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Friday, October 02, 2009

Chp 269. Pee or Poo, swing all you want!

Just like “Mr/Mrs” in English, in our Mizo culture we address senior citizens with the prefix “Pu” or “Pi” depending on the gender. This is like the prefix “Shri/Shrimati” in Hindi or “Thiru/Thirumati” in Tamil. Our
English guests took a long time to get used to this and tried their best not to laugh because the two prefixes Pi and Pu are pronounced “Pee” and “Poo”.

(At this point, I’m glad I didn’t introduce them to Pu Mafaka)

Speaking of pee and poo, has it ever occurred to you that some of the greatest ideas and innovations were conceived while the person is sitting on “the throne”?

Maybe that is why Auguste Rodin’s “The Thinker” strangely resembles a man deep in thought, sitting on what looks like a medieval European toilet.

Newton discovered gravity because of the apple, but ask yourself this: What was he doing under the apple tree in the first place? Remember those days the lavatory system at home wasn’t that modern? So sometimes people would just go outside their house and do “it” behind the bushes or under the tree.

Little Newton just happened to be doing his thing under the tree when the apple fell near him. At first he was like, “Cool, something to chew while I do” and he assumed the apple would ease his motion inside when suddenly he realized there’s a different kinda motion involved and voila - Gravitational force was born!

Likewise, Archimedes was happily taking a bath… and you know how much we guys love to pee during a shower And so there he was just peeing inside the tub and whistling an old Greek pop song while air-harping with this right fingers when suddenly… splashhh! The water overflowed and he discovered density!

One of my favorite episodes of SCRUBS is Season 3, Episode 13 entitled “My Porcelain God”, which also features Michael J Fox as the guest actor.

In this particular episode, the casts get an epiphany while sitting on the roof toilet! Hilarious, especially with the sound effects of an epiphany building up. Lolz.

The free online dictionary defines Epiphany as:

  1. A sudden manifestation of the essence or meaning of something.
  2. A comprehension or perception of reality by means of a sudden intuitive realization

Basically, it means something that will make a light bulb suddenly appear over your head. Tingggg

And this is indeed true for many of us, especially those of us in the creative field. Some of the most profound concepts we came up with were generated in the loo. We sat. We shat. We conceptualized.

That’s the beauty about the loo. If we are not reading any book or newspaper, there is nothing else to do except just sit. Sit and think. That is when those of us with restless minds spring into action and come up with really crazy mind-blowing ideas. Our mental frame swings wildly in all directions.

And there’s nothing more irritating than somebody disturbing that moment of tranquility. It’s like somebody rudely awakening you just when you’re on a speedboat and Pamela Anderson calls you “Tommy”… That’s when you wish you had a shotgun inside and blasted the mofo to Kingdom come.

Now comes another brilliant act of creativity. In order to prevent such interruptions, our Creative Director came up with this totally rad idea – Install three different bulbs as indicators so that people outside will know what exactly you’re doing inside!

The restroom is free.

Somebody’s doing No. 1.

Somebody’s doing No. 2.

(Isn’t it funny how we call them politely as no.1 and no.2 ? I wonder who came up with such names! Quite funny if you really think about it.)

Read our Agency blog about these bulbs: Creative Sanitation, Webchutney Style

This made life soooo much better for us. We no longer need to wait outside without knowing how long the person inside is going to take, and we are not disturbed either once we’re inside. This idea is the kind that makes you go, “Why didn’t I think of this first???”

But in spite of such a cool innovation, I must point out that it is still one bulb short. After all, peeing and pooing aren’t the only things guys do in the loo, right? Maybe we need a white bulb indicator for that.

Errr… hold on, I was talking about changing clothes inside the loo as the fourth indicator. What were you thinking?

Moving on, this is to show you all that crappy situations need not necessarily give rise to crappy ideas. In fact, if an attractive (and often seductive) woman from an Advertisement agency presents you a concept, do remember that there is a high chance she came up with that idea while she was… in a “position” that’s not so attractive nor seductive, if you know what I mean. Of course don’t try to picture her in your head. I said stop. Still doing it? Goddd…

So to end this post, I must get back to my opening paragraph. Pi is pronounced Pee and Pu is Poo in Mizo. But no matter how much crap you get, explore all possible horizons, angles and perspectives. SWING your thoughts in every direction. After all, if you join “pi” and “pu” together, you will get “Pipu” which means SWING in Mizo!!!!

