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Monday, September 29, 2008

Chp 201. Lighter not in pocket

I feel my breath grow heavier,
and the constriction within my eye socket.
It is time to light up another,
but alas, my lighter isn’t there in my pocket!

Where could my lighter be?
I ain't afraid of the supernatural or ghosts;
But since I came to webchutney,
more than a hundred lighters I have lost.

I wonder where my lighter is,
probably lying next to some guy’s "gear".
I feel so sorry for that lighter
when I think of all the smell it must endure.

Have you ever thought about it-
the number of pockets my lighter must have been in?
From Sanket to Sidhwa to Amit.
Maybe that’s the real reason why it is now in hiding.

Sometimes I just close my eyes
and try to imagine where my lighter can be.
Entering pockets of different sizes
I really hope my CEO didn’t take it back to Delhi.

Even among the girls it could land,
lying somewhere unnoticed at Manisha’s table;
moving from there into Meg’s hand
& finally settling next to Tarana’s unmentionable.

In the end it doesn’t matter
whether my lighter ends up next to where it itch.
I’ll find out, sooner or later.
Hell, I even suspect the peeps from Bombay Bitch.


Veera said...

Hey Vanlal.......a 2 year old could handle better rhyming. But no doubt you allow your thoughts to run wild, considering the kind of stuff u write! Ur good....just cut the sleazy adjectives!....why dont you create one more original like the your "FLASHBACK"

veera said... have i poked u enough with the comment? jobs done for the day. But btw if it was a spontaneous piece then it was great! You have somethin somewhere to come up with cool stuff like this! Keep posting!

illusionaire said...


Yes yes you have poked me enough with your comments. Dunno why you like to poke so much :-P

And like I said before, this is a public forum so be careful at what you post :-P And no I cannot edit any of your comments :)

Ps. what adjectives are you talking about? My innocent mind is puzzled.

veera said...

Yes i like to but no comparison to how luch u enjoy the task of poking
! And innocent???? Thats surely seems to be the last adjective to describe your mind Keemaaaaaa!

veera said...

:-P :-P

illusionaire said...

but no comparison to how much u enjoy the task of poking

Poking is not a task! A task is something you have to do, and something that you usually don't enjoy doing. And I am NOT implying on any innuendo when I say that - It is all up to how you perceive my statement, which is nothing about a reflection of your own peculiarity.


veera said...

"Poking is not a task!"

In your own words, a task is DEFINITELY something you have to do....POKING is definitely something you have to do{dosent happen in itself right - :)?}
Then again its the way an individual would perceive it - though it is hard for an individual of your own perplexed identity to derive the obvious.


illusionaire said...

ok enough of poking around with each other, let's get back to work now :D

veera said...

Well i was never away from work!....just took a minutes break.....u need to make the extra effort to get back!!

Pixie said...

Did you just come up with that? or did u think and ponder on it all thru the weekend and then posted it!!??? :P

Lucy said...

Ka lo nui lawk...

Eveline said...

:D Hilarious! I guess it takes real talent to construct a poem on a lighter you cant seem to find. Always a pleasure reading ur posts and ahem.. rhymes too. Tc.

meghu said...

oh ho! allhidden talents are coming through.. but you're rhyme is a crime, i wont even pay you a dime!!!

illusionaire said...

@ pixie: A little bit of both. I came up with it on Saturday, pondered on it on Sunday, and published it on Monday :D

@ lucy: You're most welcome to do that here :-)

@ eveline: Haha... this is a very jobless timepass post thought up during a brief smoking break session here at our Ad firm :-) Thanx for the kind words.

@ meghu: Boss! Thanx for comment. :-)

Sorry about my rhyme,
was having too much lime,
and couldn't find the time,
hence from now I'll just mime.


feddabonn said...

find that bloody lighter already! at least the rhymes will stop! :p

noni said...

a good one

Quentin said...

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