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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Chp 202. Cool viral – Kima 666

Before I joined the advertising world, the only viral I knew was the fever kind.

Never did I imagine it would be something my entire life would revolve around.

"Any kind of digital advertising tool that can be forwarded to multiple users due to its engaging and entertaining content."

Or, according to my senior copywriter, a viral is something you work your ass on for months and finally does not get released. Lolz!

Here is a cool viral forwarded by my friend Jimbo the dimbo (ps. No, a dimbo is not a cross between a dumbo and a bimbo. And no I am not passing on subliminal messages to you. No, there aint no polar bears in Antarctica.)

Click here to go to the page.

It’s a promo of the recently released (in US) animation called Igor with the voices of John Cusack and Jay Leno!

There’s a small interesting game in the Igor microsite, so in true Advertising sense I was analyzing the specification, feasibility, implementation and execution of the promotion of that online standalone viral… or in layman’s term – I was simply wasting a few minutes of my office-hours.

And hey, I high scored!!!

Just a little bit funny though, that the exact score I got was 6:66! I knew it! There was always something wrong about me since I was a kid. The way I skinned the neighbor’s cat or pushed my nanny down the flights of stairs always seemed weird because the other friends I knew back then never used to do those kinda stuff.

They used to tell me their folks didn’t allow them to do that, but as for me, I just simply obeyed the strange voices in my head

And then when I was in 9th standard, those voices told me to buy the latest album of Backstreet Boys and that was when I stopped listening to those horrible voices, for good.

So there you have it. Me a 666.

In other online related news I came across today, my good friends from mentioned that there was a google pagerank update recently and at PR 5 is currently the highest among all Zo-centric sites according to is also currently at PR 5, but I read somewhere that government (official) sites are given higher priority for SEO or something like that so I guess it does not count. and are currently down. Can anybody explain?
( Lal, I told you not to fiddle around with the codes while drinking )

My blog is currently a PR 4. Yay!!!

Here is a list of some of the Zo centric sites with latest PR:

PR 5 -
PR 4 –
PR 4 -
PR 4 –
PR 4 –
PR 4 -
PR 3 –
PR 3 –
PR 3 –
PR 3 –
PR 3 –
PR 3 –

Check your blog PR here at PR Checker.

Check Page Rank of any web site pages instantly:
This free page rank checking tool is powered by Page Rank Checker service

Our site is currently at PR 2, so we will try to figure out where we went wrong in a jiffy. I hope we didn’t get penalized for something we were not supposed to do

Until then, keep blogging and viraling.

Updated today - October 2nd, 2008:

ok this is really freaking creepy now. Today I came to office and checked my status at this browser game I am hooked to, and I have currently accumulated 666 points!!!! (I have censored some of my important resource amount and army strength because you never know if my enemy tribes are spying here... lolz. )


Sam said...

Congrats Sandman!!

Just a thought on is very user-friendly and they are still search engine friendly but the contents cannot be counted among quality contents in my opinion. Most comments are in Mizos and many posts have quote from outside links - meaning the sources are always linked, such contents are not quality according to SEO experts (me?). If the contents not linked from outsides are more, I believe the pagerank will go up. A blog/website with so many users deserve to get a good pagerank.

In order to gain a good pagerank, it must have quality contents (meaning long enough contents/posts either in English or Mizo). Anyways, misual is well-known to the ones it matters. I guess pagerank 2 is still good unless it becomes zero.

It may gain 1 or 2 in the next update, we never know. has dropped 1 though it used to be 4.

Correction: I guess you meant, not

William said...

heyyyyyyyyyyy.....another nice blog ...
we missed u here in paradise man... last nite Bteii came to my place the only thing i can remember is us saying how much we missed u... i got my own place wit Tawia at the first floor in 9A .... but... errr.... to keep it short... all the new co's brought trouble in paradise... heck...u know what... one of the apartments here is even called "THE PUB" hehe.. but i wnt mention whose house it is.. absolutely not mine....
anyway...if u ever come to dilli again u should crash in my place...
we missed u man.. we wish u best of luck and everythng nice....
cheers.... ^_^

Bobby said...

Congrats on your pagerank! My blog is a PR2 and has 45,000 incoming links. According to the math, I should be a PR6...go figure!

