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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Chp 160. The greatest gift of all

aka “My Arsenal Santa”

Last night, Santa came by and gave me a belated X’mas gift: A Manchester United defeat followed by an Arsenal victory, ensuring that Arsenal is back on top of the Table for the year ending 2007.

That’s not all that my Arsenal Santa gave me; Last year, my Arsenal Santa gave me the following :

And this year, the same Santa arrived at Delhi two days ago directly from Heathrow Airport and got for me the following X’mas gifts:

Cool aye? This post is dedicated to my ex-roomie and one of my closest friends: Amos aka “Goldmember” aka “FadeNoMore”.

[ Great Mug. Perfect for holding the Christmas/New Year party beer, punch and coffee. Except that nobody can drink from it other than true Arsenal fans. ]

[ An alarm clock to alert me whenever there is an Arsenal match coming up. And an authentic Arsenal cap to wear on a cold Delhi night. This isn’t one of those cheap knock-offs you find where below the Arsenal Logo is the name “Kaka” or “Zidane”. ]

[ An Arsenal Piggy bank! So that I can start saving up my coins so that one day I can buy a ticket to watch my team play at Emirates Stadium. As of now, the money box is filled with chocolates. Authentic Arsenal chocolates. They taste just like Arsenal too. ]

[ More Arsenal stuff to hang on my already filled up wall. But the thing with Arsenal is that, there can never be “too many”. There is always space for anything that is slightly related to the Club. ]

Last night was amazing. It was my girl-friend’s brother’s birthday, so we had a lot of friends over for dinner. And it turned out that I was the only Gunners fan in the room. Three types of conversations took place.

The first was the strictly football debate. This took place among us guys. After Man Utd lost, I was making so much fun of them that everybody decided to gang up on me. Oh I had a terrible time during first half when Arsenal was down 0-1. But I stood my ground, and in the second half, Arsenal, the team with the best come-back record in the League, came back with a triumphant 4-1 win! He who laughs last, laughs the longest. Touché.

The second type of conversation took place among the wives and girlfriends.

Wife1: Oh this is soooo boring!
Wife2: I swear!
GF-1: Look at them. They are behaving just like kids.
Wife3: I know. Aren’t they cute!
GF-2: Awwwww… choo chweet.

The third type of conversation took place among the guys again. This time, it was between the football lovers and those guys with no interest in sports.

He-1: Dude, I don’t know how you guys can go completely crazy over football. I don’t see any excitement or pleasure from watching it.
Me : It’s a personal preference dude. By the way… urrmmm… nice nail polish and eyeliner you’re wearing. They match perfectly.
He-1: Thanx dude.
He-2: What I don’t understand is how you guys can be so into football, when those players have no idea you even exist. It’s like you’re all a big bunch of wannabes.
Me : Excuse me? THIS coming from a person who dresses up in the entire gangsta Hiphop attire all the time, braids his hair even though he doesn’t have the right facial and hair features for it, wears his bling-blings even to bed, cover his entire wall and ceiling with Hiphop posters, pierced his ears only because 50 Cents did it, and use words like “Yo”, “dawg” and “biatch” even while talking in Mizo????
He-2: See… Hiphop is different…

So I guess that’s what we are. We all have our own likes and peeves. And football is one of my biggest passions. Do those players that we watch on TV ever care about my terrible toothache or my pathetic little blog? No, and I really don’t care. As long as I get an occasional break from my hectic life and prevent me from going completely insane, I will always put football at the number one spot.

And nobody can take that away from me, not even the arrogant cynic with a megalomaniac ego who utters, “Instead of wasting your time discussing about your stupid football, why don’t you think of intellectual ways to improve the development of Mizoram or eradicating poverty and corruption from our State or preserving our culture and identity?” Heh??? Screw you. Two hours a week is all I spend on football.

Don’t let anyone ever try to take away anything that you cherish dearly. Always stand firmly by what you believe in, be it Arsenal, ManUtd, cricket, music or God. And with that I wish you all a very happy New Year.


