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Friday, September 26, 2008

Chp 200. Post number 200

Ok, actually it’s not my 200
th post. It’s my 200th Chapter! Because a couple of years ago, I used to occasionally post “Chapter Interludes” in-between Chapters. “Chapter Interludes” were short posts, maybe just a sentence or two, very much like the twitter of today.

5 years I’ve been blogging now. And it has definitely shaped and moulded me into what I am today. I was never the writer kind of guy back in school and engineering college. But that one incident at IIMB changed everything.

For 5 years I’ve been maintaining my forte – article based long copy, usually covering one entire issue completely and with an introduction and conclusion, while maintaining a flow throughout the article.

I can say at least 95% of my posts have more than 1500 words each, and to have more than two lakh visitors even with that length is something I am truly grateful to you all for.

I know, I feel bad that I do not blog about all those wonderful tags and memes I get from all my amazing friends around the blogosphere. It sounds so… prudish and egoistic of me to ignore the tags. But much as I would like to return all those favors, I also have to maintain the so called “brand image” of my blog – strictly article based posts [ General | Humor | Mizo-centric ] or short stories and poetries.

And I am glad many of you understand me for doing that.

For people who think blogging is a waste of time, let me fill you in on some of my experiences as a regular blogger.
  1. Vast improvement when it comes to language usage and article framing. It also gives courage to people who have always been afraid to speak out.
  2. Knowledge increment. With today’s easy access to the internet, any info you require on anything is available on the net. By reading other people’s blog, I learnt a great big deal about stuff I never knew. Sometimes I do my own researches too.
  3. Social network! I have found a lot of new friends from blogging and my bond with such people is extremely strong because we all share the same wavelength.
  4. Exposure to the unknown world. It is always exciting to wander into new domains we’ve never explored before. Blogging provides different platforms for that.
  5. Recognition. This is also something that comes automatically once you cross a certain milestone. You are recognized not just socially but also professionally and your entire blog itself becomes one huge résumé, which to me is the biggest gain I got from blogging.
  6. And of course, apart from your normal salary, there is always the extra side income you get from Google Adsense revenue. Lolz.

I can go on and on, but let’s leave it at that for now.

If I ever reach a position where I can give advice to other new bloggers, then my two advices would be:
  1. ALWAYS accept criticisms. Sometimes you can even ASK for criticisms. Correct yourself from those criticisms. If you are not getting any criticisms
    • Nobody’s reading your blog.
    • Your so called buddies are not real friends, because true friends criticize each other honestly.
    • Or you’re the kind who can’t take criticisms so your friends are afraid to criticize you.
  2. Learn how to differentiate between constructive criticisms and people criticizing you just for the sake of criticizing.

200 chapters and many more to come. I am eagerly looking forward to the bright future with fingers poised and ready on the ctrl+S keys

I will be moving into a slightly more flash hybrid blog with better GUI and UIDs, while maintaining the same content-driven USP.

And I’ve just joined twitter, finally. Catch me at for lots of lovely twits. Errrr…

Cheers to you on my Bicentenary!


Naupang^Fel said...

Congratulation Kima. You are a successful blogger I must say. Plus I appreciate the fact that you built a ladder for people who blog recently, including myself to move on to the higher level.

Good luck and all the best for your up coming blogs.

jimmy/BW said...

I still remember pm'g you at when you asked me to check out your blog...rember? I was a bit apprehensive in sharing my blog with you at that time..but then I thought, what the heck! (a hlauhawm loh em mai a!, ka ti nih kha..hehe, just kidding!)
Congrats mate (not mizo ma-te), 200 blog a lot, a LOT!

Mos said...

now its three

Abdul said...

Keep blogging bro..its been a pleasure reading all along!

Shashi Kant Sharma said...

Congrats !!

Shashi Kant Sharma said...

u mentioned u getting a new UI ...
getting a domain or .. editing this template only ?

benjamin said...

Good going. Since I am not much of an essay reader, I mostly just run through your essays.

toy soldier said...

200 post..i ziah sei theih zia ngaih tuah thrin in ziah tur i va lo hre zo zai ve..

Congrats..and i must agree to what naupang^fel said,about the ladder part.It was always good seeing other "sr" blogger esp,blogger like you,coming to our blog and posting comments.

