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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Chp 15. Election

A couple of days ago, we had the college elections for the various posts.

The way it was conducted was very professional. It wasn’t one of those voting we used to have back in engg college u know.. where we write who we want to vote for in a piece of paper and then the class prefect collects them, counts them himself, and declare the results almost immediately

No no, its very different out here. The candidates standing for the various posts had to submit an SOP (“Statement Of Purpose” for the uninitiated ) to the PGP office after being nominated and seconded by another person. There is also the publicity part. Our seniors were quite disappointed with our batch because junta were not as enthu as the previous batches when it comes to promoting and stuff. But then we had the various pitching and SOP box.

For the SOP box, candidates had to introduce themselves and spell out their agenda for a year if they were elected for the post. They had to point out why they are better than the other candidates and hence, why we should vote for them. And then the audience grill them with questions that lean more towards the uncomfortable side. Some of the questions asked were:

“If you are in the Acad council and you come to know about one of your friends giving a proxy, how will you tackle it? Will you report it to the PGP office or keep quiet and tell him not to repeat it again?”

“If you are appointed the sports secretary and you have to conduct a match between two sections and you just remembered you have a 5000 word assignment to submit the next morning. What will you do?”

“Suppose you are the hostel secretary. What is your stand on the current room allotment policy? Suppose people are taking food from the mess and then leaving the empty plates outside their room. In spite of telling them to return the plates to the mess, they continue doing it. What action will you take then?”

“If you are the hostel secretary, Mr.Garuda, will you stop chasing women?”

Ok ok.. I made that last one up (He he.. Mr. newly appointed hostel secretary Garuda, you better get that washing machine plug point in our floor fixed before I malign your name again. Remember bracket 1st semester? Muah ha ha…)

Apart from the SOP box, we had the candidates pitching. It was the best part of the whole election process I must say. Its when the candidates come personally to each room and tell them their agenda n intentions. Its their way of saying they are dead serious about the post they are standing for, and that every student in the campus matters to them. Its also their way of saying “Lets cut the crap. Just vote for me”.

I have mentioned earlier that this was the best part of the election. Its bcoz, usually our group of frens will be sitting together in one room when one of the candidates enter. And the personally screwing begins! We ask the poor guy all sort of questions (which would be censored in a SOP box) until he start feeling really uncomfy. He knows he gotta keep his cool ofcourse, and the pure evil in us really have a field day I mean it is so funny to see someone you’ve known for quite a long time, your friend, your classmate, someone you joke around with everyday, suddenly becoming so serious and different and… politically oriented! anyway we wish all the people we tormented a genuine best of luck.

Election day came.

The entire PGP staff were there monitoring the entire election process. It was ofcourse a secret ballot. But you can’t help but laugh at the polling booth. There were like 5-6 such “polling booths” inside the classroom, all apart from each other. After getting our IDs verified, we had to sit in one of these “booths”. Its just a normal chair and table, except that a tall card box wall have been constructed on all three sides. LOL! Talk about secrecy, this is the limit!

Here is a pic of me exercising my franchise!

The results were out that same day… The newly elected office bearers are:-


Sathya Prathipati


Hostel Secretary

Sanjeev Garuda


Alumni Secretary

Apurv Parashar


Sports secretary

Muthu Mohon


Acad Council

Sairam K

Jeni Kurian

Abhinav Thakur

Mohit Singh





Placement Reps

Konark Singhal

Tuhin Garg

Mayur Aggarwal

Nidhi Bansal

Gaurav Kumar

Amitesh Rattan

Saurabh Singh

Jacob Samuel









I must confess that many guys I voted for did not make it. But then that’s what democracy is all about. Whether you like the person or not, its up to everyone to make the best out of what you have right now. A big congratulations to everyone who made it. And tough luck to those who didn’t. Its not the end of the World. Hoping to see a brighter IIMB thru your hands.

Good Luck.

Ps. Sathya, President-2006, does not wish for his phone number to be listed here (personal reasons). If you want to know more about anything here in IIM-B, plz feel free to call up the others!


Anonymous said...

hey, why is there a huge blank space between the table and the rest of the blog before that?
anyway, glad to see you've finally updated.. i guess that means your server or whatever u call it, is up now huh? welcome back :-)
nice of you to put up the office bearers of your prestigious institute. keep on blogging kim...


Anonymous said...

Hey Kim is it true that geela bribed the whole A-base to vote for him for hostel secretary and then treated you guys later when he won?


Mizohican said...

@ Swapna : thanx :-) About the blank space, i have no idea how that is coming up. i've tried my best going thru every HTML coding, but when the file is published, there is always that god-damned space inbetween..... hope others know how to get rid of that space.

@ "N" : i thought it was Nikhil who posted that until i checked up and found out it isn't him. First of all, dear "N", Geevi didn't bribe anyone. The only reason he treated the guys was bcoz u know how close he is to the A-base guys. and oh, FYI, he didn't treat me either. Hope that answers ur query. No mudslinging in here dude. plz. No more politics!

The Walrus said...

Hey yo Kim.
I thought it was a soapbox, not a SOP Box. I still haven't got treats from any of the elction winners. Woe is me.
R. (just to be like the mysterious N.)

Mizohican said...

Soap box.. SOP box... it all sounds the same anyway :-)
well, i asked Shastry which is the correct one and he told me its "SOP box". We should listen to him, after all we both got into Castrol, and Shastry is the stud who finished his internship at Castrol. So he must be right. :-)

don't worry rajeev. even i havent got any treat from any of them. But you know what really sux? i can't even hoosh them! all bcoz of my stupid ligament tear, i can't kick any of them when others are hooshing them (the same way i couldn't kick you last nite on your birthday) :-)

let this leg heal... let this leg heal... and then i will kick the president's ass! :-)

Anonymous said...

democracy roxx at iimb kim....btw,for the sake of garuda's maligning campaign,lets stick to the version that garuda ditched everybody else and went with the A base gang for a treat...:)

u missed another gem from the pgp office man...when a grp of us went to vote,the TKG's stooge gives the ballot papers and says "no discussions"....:)))))


Mizohican said...


well atleast this time they didn't shout out "5 minutes remaining for submission of votes. Plz tie up your vote papers"


Citrus said...


Mizohican said...
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Mizohican said...

Happy Republic day to you too citrus :-)

Citrus said...

:D.. we sang the national anthem today.. i think i last sang it about five years ago

Citrus said...

i just wanted to let you know that i read your blog... even though i don't comment

Mizohican said...

i read ur blog all the time too...
u write very well Kiran.

Anonymous said...

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