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Friday, June 13, 2014

Chp 510. Rumming: Haterz gonna hate :)

A World Cup inspired blog post :)

Now that the World Cup has kicked off with host Brazil beating Croatia in the first group match, everybody’s excited, talking about players and sports and this and that. A lot of talk was about athleticism and physical fitness.

Well, in my case, forget about taking exercise, here is an image my friends have posted on my Facebook wall quite a number of times in the past…

We just laughed it off, but then, after watching all those Brazilian and Croatian players running around with so much stamina while I was just pouring myself a relaxing glass of rum, I suddenly thought, “Heck, why not both? Running and Rum, why not start… rumming?”

And so, in dedication to the 2014 World Cup, here is me in my first attempt at “rumming”…

So who’s gonna join me in rumming next time? :)

Here’s to the World Cup! CHEERS! :)

#HumorPost     #NotToBeTakenSeriously     #YesImTalkingToYou


Unknown said...

Stop Rumming around :-p

Unknown said...

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linda said...

Hahaha...ur funny!!