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Monday, November 11, 2013

Chp 477. Arsenal Match at Zouk Bar

Yes we lost yesterday, that too of all the teams, to ManUtd… but nevertheless, that doesn’t mean I won’t update my blog about it. I’m updating my blog even though we lost because:

1. I had so muchhhhh fun cheering and screaming my lungs out with 300+ Gooner brothers wearing Arsenal jerseys in a packed Zouk bar.

2. In spite of the loss, we are still on top of the League table.

3. Beating ManUtd at Old Trafford is never that easy, especially when one had recently beaten Liverpool in London (currently number #2 in the league) and then went to beat last year’s Champions League finalists Dortmund at their home in Germany (becoming the first English team in history to do so) and then coming back to England, all in a span of one week.

4. Mertesacker and Rosicky suffered from food poisoning in the last minute, dealing a severe blow to our line-up. Arteta and Gnarby too suffered from the same bug but they had no other option but to play. Apart from that, Vermanator and Flamini were made to play even though they hadn’t fully recovered yet. And not forgetting players like Walcott, Podolski and Ox who are all still out with injuries, we had no other option but to let Bendtner come in as a substitute! Lolz seriously?

5. Anybody watching the match last night would tell you that Arsenal were the ones dominating in spite of fielding a weak squad. Moyes even ended up playing defensively, something SAF would have never done. Yes, this clearly showed that we’re a serious trophy contender this year, in spite of losing the match.

6. This past one week Arsenal played against some of the most prominent and feared strikers in Europe: Lewandowski, Suarez, Sturridge, Reus, Rooney and RVP, and from all these encounters, we conceded a total of just 1 goal.

7. Wenger surprised everybody with the Ozil transfer. And seeing how positive his mere presence in the team had affected other players like Ramsey, Wilshere, Giroud etc, what are the chances of him purchasing yet another high profile player during the upcoming Winter transfer window? Very high, I believe :) 

8. Considering the situation we’re currently in where half our main team were sick/injured, losing last night didn’t make me feel that bad or bitter at all. I had a very good sleep too. Yes, sometimes $hit happens even to good teams, and I think that’s why most of us were not sore last night. Because deep inside, we all know we’re still gonna keep winning and win the league title this year.

9. Eight years without a trophy now, people keep telling us. But one good thing about that is, only genuine fans now remain, which makes it a much better scenario than hanging out with the fakes and wannabes. Quality over quantity. I always have so much fun at any AMSC (Arsenal Mumbai Supporters Club) events and gatherings. Even though most of them are strangers to me, we are all bonded and connected inside, making everybody comfortable with each other.

10. Despite it being an Old Trafford game and knowing we’re fielding a weak squad, more than 300 hardcore Gooners turned up at the AMSC match screening at Zouk bar. To end this short post, here are some of the photos I took last night…

On our way to the venue, all pumped up!

Our cover charge coupon. One drink of Old Monk large = 300 bucks

The congested bar

The Loo :P

Smoking break during half-time

One of the many screens inside Zouk bar

Hoping to have such fun again in the next AMSC screening…

Cheers! :)

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