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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Chp 231. Tea isn’t my cup of tea!

To tea or not to tea, that is the question. A light humor post.

Some of you may find this post a bit frivolous, but to me it is something that has always affected me deeply, especially when I am in Mizoram.

I’m a Mizo.

And I don’t drink tea.

See, I can already hear you all gasping! How can a Mizo not like tea, you’re thinking now, right? Well, I guess I am among the very few Mizo minorities who despise tea solely because of its taste.

I hate tea. Hate it, hate it, hate it.

And in our Mizo community, it is almost a given that every Mizo drinks tea, such to an extent that whenever you visit anybody, your host will serve you tea immediately without even asking if you drink tea or not. That is the Mizo hospitality.

Hence tea becomes a part of our daily lives. It gets embedded in our culture. It is served whenever guests visit other people or when a young pimple-faced Romeo visits his lady love at her house (with her parent’s consent of course). It is served at every Church functions, School and college programs, funerals, weddings, exam halls, community feasts etc.

We become this big pile of… tea drinking tea loving tea freaks.

And whenever I visit a friend for the first time or hang out at the house of somebody I’ve just met, their folks will immediately serve tea. And I feel so bad declining after they have already MADE the tea.

“Uh… I’m so sorry… I don’t… urrmmm… drink tea.”

They would look at me strangely…

“Are you a Seventh Day Adventist?” they would ALWAYS enquire

[ * 7th Day Adventists, one of the many Protestant denominations in Mizoram, are prohibited from drinking tea (or coffee or alcohol or eat pork for that matter) due to their strict dietary laws. ]

“No no, I’m not a Seventh Day”, I would grin back nervously. “I just don’t like tea”.

“Don’t LIKE tea?” they would ask, with a lot of exaggerated melodramatic stress on the “LIKE” as if to say it is sacrilegious to hate tea. And then with a fake plastic smile they would whisk away my tea, grumbling to themselves why the hell I never informed them in the first place that I didn’t drink tea BEFORE they made the frigging tea.

Yeah rittteee. You want me to come to somebody’s house for the first time and pompously announce not to make tea for me without even properly introducing myself? That sounds even worse!

Anyhoo, I guess that is the big problem I face in Mizoram. Mothers don’t want me serenading their daughters because they think I’m weird since I don’t drink tea and fathers assume I must be drinking “something” else instead of tea.

Smart dads!

I don’t like tea because I don’t like it. Period. It’s a personal preference and sometimes it is a little hard (and a wee bit frustrating) making people accept the fact that I don’t like tea.

I was brought up in South India, so I used to drink coffee, coffee and more coffee every day. Had coffee for breakfast, after lunch, after dinner, before and after a basketball match, I even had coffee while having coffee The Tamilians just love their coffee and I became a part of them. That is basically my story. The Mizo Man who went up a Tamil Hill but came down a coffee infested Mountain.

And when I tell people I loveeeee Ice Tea, I always get the same question, “Then how come you don’t like normal (sic.) tea if you like ice tea?”

And out goes my retort: “You like beer? Chilled beer?”

“Oooh yeahhh!”

“Well, suppose I boil this beer and give it to you, would you drink it?”

“Ewwww. NO!”

“I rest my case.”

And believe me, the complexity of this whole matter does not end here. Whenever I stay over at any of my friend’s pads, I have to take my own sachet of coffee powder because coffee is nonexistent in most Mizo households. That’s bad. It’s like you invite a guest over and that person brings along his own toothpaste… now how does THAT make you feel?

And it gets even worse from here. I’m talking about relationships. A deep meaningful relationship that always ends in disaster because I refuse to drink tea while the missus prefer tea over coffee. You may think, “Whats the big deal? Just make two separate cups every day, one tea, one coffee.”

Hah! Trust me, that’s easy for you to say. Sure, it’s not a big deal when the missus or I do that once, or twice, or thrice. It’s no big deal when we do it for a week, even a month. But try doing it for an entire year and you will know what I’m talking about. The frustration that creeps in is undeniable.

“Jenny darling, can you pass me the ketchup?”

“What the bloody hell do you think I am your freaking bitch-slave making coffee for you all day long!!???”