Mariuca said...

WOW! Look at all the cool stuff u got from ur Arsenal Santa!! That's so awesome, bet u still can't stop smiling huh?

Happy 2008 to u and ur girl, may this new year bring u more love and happiness! :):):)

Mizohican said...

Yes I still can't stop smiling till now. It's a wonderful life! :) Happy New Year to you and B too, Marzie. Have a blast over there. :)

Trix said...

I love all your amazing Arsenal Goodies! Wow,and you look super-Cool in them,what a cute little beanie!
I just came by to wish you a really fun,prosperous and fabulous New you, your family,girlfriend and buddies!! Here's to next years great adventures :))

Anonymous said...


hmmph.. time to ring up my cousin in London who i havent seen since 1987 and suck up to him ;)

Mizohican said...

@ Jesse: Thank you so much for your wishes. And you know what? I am going to have a happy New Year before you do! :-P Except of course Marzie will be having a Happy New Year before me :) Thanx again dear.

@ Mos: I KNOW you are drooling over the gifts I got :))))) Yeah its a dream come true for any Arsenal fans. Thats why I dedicated this post to you. Happy New Year bro.

Azaia said...

Arsenal chu i va tran hmel ve a..(lolxxx...)

nice gift dude... Happy New year 2008

Anonymous said...

Eka chu Aizawl-ah i awm emaw ka ti deuh a...ka MSg pawh iva la rawn Reply love...

Anonymous said...

Happy new year brother...Tried calling you up a no of times, but ur no was down, or maybe it was the network jamming up on new year's eve.
Best wishes to you, your girl and your family for the new year.
Have a wonderful 2008!

claytonia vices said...

Great gifts man!! Wish you and everyone close to u a happy new year!

Anonymous said...

Kan pa thianpa kum 38 mi, Bayern München bedsheet leh pillow case lova mu thei lo nen in in tum tawk viau dawn e!! What is it about men and football?? I'll never get it, i guess! Like men will never understand why we women worship oprah!

I've just checked out arsenal website and they have 80% off on sellected apparels. Nice tees there.

Am looking forward to your next post where you'll write that you've got new Arsenal wall-paper :-p


Awzzman said...

hey Arsenal mug khi ka duh ve..i ngah bik lutuk...heti lamah pawh thih tangin kan lo tan a nia....tun season chu nopui kan choi ang chu ti raw?kan Boipate te ho hi han che tak2 teh se....Gunners nih hi nuam e....!

Silenceofthedepth said...

Visited your blog a number of times. Nice read as alwez...:)
Keep writing.

thinchhia said...

uhuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! va nuam awm deuh veeeeeeeeeeeee...minlo sem ve ti dawn ila Arsenal hi ka tan lemlo e mai, i phal hma hma in ka duh leh lo mai e :)

Arsenal team hi chu Midum hlawh la tur in tlar te pawh an ang ka ti deuh hlek

Almostunreal said...

Arsenal fan here :)

Anonymous said...

hey kim... wht up?? was just checking on you.. looking good!!! and awesome gifts ya.. good stuff.. will call sometime this week...

Anonymous said...

ohh also ..slightly late but happy new year:)

Pixie said...

Wow!! Looks like you got some really cool stuff! :-)

Happy New Year to you too! :-)
Hope the New Year brings you loads of love, happiness and success...

VaiVa said...

Arsenal OR Liverpool he he... that's what they called 'FANATIC' Oooppsss

VaiVa said...

Oooppsss Sooo Arsenal... That's what they called 'FANATIC' he he

Anonymous said...

And my new yr gift to you. arsenal draw with birmingham and Man Utd 6-0 win at newcastle. :P. happy new yr my friend

Jerusha said...