All the best..haha..formal dn ltk tlat,duh tawk ang

jimmy/BW said...

toysoldier: i ziah sei theih zia ngaih tuah thrin in ziah tur i va lo hre zo zai ve..
dik chiah t/soldier, tawngthei hi chu an hriat ania! /bahahaha

Banno said...

Congratulations. 5 years is quite a milestone.

Sekibuhchhuak said...

Hmania ka blog(my favorite) post a ka sawi tawh ang khan, 2006 ka blog ve tran tirh(bravejournal-ah)lai alani a,ka la thar em em a in nun min lo hrilh khan, i blog Templates hi ka awt theia sin aw..blogspot/blogger kha ka la hmelhriat silova :-)

Anyway, Congrats ! Ngaihnawm deuh deuh han ziak zel la, kan lo chhiar zel ang:-)

Pixie said...

Congrats dude!! :)
Wishing you many more such posts and anniversaries...

illusionaire said...

@ naupang^fel: Thanx a lot bro. And hey, its a touch world and everyone should look out for each other. I had a lot of assistance from people during my initial phase too.

@ Jimmy: Yeah I remember those days. And I also still remember how excited you were when I gave you the link to my blog and you came over thinking it was porn and you were utterly disappointed, because back during those days, the only link people gave each other were porn site links. lolz.

@ mos: And now? :-P

@ Abdul: Thanx dude. The pleasure is all mine.

@ Shashi: Thanx. Well, as of now I am still sticking to blogspot because I love the way the people in charge are thinking of more ways to improve it etc and I can easily fiddle around with the codes and scripts, and there are no restrictions etc. As long as the host is not going to keep the domain stagnant, I am pretty much satisfied with blogspot.

@ ben: lolz. Yeah I know how much you hate reading my long posts. :-)

illusionaire said...

@ toy soldier: lolz. Well, I enjoy all the blogs I comment at, so it would be unfair to say I comment only just for the sake of commenting. The main hindrance to my blog life is that sometimes I cant find the time to visit and read all my friends' blogs in comfort. Nia i formal dawn lutuk, chaw va chhum rawh.

@ Jimmy once again: Bleh.

@ banno: thanx!!!! :) Yeah 5 years it is. Makes me feel so old! :)

@ Seki: Brave journal ve hman a maw??? lolzzzz!!!! Kei pawh ka ti ve zan tawh a lawm. hahahahaha. Nia kei chu ka thil zawng zawng hi i awt a nih hi. *GRIN*

@ Pixie: Thanx a lot dear Pixie. Your wish means a lot, and I hope its true too.

Lucy said...

When I frst saw the 200 (I mean Two-Zero-Zero) and the background, I thought, " it New Year already..and where's nine?"

I'm so dumb..


PS: BW chu te a rawn sawi a lung a tileng reuh. Khawnge an awm vek ang le? Tunah hian an bo vek tawh nge an hming an thlak le.. Sandman, BlackWhite leh Morgoth tih loh chu ka bo vek tawh. Lover pawh awm tawh lo nge..khawiiah emaw chuan a blog ngei chu ka ring :-)

aduhi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Carey Suante said...


200 posts of incredible language skill and insightful posts're THE man!

Why don't cha compile an ebook out of it and gain more subscriber and make a name ...not to mention money ...and then follows the chicks...oh sorry got carried away..!! 200 articles make me dizzy with envy!

BTW, my comment got "lost" while doing a little DIY with it! Was actually trying to embed my comment section..only it will appear for a sec and disappear again! Sucks!!! Gotta find another theme for the blog!

The Chhamanator said...

Congrats on the milestone. Your blog is one of the few where I read the posts (chapters/articles/whatever) all the way through (usually because some of the chapters are just too damn long). You are the ronaldinho of Mizo bloggers - loads of talent, with a high level of commitment in what he does and with an equally handsome face :). Congrats once again, bro.

Naupang^Fel said...

Live Traffic Feed ah hian hmun hrang hrang ang in min detect ziah nih chu. A chang in Bangalore, changin Madras, changin Mumbai...

Eveline said...

Awesome! 200 chapters.. now that's a record. I know I've just discovered your blog, but hey, better late than never ;)
I must say that ur blog showcases some really good work. Tc n I'll be back for more.

Jinx said...