Oh right, I did mention this was a light-humor post. Cheers (raise coffee mug)

Maybe… just maybe… a day will come when a damsel in shining armor rescue this knight in distress away from his tea-coffee imbroglio. Maybe that’s what people call true love. Until that day comes, I will remain a stubborn coffee drinker. Cheers once again.


Eveline said...

Seems like i'm the first to comment on your post... Yay!

Firstly, I knew you were going to write a post about this!
Secondly,I hate coffee.. but love cold coffee.
Thirdly, I dont think that all north-easterns are born with love for tea.
And no matter how much i love tea, I always get stuck with friends and partners who love the smell and thought of coffee! Uh! You Java-loving sons-of-guns :P

luliana said...

Tea..I like :D

Zanin pawh ka lenna leh in a ka in belhkhawmin ka no 4 leh der tawh :D

Coffee pawh ka duh, chutiang zelin a dai deuh te pawh...hihihi

Mizohican said...

@ Eve: Haha. Yeah I think I did mention about how much I hate tea earlier. Well, your case is the same case as mine. You like cold coffee but dont like hot coffee. I love ice tea but dont like normal tea. There is such a big difference between hot and cold, and Im glad you understand :-)

Speaking of tea, have you checked out this amazing tea place which used to be there 4-5 years ago... hope its still there. I think its called Infini-tea or something like that, on the road between MG Road and Millers road, where you get all type of exotic tea. I loved the exotic ice-tea ones, and that place definitely had a class of its own.

@ luliana: hehe, yea I know so many Mizos who prefer tea but can drink both. Me, I just cant have tea. Period. A mak khawp mai. :-(

Anonymous said...

Nice post! I prefer coffee too! The worst is being offered thingpui sen with kurtai! yaak!

I used to know a lady who love only coffee....but some other time!

Vikram said...

Funny !

But its even worse me. I dont drink tea. I dont drink coffee either. Nor do I drink beer. If there isnt a damsel out there who likes squeezing mosambis (sweet limes) I am doomed. :P

Anonymous said...

I don't mind either, its like Americans being Coffee-drinkers and Britishers being tea-drinkers.. Its just a matter of choice.. I like drinking Tea in summers and coffee in winters, and beer all year long. :D
Pune is famous for its tea and they make great tea at some places. The best part is, they have this local stall which sells only tea, but different varieties.
The tea we have at home is kinda diluted cos' of the quality of milk. But here, you make tea with pure milk and lotsa tea-leaves, boil it till its thick and sugar to taste, and that is the real TEA!! (I think I got carried away on the deatils..)

Anonymous said...

Since I 've personally heard it fromt he man himself two weeks ago, i would skip this post :-)

Would tea/coffee stop you from marrying you true love :-)

Anonymous said...

hey careysuante!! step aside. thingpui sen with kurtai was once my favorite.

claytonia vices said...

I drink neither tea nor coffee and imagine my plight! :D But I did find a girl who is not caffeine dependent *touchwood* :)

Mizohican said...

@ Carey: hehehe... I have no such opinion regarding which tea is the worst. They are all bad to me *GRIN* About the lady that you knew once, was coffee the only thing she loved? :-)

@ Vikram: lolz. So you like a mosambi girl huh? :) Juicy! ;) Love mosambi too, although sometimes I prefer the watermelon kind. *seriously, I'm not insinuating on anything!*

@ blackestred: hehehe... yea I guess you did get carried away a bit. I could smell the tea leaves just reading your comment :D As for me, it is coffee all through the year. No place for tea in my life :-)

@ benjamin: I think it would! Seriously, me and my future missus need to be compatible not just in the bedroom but in the kitchen as well. And it is extremely important that we are compatible on our FCOTD (first cup of the day) because that is how we begin our day together, as a couple.

@ claytonia: If you abstain from caffeine, it may be tough for you to find a girl because you don't stay up for a very long time... *grin* but a big congratulations for managing to find one! :) I have never known anybody personally who dont drink either tea or coffee. Seriously, what do you guys drink in the morning so as to "pass that motion"? :D

Anonymous said...

