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Monday, October 26, 2009

Chp 272. Music Monday: Running up that Hill

How many of you have heard of the popular chart-buster back in the 80s called Wuthering heights, maybe from your sister, father, mother, uncle etc? Irritating music video, right? Yeah those were the good ’ol late 80s.

The singer, Kate Bush, was one famous babe back then.

Here is my favorite song of hers – Running up that Hill (Make a deal with God).


And if I only could,
I'd make a deal with God,
And I'd get him to swap our places,
Be running up that road,
Be running up that hill,
Be running up that building.
Say, If I only could, oh...

Other versions of “Running up that hill (A deal with God)

Placebo - one band you definitely couldn’t ignore if you grew up with Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins fans… They did a cover of this song, which was truly awesome (and creepy to a certain degree) but with a very distinct Placebo signature all over it. Q-Magazine apparently said their version was more like a “pact with the Devil” rather than a “deal with God”.

Within Temptation, one of my all time favorite symphonic gothic bands (and who had featured many times on my blog) also came up with a cover of “Running up that hill”, and to me, this is the best version. But of course, I’m just saying this since I’m a hardcore symph-goth fanatic.

Another band not to miss: Icon & the Black Roses. I discovered them on through friends’ connections and I really love their dark goth style, though very different from the more glamorous symphonic gothic. Couldn’t find the band on wiki but thankfully found their cover of “Running up that hill” on youtube.

So there you go, dear friends. Hope you enjoy these four different versions of a truly fantastic song. Cheers and happy Music Monday.

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Alejendro said...

Hey, stop writing 'bout Music, it doesn't suit you :-P (j/k)

P.S. Nizan chu Terrace Party na tur thra deuh ka va hmu a, ka rawn hre chhuak rum rum che. :-D

Anonymous said...

everything is blocked at work! :P

Will check out the songs from home.

- Pixie

illusionaire said...

@ Pixie: hehehe thanx dear. You're a darling.

@ Alej: lolz. Shoooo. Party sharty, is that all you think of? :P

Pixie said...

yea... I know! :P :P


Loved the first song!

chhangte_ll said...

A inti 'Bush' viau na a a hmel khi a 'Italian' tawp..Lolzzzzzzz....Inti 'Illusionaire' tepawh hi an 'Sandman' ve duh viau tho alawm, tiraw :D

illusionaire said...

@ Pixie: The first song is now removed from youtube. lolz...

@ chhangte_II: Haha... a khawilai emawni a lo bush viau maithei a sin. :D

Alejendro said...

@ Sengman: chutiang bak chu i rilruah hian a awm thlawtlo a mi a?

Blind Dayze said...

Not Monday no more but...the Placebo version.. like it.. nice slow kind of haunting melody..

Anonymous said...

Hey Dickhead, "Wuthering Heights" was released i the late SEVENTIES - not the late eighties... oh the ignorance...

G said...

I like very much how stars of past times look - so simple and naive

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I like very much how stars of past times look - so simple and naive

Robert said...

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