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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Chp 159. Christmas - Mizo style

Belated Merry Christmas!

Today is definitely the worst 26th December I’ve ever spent in my entire life!

On some years, I used to spend 26th December opening up X-mas presents, or wishing family and close friends; sometimes I spend it at a Church, or with friends together at a party, or at a grand community Feast making merry with my dear and near ones. All in all, it always used to be a memorable occasion for me.

This year, today, I spent the 26th of December with a freaking toothache!!!

And it is not just any toothache. It is the most painful toothache ever to be invented by the evil lord of the underworld! The dentist told me that it was because of all the Christmas cakes, puddings and chocolates I gorged down yesterday which did not go well with my cavity.

I am right now pumped up with painkillers and antibiotics because the doctor cannot extract the tooth until the pain passes away. Hence I am a little bit woozy as I write this post . In fact, I am definitely getting a small kick from all the medications I just took! Lolz.

I hope you all had a great Christmas yesterday. Belated Merry Christmas to all my wonderful readers once again.

I spent the 24th evening alone. But it was fun because I was decorating my room (with Boney M blasting on my speakers) and chatting online with some of my friends who were also alone that night. And I decorated my room just like how my sisters and I used to decorate our house back in Mizoram: with paper ribbons! Check it out.

And then at midnight some of my friends and neighbors came over and we caroled and prayed. It was a happy night indeed. That is, I had no idea then that the chocolates were going to screw up my after-Christmas plans this much.

I spent Christmas with my Mizo community at “Mizoram House” here in Delhi. It felt great mingling with people from my community wishing strangers with the warmest smile and affection. Everybody was smiling. And I think all the sweaters and warm boots and mufflers added more Christmas effects to the whole environment

Below are some pictures taken yesterday.

The food was great too. Hats off to my good friend IAS officer Robert who is one of the many volunteers responsible for preparing such a grand feast. The meal was priced at 100 bucks per head. And here is where I love my community soooo much. You just go and pay one of the organizers the money. You are neither given a ticket or a coupon to take the food. And nobody checks whether you’ve actually paid that amount or not. Hence if you want to eat the food without paying, you can actually do that and nobody will ever find out. But the thing with our community is that, nobody does that. Everything is based on trust and an altruistic attitude of keeping the community before anything else.

And of course everybody wants to take a picture by the Christmas tree

That guy in the picture frame on the wall is the Governor of Mizoram, Mr. MM Lakhera. Very nice guy.

I gave my camera to my friend Sawmtea yesterday and I asked him to take as many photographs of different people as possible so that I can publish them on my blog. Unfortunately, he probably misheard what I said as something like “Please take as many photographs of different people as possible and make sure you are there in every snap too” So in almost every photograph that came back today, my friend Sawmtea is also standing there with his default pose. Hence I cannot display all those snaps because you might ask “Who is that guy with the same facial expression appearing in each and every Christmas snap? Kima, are you swinging both ways?”

So everyone, once again, I hope you all had a great time yesterday. Please lighten up in case your Christmas plans didn’t work out well, or you had to go to work yesterday or you’re not spending this special occasion with the one you love. Because always remember that I am spending today with the worst toothache concocted in the history of Mankind and I am still in a merry mood smiling all the time

Have fun and party safely. Love you all.


benjamin rualthanzauva said...

That sounds like a christmas!

Tluanga said...

Nuam awm hle mai, chaw poh a tui hmel khawp mai.

Mizohican said...

@ Ben: which one? The "ruaitheh" or the "pain"? :)

@ Tluanga: Tui bawn tawp :) Mahse chicken kha North Indian style a siam a ang mah mah ka ti zawk, sawisel chu ka sawisel chuanglo na ah (Vai chawhmeh hi tui ka tia).

Awzzman said...

eih..Krismas hmang dan ve chu le!Ha na chungah ruaitheh chu tui duh awm:-)Hydian ho chuan Vawksa leh feren antam kan hmeh bik.

Calliopia said...

Ouch what a nasty time to have a toothache. Your streamers remind me of Christmases past when my dad was alive...he loved putting up those paper ribbons, twirling them round and round so they gave off a rippled effect... And have you noticed how funny it is that when people pose with a Christmas tree, they stand in front of it effectively blocking it out of sight especially if it's a smallish tree hihi

Anonymous said...

Chai Cheeee chaaaa! Not worth mentioning how i spent my christmas eve and day. Wished I was in Miz :(
Merry christmas and a happy new year anyway!!

J@n!ce said...

My dear friend, hope your toothache is getting better now? Awww.... I'm so scare to attend the dentist you know. haha ;)
Have a festive season too & all the best to your new year to come in a few days time :)

Cheers :)

Puii-Mac Lover said...

aww..sorry about the toothache, hope you are feeling better, Looks like you had fun on christmas, Merry Christmas from me and Sangi..=)

Anonymous said...

belated happy Christmas...n happy new yr too..

Mizohican said...

@ awzzman: Chutia a tui bik em chuan in thlalak vel rawn chhuah u la :) Hyderabad atangin Mizo bloggers in tam teh reng nen natinge tuman report in rawn la pek loh? :)

@ Callipia: Lolz! Yeah of course, thats what most people do when they take a snap with the Xmas tree: Hide the tree :)))) And I love the ribbons, but here, the younger generations laugh at it saying it is very "thring" :( Anyway, who cares. Us old-timers love it!

@ Deedee: the pain came back today so dentist told me to wait for another day. With more medications prescribed. Arrrgh.

Mizohican said...

@ Janice: Toothache is still there but it's not as painful as yesterday :) I will survive. Hehe, thanx for your concern. Hope you have a merry time too.

@ Puii: Thanx to you and Sangi. Merry Christmas.

Zara Ralte said...

kim, lamah cmas report & pics chu en theih e:-)

Mizohican said...

@ Shaj: Thank you so much for the wish. Haven't seen you around lately these days. You people don't have off from work?

@ Zara: Yessi ka rawn kal nghal in official website ah chuan en turin. Thanx for letting me know.

Pixie said...

Aw!! Poor you! Hope your toothache goes away very quickly!

Your Christmas sounds great! :-)

Happy Holidays and A Very Happy New Year too...
(just in case, I don't drop by here or post something on my blog before the 1st! :))

Puia said...

hehe, a va nawm hmel ve.. Pi Lindai leh Pu Matuka te an dam ang chu maw.. Delhiah chuan mizo bai a tam thin kha..saum te pawh.

diary said...

Belated Christmas wishes, illusionaire. Hope the New Year finds you with new fillings and pain-free smiles :D

Puii-Mac Lover said...

new blogger
can u add him on the mizo directory?

Mizohican said...

@ Pixie: Happy Holidays to you too dear Pixie. And my toothache is more or less gone now, hoping to get it filled today.

@ Puia: Bai leh vawk lu bawl a tui khawp mai :) An dam tlang vek ang chu ka ti mai, ka lo biak ang che ka hmuh chuan. Kum thar ruaitheh va ei leh phawts ang hmiang, hehehe.

@ diary: Belated wishes to you too. And hoping to see you this time for the New Year ruaitheh. Don't hide from me again at least this time, ok? :)

@ Puii: I will invite him to come and register at the Directory. I just don't go around adding everybody at my own will because some people prefer to lay low and not be listed in the directory.