LOL!! :D

I love coffee more than I love Tea...
But, I enjoy drinking tea as well and make it really eally well...

But, sometimes - it's safer to drink Tea - some people make pretty bad coffee... and bad coffee is just sad...

I think that tea- place is still there...:D


*not able to log in*

Mizohican said...

lolz Pixie! :-)

I make excellent coffee... but alas, nobody to share my magic with.


Anonymous said...

hey, you know what Mr Mizo? Mizoram has excellent coffee too - when was the last time you went to Kolasib, hunh? ;)

But seriously, there is great coffee being grown in Mizoram - around Kolasib -which is de facto organic and good quality arabica. If it doesn't make it to the local market and the houses there, just spread the word around.

Why would you want Mizo coffee to travel all the way to Kolkata or Myanmar, when locals have get their cuppa?

Heres to the cup that cheers!

PS: If you ask me how I know all this, its becoz I was part of the evangelical team ( ;) ) which spread coffee in mizoram (in a previous avatar) Heres hoping things have gotten better there and that the cup taste of locally grown, locally cured and locally procured coffee has gotten better still!)

Mizohican said...

wow, I'm impressed!!! :-) Last time I heard, Mizoram was at a place where it was too high for coffee plantation and too low for tea plantation. I wonder who it was that lied to me then :-)

I will definitely try out the Kolasib coffee if it is still around. Any idea how it is branded as? As in under a government brand or it is privatized?

Unknown said...

For once we agree - I love my coffee, and I couldn't do without it since my college days. And I specially love the 'African (roasted and pounded) Variety', which closely resembles the Mizo coffee. My Aunt always saw to it that I have my year supply every Vacation...Lucky me, Huh !!

But I hate the South Indian Variety - It's full of Chicory, and it lingers in your mouth, Yucks !!

Sadly, I hardly drink it nowadays. My wife is a Tea lover, but then she bought me a Coffee-Maker just in case. Thoughtful of her, isn't it.

P.S.: We always offer visitors 'Ice-Cold' Water instead of Tea/Coffee unless they specifically ask for it :)

Pixie said...

isn't that just too bad?!! :P

you need to settle down with a nice south-Indian Coffee Loving girl soon!!! :D

But, be careful, some of them are turning out to be tea-lovers!!! :D


Babie LalSangzeli said...

i dnt realy like tea either, hot or mayb thts y i always make it a point to ask my guests whether they prefer tea or coffee instead of just offering them tea or watever.o btw,some of my seniors here in Hyd can drink tea nileng deuhthaw in..lollzzz!


Hyderabad i rawn zin dawn chuan, thingpui in ngei ngei a ngai ang:)...a chhan chu, abikin kan campus-ah thingpui kan heh hlawm lutuks...:)

nancy said...

I thil tawn ang hi ka tawng ve fo mai. Mi ina len te hian an lum dawn nia ka hriat chuan 'keichu ka duh lo a nia' ka ti lawk a, 'ngatinge' an ti ngei ngei a, 'ka in ngai lo' ka ti ve leh tawp mai zel.. in ngai lo tawp chu ka ni lo a, mahse... chhuanlam tur awm ber a ni sia. Thingpui dai phei chu ka duh lo bur.

burgerstud2005 said...

@kima:Ka awmna thin thingtlangah awm la hrehawm i ti awm thin.Zing karah thingpui no 10 te ka in thin.A hrehawm thin a ni a aw.An thingpui hi a tui lo thei si a.han in lohin min hmusit a,min ten an ti rilru a,han in lahin pum hi a puar luah zel a.Bakah an no te hi a bal thei sia..hahaha.

Ka awmna thinah hian la zin ve la a tha ang.

Jinx said...

Keipoh coffee hi ka duh zok.Cn ah phei hi chuan coffee hlir ka in. Mahse lo hon chang hian thingpui poh ka in thei tho. I like my coffee/tea strong and hottt!! If not, I prefer not to drink at all :) Chuan, a thlum ngei ngei tur ani top mai hehhe. Thingpui/coffee hang hi ka tithei bau lo bok.

Mizohican said...