Ah! Lame, but at least I managed to connect my points. Lolz. And yes, pipu really does mean “swing” in Mizo. Maybe this shows that creativity is universal and is not bound to any specific language. Or maybe this shows that a crappy blog post is universal and can swing any ways. Hehe. Good night.


feddabonn said...

lmao. hadn't thought of how it'd sound in 'english'! on the topic of toilets, check out marcel duchamp's 'fountain'.

Sekibuhchhuak said...

Chinese ho pee and poo na hi tuihnai lo thei a sin aw, bang pawh awmlo, tuhawk luankawr ah deuhah hian kan thu tlar put zel!

Anonymous said...

basically all my morning newspaper reading is done in 'there' and i usually never go without something to read - now i know why i never come up with anything brilliant :(

Alejendro said...

Hre mak thei e mai..... duh leh nangmah khan lo va pee poo la nih chu...

dr_feelgood said...

Have you heard about the 'unhygienic cook' who cooks potato and pee(a)s in the same pot?
BTW nice wedding pics,and am sure very enlightening for non Mizo readers. I have a sister living in London, maybe I'll ask her if she and your sis knows each other.

toy soldier said...

Hehe...very dangdai..
Guess you must have already seen 'the bigbang theory'.. if not, you would love it..en thar ve hluai e ka tia

illusionaire said...

@ feddabonn: hehe thanx. Yeah even I never realized it until our English guests pointed it out. After that it was really difficult not to laugh :) Lolz at duchamp's famous "fountain". To be honest, I really don't understand that "art". :)

@ Seki: lolzzzz... chuan a thlangah lo inbual an awm bawk em? :D

@ ruolngulworld: lolz... yeah thats how I spend my morning sessions too, but there are times when we need to go for a second time in a day... lolz.

@ Alej:: i hmel kha a pee poo.

@ dr_feelgood: Thanx :D And yes, please do ask her. Im sure they'll know each other as its a very small community over there.

@ toysoldier: Hmmm I don't think I've seen the big bang theory, though I have felt it... lolz *GRIN* Will try to get my hands on them... pun unintended. :-)

Joseph L said...

Dude, you should watch South Park 1109 - More Crap. Hahaha... I can smell this post.

Just a grail said...

Hmmm it is like an ePOOphany!! :-)

As for the thinkers I have always just liked the fact they were naked. Because sometimes, that is just as deep as I get.

zakk_kima said...

Munde love this one...cracked me up and i shared it with everyone in the office!

Anonymous said...

ha ha good one. reminds me of the times when our non mzo friends crack up when we say Pu Faka...

btw finally Adam halliday, we r gonna start Ahmedabad mizo association. me president him treasurer..he he


illusionaire said...

@ Joseph: lolz I have seen that one. Love it! :D

@ Just a Grail: It can even be ePEEphany too, depending on the duration of the idea coming in :D

@ zakk_kima: lolz, thanx for spreading this post :D

@ zualbonez: Indeed! Mafaka is perhaps the funniest Mizo name to a non-Mizo :D And lolzzzz at your Ahmedabad Mizo Association! Hahaha! So many of you. lolz.

Pixie said...


An entire post dedicated to the loo!! :P

Anonymous said...

Nice post.. only hoped you washed your hands after typing this in the loo.. hehe

Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

Peer Gynt said...

wotta graphic title! hahaa! the newton part's esp funny cos come to think of it (if he indeed was takin a dump at the time), all he needed to do was peer a lil to the south :D

've been told the edmonds hostel boys'd delay their..bowel malfunctions by chanting "heads down, bottoms up". seems it nearly always worked :D

esther said...

Saya Kima, ti tha hle mai.I thinking leh vreative idea kha ka hauh, i pee poo chu swing a chakawm.

mazami said...

Points connect kual nalh vel e...Fantastic read,as usual.Btw,think you'd make a very good 'Palai'(tawngthei tihna ni lo in)

Delly News Blog said...
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illusionaire said...

@ Pixie: Nothing but the highest honor for it! lolz :D

@ Blackestred: Oh shitttt. I knew there was something I forgot to do! :P

@ tagskie: K, thanx, u too.

@ Peer Gynt: lolzzzzz... thats funny and disgusting at teh same time :D

@ Esther: hahaha.... nia, rawn kal rawh, kan uai dun dawn nia ka pee-poo ah hian. lolz.

@ Mazami: Thanx... and lolz at the "Palai". Thats the last thing Im good at. :D

Geneza Pharmaceuticals said...

Nice interpretation of the situation when Newton discovered gravity)))