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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Chp 233. April 2009.

Wife ran home crying,
            with her skirt torn and face all bloody!
I jumped up in shock
            still a bit tipsy from a glass of toddy.

I held her close;
            she blurted out, “Our Landlord raped me!”
Out I ran to him
            and into his heart my knife plunged deeply.

Satisfied, I ran back,
            to find my honey sitting on the stool.
I tried to console her
            when suddenly she screamed out: April Fool!

Happy April Fool’s Day everyone!!!

Am off to Goa tomorrow for the exclusive and most prestigious Goa Fest 2009!

An all-expense-paid trip to Goa – Four nights of reveling and partying and rubbing shoulders with (creative) professionals from reputed marketing, advertising, media, research and PR fraternities including big shot Ad-Gurus and head honchos of Indian & foreign agencies amidst the exotic Goan beaches and unlimited feni!

See you all on Monday, peeps! Woohoooooo!


Sekibuhchhuak said...

Hmai'n vawiin tlaiah min lo phone ngei ngei rawh se a ti ania!

Kan comment hmasa ber a nge ! :-) I van officer hmel ta leh luah ve :-)

Happy April Fool ! :)

Aduhi Chawngthu said...

Lucky you! Have a nice time.

Eveline said...

Awesome, kima! Well, have fun and drink yourself to death (hopefully u wont take me seriously) :P

I wont be making it there... just got back from one vacation dont have the energy for another but you have a great time. Tc.

Pixie said...

have a great time! :)
And awesome story/poem... whatever! :P

I wish I worked at a place where they let me travel to Goa on an all expense paid trip...

whatever! :P

Mizohican said...

@ Sekibuhchhuak: lolz, rawn April fool suh chuti zawng chuan, a thring lutuk, ka phone tak tak palh velin! :D

@ Aduhi: Thank you :-)

@ Eveline: awwweee you're not coming? That sux! Finally found a great friend over blogger who works in the same Industry as me and I was so looking forward to you coming there :(

@ Pixie: lolzzzz whatever. :D Don't worry, you are happily married. Spare us singles some of the fun you guys always have ok? Its not fair that you try to hog all the fun away from us! :)

odzer said...

@ Illusionaire : Good luck and enjoy yourself in Goa! Nice poem. I enjoyed it quite a lot although I am sort of wondering how you managed to stick the knife in to the landlord when you were full of Toddy eh eh? Hmph!


Hotupa: a khai a, poetry lam pawh i lo ti thei zel mai. I sukthlek hi social science lam a ni si a. Univ khatah awm ila..discourse han neih tak tak chakawm mawle...!:)u r he man..keeep theee gudd worrkk!

Malsawmi Jacob said...

What a horrid April Fool! Congrats on your lucky trip! Have a great time, but do stay sober - at least enough not to lose your head.

Unknown said...

Va nuam awm ve, mahse va khulh hnem lutuk lo la. Tin, 'Stress Management Theory' i va hmuhchhuah ngei ka beisei pui bawk che :)

Blind Dayze said...

I want to go to Goa too....and yea do blog on Feni....ideally a whole post dedicated to it... :-)

Philo said...

Goa Fest...designed with you in mind. Have one on me!

Mizohican said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mizohican said...

@ odzer: It was because of the toddy that I stabbed the Landlord actually. :) Thats why I mentioned the toddy, because I wouldn't have done that extreme heinous act without the influence of alcohol :)

@ Epistemology: haha hotupa chu mi i fak der thiam e :) Poetry ziah te chu ka thiamloh pawl tak zawk a lawm, mahse a chang changin ziah ve mai mai te hi nuam ka tia. Prose hi chu ka duh duh hunah ka ziak theia, mahse poetry hi chu a "moment" a rawn awm lai chauh hian ka ziak thei :(

@ Mesjay: hehe Pi Mesjay, I think I will be sober most of the time because the conference costs around 10K per head with lots and lots of reputed speakers from top Indian + foreign agencies who will be sharing their amazing experiences and advices with us greenhorns. I'm not going to miss all that just because of some bottle of poison :)

Mizohican said...

@ Chhangte: hehehe... ni e stress manage nan pawh a tha viau. Tun kar leh kar hmasa kha vawi 3 chauh In ah ka haw!!! A bak chu ofis ah kan riak vek. Chungtianga buai chu kan ni. Hei chu kan mamawh ngei a lawm.

@ Blind Dayze: Haha... If you want Feni, just go home to Mizoram and stop at RV. lolzzz you'll get lots of Feni over there too. *BIG GRIN*

@ Philo: I will of course! :) Thanks for the comment.

Hriatpuia Pa said...

Haha, hotupa, i poetry chu a va lungchhiatthlakin a va nuihzatthlak si ve..Stress Management theory chu va hmuchhuak pawh ni la, hetah chuan rawn ziak tawh suh, a mamawh deuhte hnenah mail kual mai rawh; i bei rei tawh re re..a sei thei si.. (lolzz)

Anonymous said...

dude..go and try your luck at arambol beach. towel leh olive oil kengin mobile massage therapist inti ila foreigner chicks ho te cu magnet ang mai hian kan hip thei.



Rka said...

delhi ka zin laiin beauiful angel 9a version an ti emaw ni, ka en ve a, ka nui

Mizohican said...

@ Zaia: lolzzzzz. Nia rawn ziah chu ka tum tawh lovang :) Kan thawveng ve hlawma, stress management mamawh tak hi kan lo awm tamlo, heihi kan vanneihna pakhat ve chu a ni in ka hria. A lawmawm e hotupa ka poetry nuihzathlak i tih chuan :)

@ zualbonez: haha i tih hrat hmel!!! Tih chhin ve tur a nih chu, towel tret nen ka zu vei nawlh nawlh teh ang. Thai Massage (happy ending chi pawh) Specialist ka ni ka in ti anga, nuam dawn lutuks!!! :D

@ Rka: lolz. Kan video in a lo tih nuih theih che chuan a lawmawm a nih chu. Kan thring viau minlo ti lo maw? :D heheheh....

Geminiboyz said...

Ni thei em em ang. He4 ni ah hi chuan Patling pui pui pawh bum in an awm chawk a nia. Nice read

Geminiboyz said...

Ni thei em em ang. He4 ni ah hi chuan Patling pui pui pawh bum in an awm chawk a nia. Nice read

faka said...

Ha ha ha! That's a good one! Have a nice time!

Sekibuhchhuak said...

I han phone a ni maw ? ( hehe )
Nuam deuhin hmang dawn nia Goa Feast chu!

Site manager said...

Damn man that was intense.

Have fun, I was going to say behave, because that is just the mom in me, but the girl in me says HAVE FUN! and you know just what I mean!! ;-)

OpaHmar said...

Does "An all-expense-paid trip to Goa" cover "THE" expenses?

Jerusha said...

It would sound like fun minus the rubbing shoulders with those "exclusive professionals" - this way it just sounds like work to me. Just a different location but work nonetheless :P

And feni! Yuck!

Mizohican said...

Reached back yesterday and thank you all for your comments here :-)

>> Goa Fest 2009

@ Jeru: Fenny roxxx!!! :-P