@ chhangte_ll: lolz, she bought you a coffee maker because she is tired of making you coffee everyday while she has to make tea for herself :D Been there done that, hotupa :D

I love the South Indian coffee, especially the roadside walla who stretch out his hands a mile wide while transferring coffee from one cup to the other. Thats Heaven! And then I went to Delhi and couldn't find a single roadside coffee walla!!! Grrr.

@ Pixie: What is the world coming to, South Indian girls now loving tea? OMG!!!! :D Yeah I think I will marry a Southern chica just for the coffee *wink*

@ eszet: Yeah I've heard of the infamous Hyderabadi Mizo gang who consume tea as if it is water. hehehe. The leader too left a comment just below yours. lolz.

Mizohican said...

@ Epistemology: Haha thih ka thlang zawk thingpui in ai chuan :D Mahse a hming chuan ka rawn hnim ve mai mai ang, min khilai dawn phawt chuan :-)

@ Nancy: 7th Day a mi i nih? :-)

@ burgerstud2005: Thingpui ah chuan "Thingpui var" hi chu ka in ve tho a lawm hehehehe. Nia thingtlang lam hi chu ka kal chak na tak. Ka zin kual ve nual tawh a, zin kalkawnga thingpui dawrah hi chuan thingpui var ka in ziah a lawm, coffee a awmloh avangin. Thingpui ka in duhlo an mahni ka hmusitna anga an ngaih dawn chuan 7th Day ka ni ka in ti tawp mai ang :D

@ Jinx: Coffee hi chu a taste hran hran ka experiment kual hrep tawh. A hang pawh hi a tui.. chuan Irish coffee - coffee leh whisky/rum pawlh hi tui ka ti bawn tawp. hehehe.

China te chu thingpui an uar zawk turah ka lo ngai a sin...

Mos-a said...

i always have chai tea after doing my tai chi. (you see what i did there?)

did you use my coffee powder to make tea for Jenny? *whistles*

Mizohican said...

You don't wanna know where the milk for the coffee came from :-P

Andy Varte said...

You think you're pretty screwed up you drink coffee instead of milk huh? Well, I'm pretty screwed up myself. I have this weird and come to think of it, rather absurd 'trend' or preference if you like back home. I always drink tea in the morning. ALWAYS. Before breakfast. Even if my morning is at 10 AM and the dining table is already laid out with food. I must drink tea first. Not coffee. Now this is strangely reversed in the evening. I must drink coffee, after dinner. Almost always exactly at 8 PM. Even if dinner was 5 minutes ago. Coffee. Not Tea. If we happened to run out of coffee and I get tea instead, I always blatantly refuse. Down here though, I've solved my little tea-coffee disorder by not drinking either at all! The choice is usually between APPY or FROOTI instead (?)

Lucy In The Sky said...

Aother reason we can't date... *wink*

Anonymous said...

As a fellow coffee-drinker coming from a family of fanatical tea-drinking Bengalis, I can sympatheise.

Great layout to the site BTW!

Eveline said...

I bring you good news, Kima... Infinitea, does exist. It's still on this place called Cunningham Road and it's my favourite place (no shocker there). I love the way they make the masala chai there... mmm.. to perfection!

So you know where we're going if you ever do come down ;P

Zorami said...

Why don't u just buy a coffee-maker? Isn't that the simplestest & bestest solution? :)))

Anonymous said...

I love tea - the spicy/masala chai of roadside dhabas in Delhi - not the typical, insipid, milky Mizo tea. But given a choice, I'd probably take coffee - especially Irish Coffee :)

Mizohican said...

@ Andy: If there is no coffee when I wake up, I go totally crazy. I can't think straight, I can't breath, I can't remain sane. That how much coffee means to me early in the morning.

