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Friday, July 02, 2021

Chp 861. Goodbye OnePlus 6

Hello July. And hello, CoVid-19 pandemic and lockdown.

Last month, I was about to update my blog with a topic on how Mizoram is currently coping with the vegetable demand and supply during this ongoing lockdown. I asked my friends on WhatsApp to send me photos of the vegetables they've received from nearby villages and hamlets, free of cost, as I wanted to write about our Mizo altruism and tlawmngaihna for my blog readers.

I did manage to collect a good amount of images for my update, but then suddenly, my phone conked!

My OnePlus 6 battery had been slowly dying during the past few months, so much so that I had to always keep it on charge the whole day. But 5 days ago, even with the charger continuously connected to it, my phone battery kept depleting... and depleting... and eventually died.

RIP OnePlus 6.

That was it. So sudden. Just like that, my precious phone was no more.

I managed to dig out my old OnePlus 3 phone from my storage, and it was still "bricked", because I had played around with so many apps, installing them from questionable sources and flashing my ROM for the umpteenth time. It took me around 2 hours to "unbrick" it and reset it back to factory settings.

So, as of now, I am currently using my OnePlus 3 again. Thanks to various cloud services, I was able to retrieve all my contact details and other important data as well.

However, I haven't installed WhatsApp yet because the last time I did a WA cloud backup from my OnePlus 6 was more than a year ago because since the pandemic was going on and we were all staying at home, I never thought it would be important to do a cloud backup as chances of me losing my phone at home was zero. I'm regretting that decision so much right now.

And obviously, I cannot access my WA local backup because my OnePlus 6 is completely dead. I'm still trying to figure out how to access that backup file, maybe through battery change etc., but until then, I'm not going to install WhatsApp.

Hence, I am currently not on WhatsApp, so if you have messaged me or mentioned me in a WhatsApp group during the past one week, please know that I cannot see your messages.

Similarly, I didn't have time to backup any of those vegetable images I had collected for my next blog update too. I thank all my friends, especially those in our WA group and Mizo Bloggers WA group for taking the effort to send me all those photos, and if you're reading this post, it would mean so much if you could send me those images again on my email:

Thanking you all again. Take care.

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