonkey fund raising event, this masquerade will continue?

Hope that’s true. 

Now that is another Hope I don’t mind giving a chance to too! :D

Cheers :)

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