@ Lucy: So you're gonna blame it on the coffee aye? That is so lame! :D

@ Conrad: I feel you Conrad. Sometimes our own family members look at us as if we're an outcast! And thanx for the compliment regarding my layout :-)

@ Eveline: wooooohooo Infinitea here I come! Book two places by the windowsill with a romantic view for me and Eveline :D

@ Zorami: coffee maker? That's a lazy man (or a lazy woman in your case)'s motto! Shame on you :-)

@ ruolngulworld: We never got to meet when you came here the last night. Next time you come and if we meet, the irish coffee is definitely on me :-)

Sekibuhchhuak said...

wow, nimin khan tuemaw ni tete :-) in coffee maker min pea, coffee lam hawi post ka lo tum ve mek a. hei ngaihnawm deuhin i lo post a.

I'm addicted to black coffee. Chuan helaia an Tea, Pu'er tea an tih hi ka duh hle bawk. Mizo thingpui chu keipawh ka ngaina vak lo, ka inve pawn a sen hang, tak deuh hi chini kuta dahin, liak hlup hlup pahin in i la a tui ka ti :-)

Anonymous said...

@ Kima : You keep an interesting blog. Personally I favour tea but not the regular Indian "CTC". Have you ever tried non tea infusions which are sold as "tea". Something like blueberry tea or Camomile tea? I see you already liked Iced tea. Most of the world's tea is drunk that way anyway.

Puibawiha said...

Kawlramah pawh thingpui chu kan in nasa. Breakfast pawh thingpui dawrah in an tam. Dawr zawng zawngah thingpui dawr hi a lun ber mai awm ma nge ka ti hial. Inkawmna hmun ber atan an hmang. An thingpui siam a tui thei hle, ram danga awm hnu pawh hian ka in chak ngawih ngawih thin lol!
Thingpui chu a sen ringawt pawh ka duh, a hang pawh a thlum pawh thingpui a nih tawh phawt chuan. Thingpui leh Lal Isua chu chhuan reng mai tur :)

Mizohican said...

@ odzer: hehe thanx :-)And yes I love Ice tea and I usually start off my day with either hot coffee or ice tea, depending on the weather and also the kinda dream I just had before waking up. lolz.

I have blogrolled you if you dont mind. I love travel blogs, and also don't usually come across guys who blog about cooking. :-)

@ Sekibuhchhuak: Hahaha @ "chini kut atanga liah hlup hlup pah a thingpui in". hahah! Im picturing you do that in my head. lolz. Nula i va rimna ah chuan ti suh, a scoring vaklo :D

@ Puibawiha: Keichu in thei lo tak hi ka ni thingpui hi chu, a mak lutuk. In luih pawh ka tum fo tawh, thingpui sa hi chu tui ka ti thlawt lo. Ka luak pawh a ti chhuak deuh reuh a chang chuan. Mahse Ice tea ve thung hi chu ka addict. lolz, a mak lutuk :-)

Mizohican said...

Lolz, I just wanna share with you all this really funny incident (for those of you yet to read this post or those who have subscribed to the comments feed)

So I was out the other day with a mizo girl *GRIN* and we had breakfast at this amazing South Indian place. After we downed our dosas and vadas, the waiter asked us, "Aapka next order? coffee ya chai?"

And being a Mizo girl, she wanted tea while I wanted coffee. So I ordered - "Ek coffee aur ek tea cup".

5 minutes later, the waiter came back...

"Aapka ek coffee cup aur empty cup."

lolz. The dude thought I ordered "empty cup" instead of "ek tea cup" and assumed we were going to split my one coffee cup into two!



Zorami said...

haha! This is funny. You must be wondering y people associate cups only wit tea, and not wit coffee like coffee-cup :D You can come up with that innovation thru ur word-of-mouse(heard it for the first time on webchutney's slideshow) mktg! :P

Jerusha said...

Well just to warn you - if you indeed do come out here and plan on being our guest don't expect coffee to be brewed for you. While we are eager to lovingly make you cups after cups of tea, our priorities may shift. If it came to you wanting coffee instead of tea, it would suddenly become more important for us to watch TV then make you coffee.

Mizohican said...

@ Zorami: It was indeed a funny moment that day. We're sitting there with one coffee and one empty cup, and the innocent waiter's look even made that moment more priceless! Seriously, do I look that cheap to actually order a 1 by 2 on a cup of coffee? lolzzz.

