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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Chp 12. Fracture

Today while playing football, I made the stupidest mistake of stepping on the ball while dribbling… The result? Crash, Boom, Bang. Ofcourse I didn’t mind the bruises I got on my knees or the small bump I got on my forehead. These minor injuries do not bother me, after all, I am a direct descendant of one of the fiercest warrior tribe of the north-east. But what bothers me was the fact that the rest of my body landed on my left ankle... ouch!

I tried standing up, but all I could feel was numbness. The guys carried me to the side and they continued playing while I sat and watched them play. Even I thought it wasn’t so serious… until I removed my football studs and looked at my feet. My ankle was all swollen up! It was like those Biology experiments we used to do back in school, you know, when we cut the outer bark of a plant (the phloem and xylem part) and leave the rest intact. Within a few days, the food and water which are supposed to be transported get accumulated at one of the cut ends. Using Amol as support, we limped back to hostel…

How ironic. Just a minute before I fell down, Amol told me to do one of my Jackie Chan moves, u know, when he’s lying down flat on the ground and he pushes himself up and stands on his feet. And I told him I’ll do that after the football match coz I don’t wanna get injured while doing it, and I really wanna play a good game of football before I get injured. We both laughed. The next minute was when I fell down. We weren’t laughing then.

Took a shower and then Amol drove me to the hospital. Sagar Apollo.

I have always been scared of hospitals. They are depressing… the smell of medicines remind me of all the pain I used to go thru. Has it ever occurred to you that, when you go to the hospital to visit a friend, the place is so normal… but when it’s time to go there for a treatment, your entire perspective change? Strange huh?

We went to the casualty department, and there they told me to lie down on the bed. The nurse came over and took my BP. Lol… I couldn’t help but ask her what’s all these gotta do with my foot. Her name’s Lily Abraham. Probably a mallu, coz only mallu Christians have such names. She coyly told me that it’s the hospital regulation to take a BP of all injured patients. We got into a short conversation then. She asked me where I got the injury, and I told her while playing football in the football field. And then she asked me how I got the injury. I controlled myself not to give her one of my snappy replies like “I was tying my shoe lace and guess I tied it too tightly coz the next minute I had this”. Later after examining my wound, she asked me whether I was feeling any pain. Gawd…. I still manage to control and not say “No, it tickles”. But it was when she asked me whether I was feeling the pain anywhere else that I could control no longer. I looked at her nonchalantly and said “Actually nurse, I am feeling the pain deep down in here too (points to my heart)”. She smiled and walked away. Amol told me to stop flirting with her! Lol. Me flirting with her? Ok I agree she was quite cute, but a hospital is the last place I’d wanna start a relationship at. It is so… dull. Depressing. Sad. Its where people die or holler in pain.

After that, the doctor told me to get an X-Ray. An attendant wheel-chaired me to the X-Ray room. It was so embarrassing. People stared at me on the way, so to make the best out of it, I made a facial expression as if I was deep in pain :-) You should see the concern on their faces.

At the X-Ray room, they lifted me to the table and prepared to X-Ray me. Just before they pressed the yellow button, I asked whether I have to hide my face or anything like that. Doctor smiled and said no, the X-Ray is aimed only at my leg. And then I couldn’t help asking him whether I’ll be able to have sex regularly after this. He smiled and said yes. I replied “Great! Coz I’ve never had regular sex before.” We both laughed. It sure does remove the tension. He smiled and said “Good one”.

As i sat there waiting for the results to come out, I kept my fingers crossed. God, I so do not want it to be a fracture. Plz plz… let it be a sprain. I can bear the pain of limping, but I don’t think I can bear the pain of wearing a plaster on my leg for a month!

Finally the attendant brings out the X-Ray sheet. He looks at it. I asked “what does it mean?” He said “Sorry, only doctor knows”. So I turned to the doctor and asked the same question. He too smiled at me and said “only doctor knows”! So there I was, once again wheel chaired back to ground zero. The doctor looked at it for a few minutes, which seemed like hours. I could see cracks everywhere, but then, maybe those are how its supposed to be. Finally he turned to me and said “its not a fracture”.

Man, I was SOOOOO happy. It was as if God has given you a second chance to live. But then the doctor told me that it is a very serious ligament tear and that I should not walk around for atleast 2 weeks. That sounds real bad, but considering the option of having a fracture instead, well, this is nothing :-)

He bandaged my entire ankle with a sprain bandage and gave me medicines. Amol went to pay all the bills while I waited in the doctor’s office. Got into a conversation with the doc. He asked me where I’m from and I said IIM. He was like “Really? Cool. Coz I wrote my CAT this time and I got short listed for the interview at IIMB”! Small world eh? So there I was, sitting in the hospital, giving the doctor tips on interviews and how life is like in the IIMs. For a moment, it felt really great; coz here is a well qualified doctor actually listening to my advices!

We left soon, and joined the others at Brigade road, where we all watched the movie “Alexander”. I limped everywhere, but it wasn’t so bad….

Only bad thing was, my phone crashed yesterday (long story). So I can’t call anyone I know coz all my phone numbers are in my freaking phone. Phelia, if you are reading this, plz call me ASAP.

Gnite everyone. Tomoro I am going to wake up in pain… :-(((


Mihir said...

How was Alexander ???

illusionaire said...

Well, these are my personal opinion about the movie...

1) Too much blood and gore. Sometimes i feel they were adding those just for the heck of it, totally unnecessary.

2) Too gay. I mean, don't get me wrong, i got nothing against gays. But when he's surrounded by so many hot chicks all around, he always end up going for the guys... thats really sad.

3) Angelina Jolie as Colin Farrell's mother? Hah... she is so not made for that role...

4) His dad treats him like dirt. Yet he loves him so much...

5) Most of the battle action were shot in that hazy fuzzy screen shot. A really cheap director's trick i must say.

6) He called Indians the "monkey tribe". Son of a bitch...

Well, all the above mentioned are just a few reasons why i don't like the movie, but i really don't mind. The one thing i cannot stand at all and why i really hate the movie was because they cut so many freaking parts! (by "they" i mean the monopolist theatre owners). Until last nite, i thought Alexander died somewhere but not India. Then i watched the movie and they showed Alexander getting injured in a battle in India and dying... the next scene he died. Thats what the movie showed, until i read the morning papers. They cut an entire scene where he recovered from his wound in india, returned to Babylon and then died over there. It seems they cut atleast 30 minutes of the movie so that they can accomodate more movie slots a day. Burn them all i say.

Anonymous said...

Thanks God they cut the movie by half an hour It was absolutely pathetic and disappointing.
- Allen (sorry bout the anonymous post but didn't want to bacome a member etc.)

PS: Your blog is very readable. I should visit more often.

illusionaire said...

thanx :-)
will be updating regularly from now onwards...
its my new addiction!