One thing I've learned is that page rank has no effect on my search engine rankings. I've yet to understand why they even have it.

I have 47 individual articles on page one google search results and in many cases they are #1 at the top of the page (above many other articles with a PR7). It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever!

I hope they give me a PR zero...hahaha!

illusionaire said...

@ Sam: Hey, yeah I goofed up on It should be

I even reach a PR5 once and then came down to PR3 for a long time and am now back to PR4. I really don't understand how this whole thing works. Tomorrow I will ask our SEO Analysts regarding this. Its quite interesting indeed!

@ William: lolz!!!! Bro!!! How you been man? As for me, I've completed my probation and we had a small party thingie. Heard you droped out from MCA and are now doing MBA. Nice. See, I always told you Why MCA? (sung in the tune of YMCA) lolz.

Yeah I heard about "the Pub" too, and I am sure it is your place! :-) Will definitely come and visit you all once I have settled in more comfortably at this new organization of mine. Of course though, crashing at your new place might feel a lil bit awkward... but we can always meet up and hang out! Miss you guys a lot!

@ Bobby: Here's another very funny thing about PR. Two Mizo sites which are no long active (for around 2 years now) show a PR 4!!!! lolzzz.

I really want to know on what criteria or what algorithm is used to calculate PR.

mesjay said...

All the high fi tech & figure talks are way above my head. Only thing i can catch is your score 666. Your exploits since childhood point that way too. I seriously think you're a mixed breed of the races of Calvin (of Calvin and Hobes), Dennis the Menace and Shrek. Get your DNA checked, man. LOLZ.

Lucy said...

Hehe....I update hi ka duh lutuk..Hlau hle rawh :P

He games hian hmana ka games khelh thrin min ti hrechhauk deuh..enge ni kha?? Runescape tih vel ni ta in ka hria...Ka thiam lo mai mai a sin aw...

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

hi sandman! i have something to ask you. DO you know how to speak "how do you do?" in tamil?

Sekibuhchhuak said...

Kima 666 tih ka hmuh khain sawi chak deuh ka nei a, mahse, ka sawi leh talo mai :-) Fiamthu lo ngaithutak te an awm takin :-D

Rka said...

kima, in thenawmah ka len hian in veng ho hian ka bike hi an lo sawisa ziah mai a, internet forum ka hriat zawng2 ah ka post tep toh a ni, an thing tlat, lol

by the way, congrats.

Jinx said...

Kima = 666?? Shudderrr....m holding out my two index fingers crossed at you :)

Btw, I find the movie Igor so so soooo boring.

3d said...

Not listening to Backstreet boys was the biggest mistake of your life.
YOu could have sung
Quit playing games with my Blog
my blog
I should have known from the start
Its too dark, its too dark
Everyboooody...yeah yea....
Bloggeraaatti...yeah yea....

illusionaire said...

@ mesjay: lolzzzzz. Pi Mesjay, I pormise I will get myself checked up one of these days. Just can't manage to find free time, thats all.

@ lucy: Nia, an in ang deuh. Try beating my high score! :)

@ jean: lolz dear jean, I know I must be very late to response to this, but better late than never, one of the greetings for this is "saukiyama?" :)

@ seki: hehehehe. Fiamthu i rawn sawi tum chu a thutak thei e lawm. :-P Han sawi bawrh bawrh teh i sawi chak chu :)

@ rka: lolzzzzz!!! Bike sawisa ho kha chu field veng lam ho a lawm, kei te chu heeeeee ti lam, sertawk bar opposite ah chiah khan lawm kan awm. Khalaiah kha chuan bike sawisak an ching ve lo, i park khan i hre mai ang (sertawk bar kawtah i park zing ka tihna a ni chuang lova... hihihi)

@ Jinx: 666 sawi tak chuan ka next post hi lo en rawh :) Gothic lam ka rawn ziak dawn, chu pawh tlem misconception ka rawn clarify lawks dawn, like how all gothic bands are not satanic contrary to popular belief.

@ 3d: lolz, nice one!!! I have some more songs to add to... "Which backstreet blog's gay...", "blog down, blog down, and blog it all along, blog down, blog down, and publish all your blo o og"


Rka said...

in thenawmah ka leng field veng or mualveng chu ka thleng pha lo, in garage hi ka hmutai thei khawp mai :D