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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Chp 643. Happy New Year!

This is my last post for the year 2016.

This is also my 50th blog update this year. And for 10 years in a row now since 2006, I have been posting at least 50 blog posts every year! :)

I thank God and everyone in my life who had influenced and encouraged me to keep writing. Blogging is easy. Anybody can do it. But being consistent is the toughest part of being a blogger. I had known so many amazing writers and photographers who would update their blog with such rich and informative content, only to wane out after a year or two.

And there are many reasons why people stopped blogging. New job, new life, new wife, and so on. As for me, I started blogging during my MBA phase. Continued blogging during my jobless phase in Mumbai. Followed by my born-again phase in Mizoram. Followed by my coaching class phase in Delhi. Followed by my family man phase back in Mizoram. Followed by my Advertising agency phase in Mumbai. Followed by my Start-Up creation years in Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad. And now I am finally in my Pune game designer phase. With all the new changes I have faced many times, it really feels good to know I was able to write at least 50 blog posts every year.

The main reason why I continue blogging dedicatedly is because I've realized that my blog posts serve as a great memory recollection stimulant!

Since I usually blog about a great experience that happened to me or something that I am strongly opinionated about/against, it is very reminiscing to read about that incident again years down the road :) Sometimes memories fade as time goes by, but reading about it again really refreshes that path down memory lane.

Sometimes I would have this vivid fantasy, you know, that I had been in an accident and suffered a serious head trauma and thus lost all my memories, and as I tried to piece my life back together, I stumbled across my blog post through an accidental Google search, and slowly started recollecting my memories one by one by reading through my old blog posts, and eventually discovered my accident was actually a failed assassination attempt and I ended up killing the perpetrators and prevented a nuclear bomb from going off at the Parliament. Ahhh… could be a good movie plot :P (or maybe a game plot? *wink*)

So I guess my New Year message to all my friends and blog readers is for you to get into the habit of blogging. Write about your life, what happened, what do you think of so and so, even a review on your homemade scrambled eggs would suffice. Make it a habit, and trust me, this investment will pay off years from now when you go through your old blog posts again. It is never too late to start something new.

Cheers everyone, and have a great New Year!