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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Chp 14. MCC

During the semester holidays, jobless me and equally jobless Tommy (who later turned out to be not so jobless at all – that silent killer fraud!) roamed the face of Bangalore, by hearting all the various roads and gullies beyond Brigade Road. It was fun. After all, I had two cars at my disposal and my semester pocket money from dad has just arrived We usually drive after lunch or after dark, coz rush-hour traffic in Bangalore is pathetic! We move at snail pace, with barely an inch between each cars, everyone fighting for every god damned space that is created. And at the end of the day, there is not a single scratch on the car. How in the Hell did I, then, manage to kiss that wall of concrete on the eve of monu’s b’day? (Sorry monu, let my leg heal, and I swear I’ll definitely get that dent on your car fixed)

One of the places we went to was the Mount Carmel “Cul-Ah” fest. IIMB took part in the dance competition. So there I was, driving the participants to the college. Man, the place was jam-packed. People fighting to get in, all queued up at the entrance gate. Other than Moron and I, the rest of the guys were dancing, but never-the-less we both received a “participant” badge too. Our dancers are Tommy, Doc, Chu, Andy, Pragya Dutt, Kanu Priya, Icy and Rashmi. The girls had to enter thru a different gate. Reminds you of the Airport.

As we entered the gate, the MCC students checked our wallets. Our wallet of all the things to check. Makes you wonder if they are checking it just to check you out, if u know what I mean… Anyway I just can’t figure out why our wallets are being checked. First of all, its an invasion of privacy big time. And secondly, what can you hide in your wallet that you can’t hide between your socks or in a concealed pocket inside your pants. Weed? Not possible bcoz all our cigarettes and lighters are confiscated by that big-burly-my-ass thin scrawny watchman who I feel felt me up more than required (that lecherous bastard). Condoms? Well, it’s a girls' college after all and there may be some delusional guys out there hoping to get “lucky”. But then, doctor's advice: Do not carry condoms in your wallet It can become “useless” bcoz of the pressure inflicted upon it. So unless the guy is really uninformed, i don't think he'll have one of those in his wallet. Bombs? Sure, if your wallet is the size of a VIP suitcase. It really does not make any sense checking your wallets... Maybe the girls wanna see how many plastic the person is carrying

Anyway we got in and roamed around the campus for a while. Nice campus. Some of the girls were really hot while a few others, I must say, had too much of a make-up on them. It was here that I realized one of the disadvantages of being in IIMB. I did not know a single soul out here. And believe me, I’m not the introvert type. If it was back in Coimbatore or Hyderabad or Chennai, I would have met atleast 15-20 people I know by now. But looking at my life here, well, the only people I know outside our college (other than my school and engineering college buddies) would be some of the regulars at Club-X (on those few Saturday nites when I go there to escape the L^2 parties back in hostel). Management is about socializing? Hah. Maybe in the long run, but definitely not while you’re slogging for it.

The dance competition started around 3pm. I stood at the back stage coz the audience section was full. When it was our turn to dance, junta cheered when the name “IIMB” was announced over the mc. Feels good, u know…

The guys danced well. A very good mix of Hindi, Punjabi and Hiphop. Some of the songs they mixed were "subha subha jab khidki khole", "ghash khake", "eric sermon's react", fida - "lets do the balle balle", sukhbir's "ishq" and munnabhai mbbs-"dekh le" . Frankly i must admit, the quality of our dance was not as good as the other colleges, but for an IIM standard (or for any post graduate level, for that matter), I must say, the guys were amazing. People cheered thru out the dance.

[Our dancers: Tommy, Icy, Pragya, Andy, Chu, Rashmi, Kanu Priya and Doc]

We left immediately after that. While I was driving, the guys who are still there called up and said we did not win, but the audience is shouting for “Once more” for us! But then, the guys had to get back to college to attend a ppt, and we haven’t had lunch yet, so we didn’t go back to MCC.

I stopped at my favorite joint on the way back – “Fanoos”. We all ate there and I had my usual “jumbo” mix of lamb and sheekh. Yummy*. Reached IIM by 6pm.

