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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Chp 230. Manure down 4-1, Arse up 4-0!

I missed the Manure - Liverpool match because I had to show my friend Ben around Colaba, South Mumbai, before dropping him off at the airport. But I was continuously updated with the score thanks to fellow-hardcore-gunners fan Amos and that definitely made my day! Well done Liverpool! You gave me the most memorable and pleasant 1 hour 45 minutes of text messaging in my life.

I received the first sms about Ronaldo’s penalty, and I was like “Noooooooooo!” but after that, every time I received an sms I was screaming out “Yesssss!” in jubilation. 4-1, what a whipass! As usual, none of my Manure fans friends picked up my calls! Bwahahaha!

Well played indeed, Reds. For a moment I was even actually thinking, “Now that Manure lost, I won’t take it so bad if Blackburn beat Arsenal”. Lolz, of course that thought came and went quickly but it definitely made me wonder if my hate for Manure is greater than my love for Arsenal!!!

I rushed home just in time to watch the 8:30 pm Arsenal vs Blackburn match. The moment I switched the TV on, Gunners scored! Now that’s what I call a great welcome indeed. It made me switch my TV off and on again later, hoping that I would see another goal the moment I switched it on again. lolz.

4-0. Now that’s another whipass game with a lot of drama and controversies.

Well done Oh Gunners!

Two thoughts dominated me after the match:

1. Why were Blackburn playing soooo dirty?


2. Good for you Eboue on those two goals, but that’s not enough to silence your critics. You just got a lucky break and I hope this doesn’t get to your head. I love you, but it’s tough not to hate you when you screw up in all most of your games. Wish you my very best in your future games, bro.

Regarding my first thought, I came to and he too wrote about the exact same thing! Man, that foul on Almunia was nasty. Thank God it wasn’t serious.

Here’s the clip via ArchieTL

I am pissed off with Toure (not just the skipper but was also there right next to Diouf) and the rest who did nothing when this incident took place, other than run to the ref and appeal like a baby. Comon, this is the time when you intimidate the player who committed such nasty fouls on your teammate. Where is the team spirit? I’m not suggesting that you get physical with Diouf, but why weren’t any Gunners having any heated verbal exchanges with him? That was the part I couldn’t stomach. Seriously.

Apart from that, there were many other incidences of unsportsmanship behavior from the visitors side. rightly puts it:

Nobody can complain if a game is physical because football is a physical game, but Blackburn were filthy yesterday.

Maybe it's just me but there seemed to be a deliberate tactic to go for the ankles/achilles of Arsenal players. Theo Walcott should have had a penalty when Warnock stood on the back of his foot, Jason Roberts took Kolo's boot off with the same kind of foul and Andrei Arshavin needed four stitches in his ankle at half time. Coincidence? No chance. Scumbags? Yes.

Then there was the cynical blocking, grabbing, shirt pulling to stop our attacks taking place. When Arsenal had the ball they didn't so much want the ball back as to prevent us doing anything with it.

Yeah, shame on you Blackburn, and shame on you Sam Allardyce. Why do people always try to take out the Gunners through such means just because they are younger than them? Face it all ye oldies, Gunners are better and this is definitely not the right way to set an example. Ever since Wenger started his “youth campaign” at least 30-40% of the main lineup is always out injured most of the time.

And then there’s of course that cheap dive from Pederson, which by far is one of the worst dives in football history. That was definitely a straight yellow card in my books, but just as how Diouf escaped with just a yellow on a clear red, Pederson remained unpunished too.

Watch the clip below thanks to tykj3n and be the judge yourself if this is one of the worst dives you’ve seen or not.


And it was great seeing Eboue with those two goals, which shocked all of us. Yeah, his face was soooo happy I think his own goals shocked him too! Great to see such happiness and joy on anybody. Bendtner on the other hand screwed up every chance he got. We could have easily gone 8-0 up had he found his targets.

Remember Champions League against Roma first leg? Yeah we could have won that by at least 4-0 5-0 instead of merely 1-0 thanks to all the misses by Bendtner. Because of that, the second leg match had to come down to penalties and we barely managed to get through to the quarter finals. And because of the extra-time followed by the penalties, I could go to sleep only at 4 in the freaking morning (stupid time zone difference), sleep for just 2 hours and then get up again for office. Aaargh!

More reviews and clips of goals at Catch them there if you had missed last night’s game.

Just 9-10 matches remaining this season and Manure are still leading, but they won’t be for long. Quintuplet? My ass. More like “Can-you-play”, judging from the way they played last night. 4-1. Bwahaha once more.

Great game from Arsenal too, especially with RVP & Gallas at bench, and the likes of Adebayor, Fabregas, Rosicky, Eduardo and Silvestre ( !! ) still injured. Nasri and Arshavin definitely showed the way for the green Gunners and I am sooooo looking forward to our showdown with Manure on May 16th. Prepare yourself for another ass whipping win by us, you manures.

As a parting video, here are some of the many misses of Bendtner in the game, clip via weoutthere.



Sekibuhchhuak said...

Ka en loh avangin han sawi tur vak ka hre lo va. Engpawhnise, ARSE ho chu lo UP zel phawt mai teh se ! :-)

illusionaire said...

hehe... it was definitely a case of "up your arse" from the mighty Arse side :D Love them!!!

NoHiddenDepths said...

ARSEholes forever!