I like football - I can never understand why girls don't like football - when it's full of sexy men with sexy thighs. Now who cares which sexy thighs run for which club - be it Arsenal, Man Utd, or Mohun Bagan - I'd watch a good sexy game almost any day :PP

Rka said...

ka en ve hman chiah a, i EPL table khi i la update lo niin ka hria. MU an sang ber ah point in ang mahse Arsenal Goal diff. a chhe deuh niin a lang. Season chanve kan thleng ta a, champion tur sawi lawk hi a har an tih hi ka pawm khawp mai a. Kei zawng Liverpool hi pul thin mahse kan thih pui lem lo bawk a, ka tan nghet bur mai. Kei pawh Christmas present-ah liverpool wrist-band set 1 ka dawng a, England cap ka dawng bawk London lam atangin :)

Arsenal, MU leh Liverpool ang te hian total footbal min en tir thin in ka hria a, Chelsea hian an rawn ti chho ve leh tan a ang. Defensive deuh a khel a, counter attack tih vel hi chu a mawngphah ho tih tawk vel a ni. Hei vang hi lawm chelsea te hi vannei taka 1 vela an chak thin. 'Chak kha lawm pawimawh ber' an ti a ni mai thei. Chak ringawt pawimawh se Arsenal leh MU hi an hmasa ber ang.

Liverpool in kan la rawn um zel che u nia.

Anonymous said...

hey where's my comment? :P

Mizohican said...

@ luke: tran bawn tawps :)

@ Thug: eka, ka phone ka ti bo, i number mi rawn thawn leh rawh please. Delhi ah a lawm ka la awm char char.

@ Jimmy: Happy new year to you too bradaar. And was great of you and your woman to drop by at my place :)

@ claytonia: Thank you so much bro. Belated greetings to you too. Sorry for the late reply :) Came online just now only since last year *grin*

Mizohican said...

@ Mona: So kewl of you to drop by again. This is the first time I am coming online this year :) Had lots of work. Bummer. Football is a great game that we enjoy, and is the one thing you will never take away from us :) And hey, I understand why you women worship oprah! :)

@ awzzman: lolz. Nuam eee. Mahse hei tunlai tak chu point difference avangin an number one thei hrih lova, a pawi hle mai... mahse an rawn umphak leh trep tawh. New Castle trel trul vang kha mawle, Point diff a an sang vak. sala.

@ silenceofthedepth: Thanx. You have a great blog too. I will make it a point to visit regularly too. Nice poems by the way.

@ thinchhia: Midum e dum love, a ho e, ka ngaisang ve tawp a ni mai a lawm. :) Arsenal ve tho ami i tran?

Mizohican said...

@ almost unreal: Bleh, min lo copy ve zel suh :-P

@ kata: Thanx about the gifts :) And yeah, I am still looking forward to your phone call. Its been more than a week already :-P

@ Pixie: Belated Happy New Year Pixie. Was just not able to come online all these time. But now its back to the online world for a time being. :) Lemme check out all the wonderful blog posts I missed :)

@ Vaiva: Arsenal chu, I die supporting a ni ringawt. Kha kha lawm FANATIC tak tak chu :)

Mizohican said...

@ soldier of Christ: lolz. Yeah I was watching that stupid match. Stupid magpies :) Its just a point difference dude :)

@ Jerusha: uh... sexy thighs and football huh? Then you should definitely come watch me play football one of these days... *GRIN* and yes, I know you are about to twist that innocent sentence I just said... :-P

@ rka: lolz... liverpool fan maw i nih. hehe... rawn um trang trang ru... man utd chu in rawn umphak mahna season tawp lamah chuan... chuan pahnihna in rawn ni dawn nia :)

@ el: which one of the above is your comment? :)

Anonymous said...

I guess you're kinda busy, but can't you take a little time and update your blog now! doh..

Mizohican said...

As a matter of fact, I am just about to update it now. doh! :-P


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I know it's just a point difference dude :). hey did you watch the league cup semi between arsenal and tottenham? who won? what's the score?

Mizohican said...

I dunno. I didn't watch the match :-P

All I know is, at least we made it till the semi-finals, while some team I know lost at the third round itself (2-0) to a second division club (Coventry)


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