@ Jerusha: Don't worry, I will come with my own sachet of coffee powder :-P And if you are going to be that impolite, I will gracefully make my own cup of coffee in your kitchen :D Also, I don't think you will be ignoring me and watching TV while I make the coffee, because some say I move like a pole dancer when I am brewing my coffee *wink*

Anonymous said...

@ illusionaire : Thanks for blogrolling me. I shall do the same. Its not every day that you come across a blogging mizohican!

Site manager said...

I needed a laugh, thanks! Cheers, from one coffee addict to another!

Mizohican said...

@ odzer: hehehe.. Thats nice to know :-) Will come and comment on your foodie posts definitely.

@ Just a grail: lolz, thanx for the visit. Long time no see :) And of course, cheers!

Carey Suante said...

@Kima , Your own link from Misual is not working....double h is the link!

feddabonn said...

with the swill served in south india under the name of tea (unless, of course you are in the ghats) i don't blame you. or the obscenity they call sambar in bangalore...but hey. am getting too excited.

Shahnaz Kimi said...

yo, have you ever tried other tea(s) other than camilla sinensis? there are fruit teas, herbal teas and teas :-) but I understand you as I do not drink tea either unless I am sick...and I get sick of friends who tries to introduce me to tea(s)......

Shahnaz Kimi said...

I just read a comment from Shankari about Kolasib coffee and I thought that I should share with you that it was my dad who started the plantation when I was a baby, and I spent a lot of my early childhood running thru the plantation(s)...I think they are privatised now, but oh...the joy of those days....

Mizohican said...

@ Carey: lolzzzz! Sorry abt my broken link. Yeah I was in a hurry to leave the office last night when I quickly updated that section. I double checked for everybody else except mine. Hahaha! Thanx for telling me, its corrected now :-)

@ feddabonn: Well, I have tried out a lot of other tea other than the ones served in S.India and Mizoram because my sister is a tea fanatic and she buys all sorts of different different exotic tea. I dont like any of them as long as they are served hot :-( Ice it up and I'll gulp them down.

@ Shahnaz: Why am I not surprised that you had a hand in the Kolasib coffee. Thats cool!

And yess I know how much fun it is to run around in coffee plantations. I did my schooling at Montfort, Yercaud, perched high on the Shevaroy hills, and boy oh boy, the entire mountain ranges were covered with coffee platations. We used to have all our picnics and outings at those estates and it was amazing!

Anonymous said...

hi kima (relax, no one knows kheema here :)

i've been waiting ur nxt post for long after that 'man u' thing because i'm not a big fan of 'ur arsenal' but we do hav in common 'cause i'm a coffee person. i drink latte everyday which cost me $3.25. but here i know many people who never drink tea. actually most of them. and i will tell you a very interesting thing 'cause there is a 'chai tea' which is damn popular! i find it weird 'cause chai is tea right? so does it mean 'tea tea'?


Mizohican said...

$3.25 per coffee? hehe, Starbucks right? I heard about that cost. That would be like 164.34 bucks in Indian rupees currently. lolz. Thats the cost of half a bottle of Rum in Mumbai, or a full bottle of Rum in Bangalore. hehehe. Now if I was to chose between one cup of coffee or half a bottle of rum... *GRIN*

hehe so ur not a fan of the Gunners? Gasp!!! :D Anyway, yeah I know, US is pretty much a coffee country compared to UK which is more of a tea country. India overall too is a tea country, except of course in the Southern states.

"Chai tea" sounds weird, but then, things always get lost in translation when we take the colloquial language and mix it with English. Here in India we have chicken Ham burger and Veg Ham Burger. lolzzz. Beat that! :D

OpaHmar said...

Finally, a fellow tea-totaller.
It really bugs me when i visit someone's home and have to refuse tea, and getting probed(like its taboo)"why not?what do you drink then?do u take coffee?"
Answer - I dont like the taste;no, i dont like coffee either(sorry kim)and AM i suppose to drink something?
I suppose I'l stick to lime juice,milk and good ol Mizoram fiara tui(ie when i get back)

OpaHmar said...

...and btw MrSandman, "Ham Burger" (as Steve martin would call it) has nothing to do with Ham, it came from Hamburg in Germany. Sorry for being a bitch...ouch!!