Pixie said...


I get all my football updates from here! :P

Zaia said...

Three para for ManU vs Liverpool, another 15/16 para for Arsenal vs Rovers!!

Demolishing two of the best football clubs in the world in the space of 4 days!! Bravo!! The Mighty Reds!!

Hehe, let's hope a ass-whipping win for Arsenal against your so called ManUre, so that Liverpool go on to win the title... lolzz!

illusionaire said...

@ Zaia: haha, you Reds supporter. I may be a hardcore Arse fan, but I like Reds too. I am okhay with the Blues. But Manure is something I hate from the bottom of my heart. Hate hate hate, ever since 1999 when I first started watching football and became a Gunners fan way back then, during those Barthez versus David Seaman days. lolz. And yeah, I dont mind if Reds or Blues win the title. Just bury that manure, thats all! :-)

@ Pixie: lolz sweetie, Im sure glad I could update you with some football news. hahaha.

I've been a bit busy past one week, hence couldn't make any of my blog rounds. But that will change soon. Thanx for the visit.

@ Nohiddendepths: yeah, we shove it up your... Gunners! wooohooo!

Rinoma said...

Man 1-4 Liverpool... haha... REJOICE..

The Mighty Gunners 4-0 Blackburn Rovers (wanderers, nomad, vagabond call them what you will)

It's superfantastic, everything is beautiful

Blind Dayze said...

..i see you and loads of other Manchester United haters are taking great pleasure with the recent turn of events....but i can's okay...

just one thing totally unrelated to your's regarding Blogs..the platform..what made u stick to setting up your personal blog here on Blogger...rather than Wordpress??..i'm just peeking into WP...and finding it hard to decide.. my WP blog..

chhangte_ll said...

I guess the 'Gunners' run out of 'Ammo' this season :D I'd never supported this London-based 'French Extract' Team though I like 'Spurs'.

But up with 'The Reds' and 'Tally Ho' Anfield and Rafa...He he he he.

Nirav said...

Aston Villa losing to Spurs has meant that we are back at the 4th slot!

Honestly, I don't see Man-U slipping up in the league yet.. its theirs to lose. But I hope they are soon chucked out of FA Cup and Champions League.

And Pederson's dive was so so pathetic, it was damn funny. I was seriously laughing.

illusionaire said...

@ Rinoma: Wooohooooo!!! :D I am still drunk from that victory. Ah such a sweet victory it was!

@ Chhangte_ll: Hehehe.. all you Reds fans. I got nothing against you all, so peace :D

@ Nirav: Yes of course! lolz. That was also a great match. Watched it while cheering loudly for Spurs. hehe. Adebayor and Fabregas expected to be back in 2 weeks, so its goodbye to Villa's dream of qualifying for the CL next year. lolz.

@ Blind Dayz: What else did you expect from us? lolz. Your bro is having the time of his life :-)

I prefer blogspot because the people running it are doing a great job keeping up with wordpress and other platforms, hence minimizing our involvement. WP on the other hand is much more flexible if you are into coding and scripting etc, but requires too much of my personal time to do that. Hence I stick to blogspot.

The advantage about blogspot is that if you use one of their official themes (and not the ones designed by freelance designers) all updates and bugs removal etc are done automatically by the blogspot team. Hence I dont need to do anything. If you look at my blog, that is actually an official blogspot theme, the same as Jerusha's theme which I have tweaked.

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Anonymous said...

....Thanks a lot for answering my off-topic question....will check out the links....

Wait and Watch!!!

Saturday 16th May 2009
Manchester United vs Arsenal 15:00 Old Trafford

illusionaire said...

Bring it on. We're ever ready. We'll try not to score in double figures if you behave.

faka said...

Just dropping by to report that the Blues are still ALIVE!:)) Well, I have watched the 'Arse' playing at Villa Park, there's no denying the fact that they're great! But, greater teams are on top of the table, I think:) Btw, all the best to the Gunners...

mang buhril said...

keeping my fingers crossed till the last game. Ashravin was awesome, the goal he scored, not many players can do that. Hope arsenal keep up their momentum and claim at least a spot in Europe.
Would never forget these type of matches (Man U 1 - Liverp 4), i would always go for any team that can bash Man U... he he. Hope Arsenal repeat this when they play Man U at Old Trafford, if so, then it will be so sweet for Chelsea.

amuana said...

June/July velah damlai lu i lo sun dawn tak mai avangin ka tuarpui lawk a che. :)

Anonymous said...

Any comment on the UEFA CL draw? Easy peasy for Arsenal and that team from Manchester - tough for the rest!

U Mazami

illusionaire said...

@ Faka: Watch and be amazed at how Arse are going to climb up and snatch that title away. :-)

@ Mang: The title race is thrown wide open now. Either Arse or Pool should win. I dont mind even if Chelski win. Down with Manure. Bwahaha. 2 red cards in the match against Fulham. Nobody's surprised. Finally the refs are starting to give the egoistic Manure what they really deserve.

@ amuana: hehehe

Manure 0 - Fulham 2

@ u Mazami: Easy for Manure, tough for the rest :-P

Champions League Quarter Finals draw:
ManUtd vs Porto
Arsenal vs Villareal
Chelsea vs Liverpool
Bayern vs Barcelona

Cake walk for Manure, but I'm sure they'll screw that up too. LMAO!!!

Anonymous said...

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