Altogether it was a great experience I must say.


Anonymous said...

Lol dude, even i was there that day.
I made a big fuss about my wallet being inspected too. Crazy people.
Anyway, i'm Kiran. I've been following your blog quite regularly now. You write very well. Keep it up...

Anonymous said...

I missed the fest.
: (
I so wanted to dance there...


Anonymous said...

Ya dude!! I remember being at the receiving end of a lathi-charge once upon a time when trying to get into Cul-Ah! That's the kind of crowd there.

Totally agree that IIMBians don't socialise with people outside. Its like a city in itself or something and I really dont like it. I'm lucky that i'm from bangalore and can meet others pretty often.

And u should eat INSIDE Fanoos once, I guarantee u will NEVER go back again!! Serious.

illusionaire said...

@ Kiran. Thanx dude. I ofcourse will be be updating my blog regularly. Do visit often.

@ Shubha. No wonder we didn't win. Coz you didn't dance. Had you been there, we would have definitely walked away with the first prize. Doesn't matter if its the first prize for the dance competition or for a beauty pageant...

@ Allen. I swear man. Our social life here sux. And the worst thing is, everybody outside think we IIMs are nerds n stuff. Its just that we have a very heavy workload here, but everyone i meet till now have that misconception about us that we don't socialize bcoz of our nerdy self-centred characters... Jeez....

Mihir said...

Hey dude, me back at commenting :) yes, we dont have a social life, but where is the time ? :( After some 7 odd months in IIMB, the only places in blore i have been to are MG/Brigade/Jayanagar/Koramangala/Indiranagar ... and mostly to dinner or meet engg friends. Anyway, get well soon ... and keep blogging :)

Rohit Kumar said...

Hey Kim.. great Fan following you got there dude :-)

Which year are you in at IIM ?? Is Nidhi Gupta, Swetha Sharma in your batch ?? Or r u in Oli's Batch ??

OK. Keep blogging. Will keep dropping in here :-)

PS: O yesh . About the IIMB socializing thing, i always thought they party way too much considering the work load they have :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kima!

Feels great to read your Blog!
And the photos always complete the picture! :D

It's kinda funny u know! I am here sitting at my office on one cold morning in Pune and am readin about what happened in hip b'lore, narrated by one of the most fun loving dudes I know!!

Keep posting!
Hope your ligament has healed!

-Chaitanya Vikas

Chikka said...

hey kima,
thanx 4 linking me on ur very popular blog .. :D
u write really well, keep writing dude!

illusionaire said...

@ Mihir : I guess the only social life we can truly call our own is when some of the guys bring over some chicks for the L^2 party and we dance 5 metres away from them :-)))

@ Rohit : Oli's my senior. He's our hostel secy! Nidhi and Shweta are my classmates (section mates to be more precise). How did u know them? Be it Ryze, Orkut, hyderabad, bangalore or anything else... u always seem to know the girls everywhere :-))

@ Vikas : He he.. glad to know my blog has that "feel good" effect on you :-) Many more coming up. keep on watching, and thanx for visiting...

@ Chix : LOL... for a moment there i was like "wow, some Chix left a comment on my blog", until i looked more carefully and found out it was just Chikka :-)) just kidding dude. Been visiting ur blog too. Somehow, i am not comfortable with Live Journal. And i've read all the Live journal vs Blogspot debate, so don't start one here! :P

Chikka said...

well, guess i got to shift my name to a more respectable chikka, or even vinod .. :D

Anonymous said...

hey kim,

awesome comment man..."management's all about socializing right?"...was laughing at the irony...still,what's term 5 and 6 for?....keep blogging dude.


Anonymous said...

nice blog man...

I used to have this huge crush on 1 out of the 4 girls in the dance group... Just wanted to say ure smile still looks as cute as ever. Always keep smiling :)

Anyways thats enough from me right now

illusionaire said...

and who's this New-Romeo-On-The-Block?