Shahnaz Kimi said...

I could not help peeking at the comments but I had to laugh out loud about coffee culture in the US! I have had not found a decent cup of coffee in the US (and I am there about 4 times a year), and that is one of the reasons I started drinking coffee black cos I get so frustrated drinking the US coffee. Starbucks is only successful among the young generation (very successful here too indeed) but they cannot lure coffee addicts like me:-)

Tharax said...

“Are you a Seventh Day Adventist?” tih lai khian mi ti nui nasa lutuk :) thingpui tui deuh lum sak tu tur zwn a va ngai lem lo ve... hehe.

Unknown said...

I am a tea dringker..and loving it:)

Not a tea drinker? word - BORING ...hehehee

Mizohican said...

@ Almost Unreal: Ah you're a tea dringker? No wonder you're not boring! :-D

@ Opa Hmar: Ah thank you for that correction and enlightenment. I've heard notable speakers talk about this so that's why I assumed they were right. I thought it was something like how Mutton is Goat's meat only in the Indian subcontinent while the rest of the world consider mutton to be sheep's meat :-) Thanx anyway dude. I have subscribed to your blog feed.

@ Shahnaz: My friends who have gone to the US too tell me the exact same thing. That the coffees there are horrible (and also, the coffees there are horribly expensive). I guess its something to do with difference in taste among different ethnic/cultural groups? :) I also heard the pepsi/coke in US taste completely different from the pepsi/coke we get here in India.

@ Tharax: hehehe... nia heti lamah hi chuan ka vannei. Nupui ka zawng dawn chuan, criteria ah "thingpui tui deuh lum thiam" tih kha zawng buai a ngai dawn lova :D

Anonymous said...

ka nui nasa, keipoh ka cafetiere nen ka zin thin.
filtered coffee, without sugar pls...
thingpui...ka heh lehzual;


VaiVa said...

Ha ha ha.... het saala... kar khat tufinriat pelin a kuana ah ka thang bo a. Ih mawm! thil dang daih ka hawng dawn a maw ka tia.... TEA/COFFEE tih vel mai mai!

Kei zawng, Mizoramah chuan THINGPUI SEN HANG tluk a tui ka hre lo...... Thingpui sen hang sa tawk ketli ung zet a chhuan khu hlat hlat min chhawp peih reng nula chu ka rim reng peih.. ha ha ha

Mizohican said...

@ Mi: Zinpui hi chu ka hre ve nual tawh, hemi post ka ziah hnu ah chuan ka hriat belh leh zual :D

@ Vaiva: A sir ah khan thir chhia lo vuak zawm mai mai rawh, chuan break ah thingpui SEN HANG ka rawn sem ang che ... akekekek...

@ lalrimtuii: i sawi tum kha tah rawn sawi rawh plz, a pawilo. Chat a i sawi zawng zawng kha hetah rawn ziak leh la? :-)

Lucy In The Sky said...

This new pic of yours is kewl but is so not you. You know what I mean? Non?

Malsawmi Jacob said...

From my side, permission granted. Go ahead and marry the Tamil girl, you have my support. What else am i to conclude from this post but an explanation of why you should marry a coffee drinker (read Tamil) girl? He he he!

Jinx said...
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Jinx said...

Kim, me thinks you'd rub ur hands with glee for not drinking hot tea after reading this :)
Sipping hot tea can cause throat cancer

Oops,had to post twice. Dunno how to make the link work in the comment section.

Anonymous said...

thanks. but no thanks! :)
(no one has to know except u! oops!:))


Mizohican said...

@ Lucy: And why is it so not me, although I think I know what you mean... :-)

@ Mesjay: lolzzz Pi Mesjay. Will you find me a good bride then? I would love it if you interview her before I meet her :D

Ps. Even mallus love their coffee too :-)

@ Jinx: lolz. See, I was so right! No wonder I am more physically active (hyperactive would be a more apt term) than many of my Mizo friends. :-)

@ Lalrimtuii: If you say so, miss down under ;)

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Geneza Pharmaceuticals said...

It seems that when you were a child you drank too much tea

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