A ginormous congrats to you! Gotta mention that I really enjoy reading your blog.Your well written articles and creativity in picking interesting topics tends to blow my mind away. I'm sure you're a huge inspirition to many new and mediocre Mizo bloggers, including myself.
Rock on Illusionaire!!

Sekibuhchhuak said...

A lawm nan Chinese wine tui deuh ka rawn thawn dawn mi..hehe..i chil a put..:-D

luliana said...

E khai, a va ropuiin a va lawmawm tak em!! Mizo Bloggers zinga hmahruaitu arsi eng i nih zel theih nan duhsakna ka hlan a che. Chuan chaw ei khawm ila :P

Aqua said...

Congratulations Kima, on this milestone. And hey, there's something for you over at my blog. Come on over...quick!!!

mesjay said...

Congrats, congrats! Many happy returns of blessed blogging chapters year after year!

illusionaire said...

@ Lucy: Ahhh... dear ol Lucy. Always thinking only about New Year parties. :-D See, my dear, sometimes, people lead normal life where there are no parties you see... *GRIN* hun lai onliners chu an la awm nual e, BW Morgoth etc tih bakah. A then chuan an nick an thlak a, example faith_no_more who is now know as Godlmember etc. Chuan a then chu an hna a in thlak vangin online an harsat deuh a, example jupiter, ally_mc_blue etc. Mahse hei kan la awm vek e! wooohooo long live! :-D

@ Aduhi: lolzzzzz dear Aduh, why did you delete that comment of yours? I love the whole "Is it a bird, is it a plane" thing!


You deleted it because you found it too corny? I found it cute. :-)

@ carey: lolz bro, thank you :) But a book compilation is still way off. I need to work on a lot of grounds including my basic grammar which sometimes is horribly wrong. And oh, why do I keep receiving your mails in my spam!!! Do you spam other people a lot? lolz! I'll reply to your mails in a few mins.

@ chhamanator: lolz! Thank you, although I know I am no way qualified to be called that. I know, most of the chapters are long, especially when there are so much to be mentioned about a particular issue, but I do try to make it as short as possible and thanx to everyone for reading them all.

illusionaire said...

@ luliana: Chaw kan ei khawm ngei ngei dawn nia. Han in hmuh khawm vek te pawh a chak awm a lawm le. Engtika emawni chuan kan la plan ngei ngei dawn nia.

@ naupang^fel: Hahaha. A va mak ve. A dik thei viau a sin. North east chu a chang chuan Gauhati te, a chang chuan Kolkata te a in ti tlangpui a, mahse Madras, Mumbai, Bangalore tih em em chu a va mak ve! :-/

Mahse south lama awm chuan a dik chat chat zel, a display dan hi.

Entirnan, call center a thawk ho chu an thawhna USA a mi ip address a rawn lang daih thin a, India ram atanga an rawn visit pawn. Mahse chuti lo chu, a mak khawp mai Live traffic feed i dawng dan chu.

@ sekibuhchhuak: Hetsss. A put hman tep tak tak a lawm le! :) Mahse wine ah chinese wine ber kher chu... a pirated hmel e mai a botol awm dan tur. lolz... An lar ve a mi china wine hi international market ah?

illusionaire said...

@ eveline: Thanx a lot Eve, and that means a lot especially since we belong to the same industry. Have blogrolled you like I mentioned earlier and you will find me too peeking into your blog quite often :)

ps. Us Ad people need to stick together :D

@ Aqua: I love the award!!!! Thank you so much dear Aqua, that really means a lot. And I came over to your blog so quickly (as you commanded) that I tripped on my way and banged my head on a couple of of ip addresses. Ouch! :-)

@ Mesjay: Thank you for the wishes ka pi. And I hope you continue to review my prose and poetries, and give me your critique. With people like you, I am just a mere nihawichi (sunflower seed) that cannot bloom.

@ jinx: Thank you dear Jinx. I'm looking forward to rocking this whole blog joint, but only if everybody else rock along with me. Lets all get together a rock on. Ti hian Khawvela mi ho zawng zawngin tu te nge Mizo ho chu tih an hre dawn lawm. Kan Ram tan i han tang leh zual ang u khai!

Lucy said...

Normal life doesn't include parties?

Long live

Henry said...

Are we going to see a web 2.0 mizohican blogspot :)

Anonymous said...

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illusionaire said...

Errr... anonymous, I don't understand your query. Moderator for which forum?

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